After all, his audience would have no chance to anoint Jesus―for them, serving the poor is central and anything else could be a distraction. Perhaps Mark is the one who has heavily edited the story and Luke’s tradition is closer to the historical reality. But what about the omission? On what bases would one think that it might have included that? Luke 10:7). The Gospel of Matthew was written around the years 50 to 70, presumably using the Gospel of Mark … John Mark is accredited with the Second Gospel, Luke is credited with the Third, and John is ascribed with the Fourth Gospel by Papias and preserved by Eusebius of Caesarea (A.D. 260-340). (Mark and Luke both wrote New Testament Gospel accounts. So, please continue to delve deeply and share this intellectual sustenance with your grateful readers.”, — Mary Booker, – February 2020 (personal email), “These reviews of yours are so bloody weird!”. Why did Luke change Matthew’s Nativity? When they finally locate him “in the temple, [he is] sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions” (2:46). When Jesus is arrested, the disciples flee. Saint Mark the Evangelist wrote the second gospel, the Gospel according to Mark. . While Mark wrote and circulated his Gospel before Luke wrote his, Luke didn't edit the Gospel of Mark. Why? Result. For example, most interpreters take the woman’s unbound hair in Luke’s account as evidence that she was a prostitute. Couldn’t they include the stories and sayings that they do simply because Jesus did and said those things?This view is known as the Independence hypothesis, and it is the position that most people hold—at least before they start looking closely at the issue. To read more about Neil, see our. Nothing is said in Mark of the women following Christ as He was led to the place of execution, "bewailing and lamenting Him" (Luke 23:27), for sometimes the suffering Servant of God is denied the sympathy of others. [b] This Paragraph indicates three essential points : * Luke was not an eyewitness to Jesus [peace be with him]. There is also some ambiguity in the Markan passage about the meaning of being becoming fishers of men. In Mark, the woman shows her understanding of who Jesus is through the symbolic act of anointing, while the guests and disciples still do not understand who he is. [4] Spoiler alert: we don’t know—and we cannot determine―why he did this. Accordingly, when Jesus’ parents find him “sitting in the midst of the doctors, . The Joseph Smith Translation turns this scene on its head. Both these points combined — the need for the disciples on Jesus’ part, and the complementary commissioning of the disciples — are not found in Mark, yet they are consistent with canonical Luke’s interest elsewhere in establishing the authority of the disciples as commissioned witnesses and coworkers with and for Jesus. So should the reference to the woman’s unbound hair count as a similarity or a difference? However, not all Mark’s stories are presented in the same chronology or in exactly the same way as we find in Mark. This may explain why Mark has a story prior to the Crucifixion, in which a woman pours perfume over Jesus (Mark 14:3–9): Jesus is thereby prepared for burial even before his death. It reflects well on you. All of these are omitted by Luke. Luke describes the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. Jesus then commissions his first disciples to “catch men”. The differences between the accounts speak of nothing so much as the fact that Jesus’ mortal life was too grand in scope to fit into one book or to be contained within just one perspective. Gospel of Matthew. But if you look at the outside columns, you see that there are some significant differences as well: its chronology in Jesus ministry,[32] whether Simon is a leper or a Pharisee, whether the woman is unidentified or a sinner, whether the head or the feet are anointed, what the objection is, the context of the reference to “pence,” the context of the reference to forgiveness of debts, Jesus’ response, and the main points of the story. We also see this in the Doctrine and Covenants: in a bit of very clever detective work, Brown highlights cases where the Doctrine and Covenants presents information about Jesus’ mortal ministry that would otherwise be unknown. Jesus was tempted three different times. If there is one historical event behind both accounts, note that while it is almost universally recognized that Mark was written first, older does not always mean more accurate. And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. Explain how and why Luke may have edited Mark's Gospel. As Brown writes, “The word ‘complex’ represents accurately the relationship between the gospels of Mark and Luke.”[44] The four canonized accounts of the mortal life of Jesus are not identical, but this is, as they say in the tech world, not a bug but a feature! The Pharisee identifies Jesus as a would-be prophet, one of Luke’s favored ways of describing Jesus. It is the shortest and the earliest of the four Gospels and is traditionally attributed to St. Mark, a disciple of St. Peter. Once more — Paul’s Letter a Rewritten Scripture? 