Striking Strength:- Flash has been shown to hurt Superman level characters multiple times. 3. 9 … but in battle against goku and Sonic.sonic would destroy goku. You can sign in to vote the answer. 1 0. By Fiction Horizon January 18, 2021 January 10, 2021. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Goku: I need energy. Hosted by @JamesGavsie. Summary. The above fight doesn't tell the result - cast your vote here. Now, seeing as in Generations, Shadow, being a boss fight, has been a formidable opponent for the player. So anyways goku has lots of powers including sprite bomb so naruto will lose and Goku will win. RELATED: Doctor Manhattan vs Ultra Instinct Goku: Who Would Win A Fight? Who is more recognizable in Japan? Aug 12, 2020 • 64 minutes. Round 3: pure hearts. Sonic, Goku, Super Mario and Luigi. She doesn't even have to demonstrate her vastly superior speed and erasure ability -- if she wanted to, she can melt the matter surrounding their fight, twisting Goku's face toward his own one-shot KO. Goku fly again in the air. Goku knows instant transmission and can easily kamehameha natsu from behind. Mario VS Sonic (2011) is the 13th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Mario from the Super Mario series and Sonic the Hedgehog from the series of the same name in a battle to settle the famous rivalry. Sonic was voiced by Caden Redpearl. who would win goku super saiyan 4 or super gotenks? Flash wins the majority of the time. Round 1:no power ups. u/CuriousBob97. Much like Goku and Vegeta. - goku can go up to saiyan 4,but gotenks is the fusion of goten and trunks question and answer in the Dragon Ball Z club Who would win, Optimus Prime or Goku? Who would win in a fight between piccolo and Goku is Goku. Considering goku can go ssj4 all odds would be on goku. Wiz: And Saitama, the One Punch Man. report. Beerus gets shitstomped by a single Goku by feats and statements, him wanting to give Goku an help against Moro does not mean that he was stronger. but I want to see what you guys think. The Lumas as a group should clear R5. 40% Upvoted. Honestly I love natsu but goku would win here are the facts why. 1 0. Sonic use Light Speed Dash and Goku dodges the attack, but Sonic use Chaos Control and now doing two kicks in the air, for punching him. 1 decade ago. The only way for Sonic to actually win against Shadow is sheer, overwhelming determination to win. Casual. The “Who Would Win” Show is a podcast debating the finer points of life, love, and who would beat the crap out of each other if they were in a fight. Nevertheless, here's how an imaginary match between Ultra Instinct Goku … Goku has already been in a fight with Piccolo and won. 11. I think Goku, because he has no weakness. Description. 1 decade ago. That's just headcanon until he shows to be stronger than Goku in UI, 15 Ui Goku play ping-pong with him across the universe effortlessly lol, mismatch. Anonymous. who would win Goku or Bellcross from Heroic Age - Bellcross destroys planets with a punch question and answer in the Mario And Goku club Mario vs goku. 0. Watch this amazing fight b/w Goku and Jotaro Kujo from Dragon ball & JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime fights. Battle. Son Goku vs Naruto: Who Would Win? With the history attached to both the characters, a fight between them wouldn't just be a battle of strength but it would also be a battle of wills. Goku is a team by himself. If characters are allowed items or powerups, Star Rod should be able to clear up to R3 via hax, and R5 should be clearable for Mega Bowser and the Grand Star. Or Mario … 1. How do you think about the answers? hide. Goku vs Saitama is a What-If? Get ready to put on your thinking caps and use your imagination as hosts James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas avoid actually fighting with each other, while debating the strengths and abilities of their chosen weekly champions. Listen Now Share . Goku: no weakness, beat the most powerful thing in the world, from the most strongest race the sayins, power level OVA 9,000, can go ssj4 or 5, can use spirit bomb, can use kaio-ken, can use kamehameha Sonic: scared of water (WTH), beat a man that looks like an egg. Answer Save. Close. We know Goku is really over-powered in a lot of ways, but there’s one thing that should really tell you just how far out of his league Naruto really is. Goku strenght power up and now he transform into Super Saijan 2. Close. It's the match that everyone wanted to see! Here are 10 Reasons Why Goku Could Destroy Naruto (And 10 Why Naruto Would Win). Sonic can spin dash Mario In half Goku is Super Sayan, Ryu is actually Dark Ryu, and Mario has the cape power up. 1 year ago. Archived. Goku can holler all day and night, reaching Super Saiyan 10 if he wants to, but Usagi Tsukino's goddess status puts her in a whole other tier. Goku VS Mario. Iceman vs Raiden. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020; Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games; Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. 20 GOKU: HE CAN LITERALLY BLOW UP PLANETS. wiz: and goku the tenaclouds super sayain I'm wiz and he's boomstick and where her to see who would win boomstick: a death battle Rules . an answer was added to this question: Would it be cool if Mario went Super Saiyan? Battle. : zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita by zXz_picachu_z: an answer was added to this question: who would win Goku or Bellcross from Heroic Age: zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita by Gold_D_R: a video iliongezwa: Mario Brothers vs Goku and Vegeta (Mugen): zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita by rileyferguson Goku Team. One of the tried and true debates of the anime fandom is deciding who would win in a fight between two heroes, villains, or any fan favorite characters. Boomstick: Like Goku, the Super Saiyan. You'd need the whole WWE roster to take him down. 2 comments. 2. Mario-verse peeps require their items to be on par with Goku. This thread is archived. So if Sonic gets stronger, Shadow would push himself to get stronger too. Wiz: Anime has had a wide variety of characters that are extremely strong, basically outclassing everyone else in their series. R2 Vegeta or Luigi. Here are the 3 reasons why Sonic would win: 1. Goku or Mario? share. Goku VS Mario. Son Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries. Wiz: due to the diffrent incarnations we will be examining the original dante from devil may cry Boomstick: we will also not be using gt goku or super sayain 4 Listen. Latest Episodes. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020; Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Who Would Win. A #Geek and #Comedy #Podcast that debates battles between superheroes and villains from the worlds of #Comics, #Scifi, & #Fantasy. Sonic can do speed, and Goku is stronger. Goku has trained over 100x gravity, natsu would be flattened to a pancake. i think goku , because he can travel at the speed of light, and can use instant transmission, so optimus prime will never catch him. Like Goku, his arduous training regimen has allowed him to transform into more powerful Super Saiyan forms, particularly his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. Sonic, Goku, Super Mario and Luigi would win!! The icon. goku can also fight in lvl 100 gravity, and optimus can't. Goku fall in the land with a mountain destroyed, Sonic launch three Chaos Lance striking Goku two of them. He has quills that he can easily stab Mario with 3. Archived. Death Battle. Intro. save. Goku will win because he has defeated lots of strong bad guys dragon ball if you watch it. Posted by 1 year ago. In this form, Vegeta is arguably even more powerful than Goku when Goku powers up to his own Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken form, as this form exhausts Goku in a way that Vegeta’s own Blue Evolved form doesn’t tire him. goku maybe would win in this battle but Mario is strong too. When sonic goes super sonic he can also throw fire balls 2. So Shadow DID grow stronger. Round 2: power ups. Which anime power house will win? Mario vs goku. It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper anime-based comparison and we thought it was time to do one. 1 0 ♠REAL♠ Lv 6. Note: Mario rpgs are being used even paper. Posted by. Casual.

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