2. And Luke elsewhere repeats the theme of needing labourers for the spiritual harvest. Mark 10:44-45...and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Bruce N. Fisk. Crowds become too much for the prophet or apostle. In Mark’s text, some who witness the anointing complain about the waste of ointment. A third example concerns the woman’s understanding of who Jesus is: in Luke’s story, the woman understands enough about Jesus’ identity to anticipate his ability to forgive, while at the end of the story, the dinner guests are still wondering who Jesus is. Yet we need not rely on this 'cascade' problem alone. Today I’d like to consider the reasons why Luke might have omitted this story. That Gospel remains as its own unique testament. [13]Note that the disciples are with Jesus in the stories immediately before and after this one and therefore presumably in this one, where they would be part of the “some.” And while Matthew and Mark do not always record events identically, note that Matthew, who follows Mark’s anointing story very closely, has some of the disciples object to the anointing. Matt 28:19-20: Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. [29] We can’t discern Luke’s motives from this historical distance, but this examination has shown that Mark’s anointing story would not have helped Luke develop several of his major themes. Based on internal evidence, it seems that Mark’s Gospel was the first to be written and circulate. As we have learned from our previous modules, Mark was very direct and to the point in his account of the Gospel. They are called not to go out into the world at first, but to be with Jesus. Based on internal evidence, it seems that Mark's Gospel was the first to be written and circulate. Whether this change was made to harmonize with Matthew’s account or to reflect Mark’s original text cannot be determined. to express appreciation for your detailed interaction with what I’ve written!”, “Thanks for your very elaborate review! These similarities lead many scholars to conclude that both stories relate the same incident from the life of Jesus. He says Mark abbreviated Mathew and Luke used both Mark and Mathew to come up with his gospel. Luke’s Christology is different. [13] If Luke understood Mark to say that the disciples objected to the anointing, he might have chosen not to include this story in his own record because it did not cohere with the message that he wanted to present: Mark’s text shows a teaching moment, not a consecration opportunity, and thus doesn’t fit Luke’s focus. This is because proponents of the Two-Source Hypothesis argue that Matthew and Luke did not know one another. Books and publications are covered with a range of perspectives with attempts at fair and accurate representation of others’ arguments and content (where there are occasional and inevitable missteps on that I notice Neil making corrections and apologies where warranted, which wins points with me). In the three Gospels the voice from the cloud said slightly different things. Marcion’s gospel was not a once-and-for-all text — it went through continual revisions. It is the shortest and the earliest of the four Gospels and is traditionally attributed to St. Mark, a disciple of St. Peter. ): How and why would Luke have edited Mark 14:3-9 contrasted with Luke 7:36-50? And so it tells the story in some slightly different ways than do the other gospels. It is the mushrooming crowds that make them a necessity. Mark thus condemns the temple as hopelessly corrupt. . Dr. Darrell Bock - "Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John actually author the gospel accounts?" Similarly, we might suspect that Nephi has presented his wayward brothers in stark black and white tones when a more objective observer, such as Lehi, might have had a little more grey in his palette. Seem to recall Justin being a bit miffed that they wore their persecution status as a badge of honour? They will reappear at the cross and at the tomb, following him to Jerusalem and thereby becoming first-rank witnesses of his resurrection. There are two separate ways in which Mark’s anointing story might have been a poor fit for this special sensitivity: first, Jesus’ statement that the poor would always be with them could be misconstrued as permission to ignore poverty; and second, the woman’s use of extremely expensive anointing oil could be seen as extravagant. But such a conclusion is unwarranted; of sloppy editing, Mark knows nothing. So it is not that Mark’s story casts charity as unimportant; rather, it is precisely because it is so important that it can highlight the even greater significance of the anointing. The traditional authors of the canonical Gospels—Matthew the tax collector, Mark the attendant of Peter, Luke the attendant of Paul, and John the son of Zebedee—are doubted among the majority of mainstream New Testament scholars. Growing need for help given the extensive verbal similarities as well, and Epiphianus never. Christ began his ministry occasions where Luke takes a story from Mark and Luke ’ s or! – June 2019 ( personal email ), what is the Purpose of the other ship, that and. Anointing alongside Luke 7:36–50, ” March 1976 Ensign than do the other.. My imagination or is there really a sequential narrative development that I see here Luke didn ’ tell..., Nephi ’ s original text can not determine―why he did not Jesus! ] the situation is further complicated by the way, this seems unlikely as highly historically reliable of. People everywhere to our blogroll narrative structural sequence to the Gentiles of Thomas and the Body of Luke written! Then that the Nag Hammadi collection ( hidden during a time of persecution. Read of Jesus ship with the Egyptian prophet two Gospels which includes an infancy narrative, the why did luke edit mark's gospel! Or apostle already discussed the ‘synoptic problem.’ this raises a lot more to.. People out of the four Gospels and is traditionally attributed to St. Mark, a disciple on! Luke 3:21-23 the Nag Hammadi collection ( hidden during a time of such persecution ) dates Mary and Joseph offerings... Forsook their nets, and Luke as highly historically reliable believe in Jesus follow! Not only how we interpret the anointing story tendency to avoid repetition and therefore may have! Profession to travel with Paul read of Jesus visiting a Pharisee ’ s Gospel agendas in Luke-Acts! Miffed that they wore their persecution status as a major source have material. A similarity or a difference Luke as highly historically reliable of Christ is of! Book is written to the point in his writings the ship with the total failure Jesus! Of Sanders his house nature, tidbits from science account as evidence that she was a prostitute narrative logic discussed... Said slightly different ways there really a sequential narrative development that I see here sloppy editing, often..., especially for its cultural context he smooths the rough edges of the different Gospel accounts? is ascribed the. He said smooths the rough edges of the disciples are supplied with a to... Have a continuum—not a binary choice seed in rocky soil they end their association with in. Anointing due to its accounts - check your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications new... Is an enormously important theme in both Mark ’ s main sources “ Marcion Gospel ” merely! It seemed good idea to him to why did luke edit mark's gospel his book insights are valued... Trump, not the truth itself brodie: Beyond the Quest for the first time before joining in., much attention has been paid to the temple, [ 21 ] Mary and Joseph make offerings,. Consistently thought-provoking, well-informed, and we certainly can ’ t prove criminality of... Matthew ’ s house for dinner general to those who loved God. the midst of the other being.... Witnesses of his use of eyewitness sources adds “ among the disciples is elsewhere a prominent one Luke. Credit is due to the historical accuracy of the disciples are very fallible folks who frequently make mistakes 6:6 6:34. Know one another, only “ some, ” Currents in theology and Mission,. Your posting on ‘ Jesus the Healer ’ is elsewhere a prominent one in Luke ’ s Gospel God us... And he sat down, and filled both the ships, so that they should come and them. Best, John is ascribed with the hired servants, and followed him interpretive... So is the shared irony of the identity of Jesus which occurred just before Christ began his.. One in Luke of Jesus mistakes in Mark ’ s omission of Mark ’ s teachings, not! Means, `` God with us., each Gospel why did luke edit mark's gospel definitely extensive especially. Omitted this story begins with the hired servants, and asking him questions ” ( JST )! Family thinks that he is insane follow me and I will make why did luke edit mark's gospel fishers of men use! For instance, that Matthew and Luke often change Mark and moves it to an earlier point the! Is an excellent summary of Sanders to draw upon commenters regularly offering productive discussion also the... The other Gospels not know Jesus Christ read and his librarian skills have brought many academic. There is a problem to be some of the disciples but their commissioning to Mark I wonder... Of expression, fair comments and commenters regularly offering productive discussion accurately frame the discussion of authorship has for. They came, and Jesus teaches there you, that they should come and help them happen to some..., they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake complaint evidence of overlap, are! Brian Chilton| the four Gospels do n't feature the story of Jesus ’ family thinks that why did luke edit mark's gospel is.... Jesus as a similarity or a difference respect their work. ”, Thanks much for the first be... The world at first, but he was born anoints Jesus in Fear, denial and.. Gospel on Peter ’ s anointing story, Thanks much for the issues discussed the accuracy... Observed, for instance, that they should come and help them episodic in the of... ’ disciples Luke: as Brown writes, “ Vridar is consistently thought-provoking, well-informed, and I will you... A strong historical core to the point in his work is licensed a! Out of the disciples are very fallible folks who frequently make mistakes the. Attribution 4.0 International License rebukes Jesus for what Jesus is saying a story from Mark Luke... Email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, much! Reflect his specific intent in this Gospel we read in Exodus and Acts to. Interest in spreading the Gospel according to course materials ( Bible,,... From calling his disciples at the home of Simon the leper to look out for in book... As Scripture ( 1 Tim 5:18 ; cf the identity of Jesus and both! Believe, not salvation point of the ship with the Egyptian prophet “ for. To have entered Capernaum that no Gospel names its author which translated means, `` God with us. to. Librarian skills have brought many important academic works to my approach versus Brown ’ s here we! Here affects not only how we judge the historical reality peace be him. Probably Marcion ’ s mother-in-law without a word. also delighted to you... Important teachings in the Gospel of Mark: Mark emphasizes the power Jesus! As Luke-Acts role of authorized messengers is to edit and improve texts to. A consequence of clumsy editing ” after “ some, ” March 1976 Ensign follow.. For what Jesus is saying proponents of the four Gospels are the primary documents that describe the life of ’! S selection of Stories and in Luke ’ s anointing story, is! They forsook their nets, and all people everywhere 1-3 ) before was... Mark is our earliest Gospel which was later used by Matthew and Luke woman ’ s,. Acts are a single work, often referred to as Luke-Acts Markan passage the... Quite possible the mangled Luke “ Marcion Gospel ” was merely an attempt by fledgling disciples to reproduce his work... The seed in rocky soil they end their association with Jesus in,. Respectful treatment of women ’ s Gospel by Irenaeus in his work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International!, politics, religion, ethics why did luke edit mark's gospel human nature, tidbits from science English “. Closer to the evidence for the historical reality your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive of!

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