Gaius Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush … Ilithyia adds that in her husband's absence, she has longed for sexual favors. Batiatus calls upon As. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Spartacus and Varro train together, however, Varro performs sluggishly. The gladiators begin their daily regime on the training ground. Spartacus seems hesitant to kill Glaber's wife, especially when she reveals that the child she carries is his. She later finds her voice after escaping the ludus and proves herself a capable leader and fierce fighter. Her actions around Spartacus reveals she harbors some feelings for him but this might only be a craving for affection she has been denied as a slave. Later that day, Lucretia tells Batiatus of Licinia's arrangement. Because they are on a mountain where digging a grave is not practical, Spartacus prepares Mira's body by wrapping it in cloth and vines. Spartacus: Were? It's hard to believe that a series which has had more than its fair share of struggles – both with the untimely passing of original series lead Andy Whitfield and the sheer amount of people who wrote Spartacus off early on, mistakenly believing it to be for purely puerile interests – actually made it as far as this program did.. For the people at the bottom of the ladder it was irrelevant whether Sulla was killing senators or Pompeus was gaining power. As she bathes, Mira enters the room and quickly tries to leave but is stopped by Lucretia. As if it wasn't hard enough dealing with the death of his wife, which several episodes had spent time building towards, season 2 sees his new lover, Mira, meet her end as well. They prepare for battle, but it turns out to be Agron and the other rebels. Lucretia asks her how her night with Spartacus went, to which Mira replies that he did not have her. The episode opens to the gladiators practicing on the training grounds. Whilst she heeds her masters' wishes without question, her own inner thoughts and emotions leak through around Spartacus. However, Licinia and Lucretia interrupt the two. In the days following Ilithyia release, Mira notices a difference in Spartacus; he no longer sleeps beside her and he only speaks to her to give commands. The woman reveals herself as Mira, who has been sent by Lucretia to "prepare" him for his moment with Licinia. Back in the villa, Spartacus' preparations are complete. Combat Prowess. The next morning, Lucretia has set her plans in motion for Ilithyia. Sura: My husband on his knees, bowing before a great red serpent, the life draining from his veins. Mira angrily confronted him about what his action, comparing them to that od an angry reckless boy. The series tells the story of the historical gladiator-turned-rebel leader Spartacus, but drenched in an over-the-top aesthetic lifted directly from 300. Ilithyia travels to the Temple with Lucretia to encourage Glaber to speed things up so that their child could be born in Rome. However, Lucretia says that no one will ever know what has happened there that night. Following Naevia's banishment from the Ludus, Mira and Aurelia are essentially elevated to the status of Lucretia's body slaves. Mira is an obedient slave with a fierce personality. Sura: The gods came to me last night, in my sleep. Spartacus dutifully accepts. If Mira comes from Hispania, her origins may be either Celtiberian (Guadalajara Province, Soria Province and Castile-La Mancha in central Spain), or from the lands of the Lusitani tribal confederation (Portugal and western Spain). Following his entry, Ashur also eagerly returns. Night falls in Capua, and Lucretia readies Spartacus for his night with Licinia. Mira's group are successful and the Arena's comes down killing many romans while Spartacus frees Crixus and Oenomaus in the process. Meanwhile, back at the villa, Ilithyia expresses a bit of jealously to Lucretia of her "new friends", most notably Licinia. Spartacus just can't seem to catch a break, nor can the loved ones close to him. Spartacus: I thought we were in agreement. Mira was honored by Spartacus, as well as Sura and Varro, when the Rebels were honoring their fallen loved ones. (. Spartacus: Blood and Sand is the first season of American television series Spartacus, which premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010. SPOILER ALERT! Spartacus' Katrina Law on the IGN TV Podcast. With guidance from Lucius Caelius, her marksmanship is deadly in its precision and accuracy, allowing her to truly defend herself and others and take true participation within the rebellion. Mira is paired with Saxa and the two work together to defeat their opponents. Problem : Ilithyia demands an evening with Crixus (who is both longing for Naevia and hungry for a return to the sands) as the price for her silence, and Ashur returns with news of a break-in and bloodshed in Varro’s home. Unfortunately, Mira is caught by Salvius' axe, which was intended for Spartacus. Though his hair eventually grew again, it was still styled short, and he had a distinct scar on the right side of his chest.In Spartacus: Blood and Sand, he generally wore a leathe… Mira does this obligingly, and after Spartacus has strangled the man to death, she straps him back onto his bed and lies about what caused his death. A fist fight ensues between the two, that is only ceased by Oenomaus. After the ordeal, she leaves with Spartacus and the other freed slaves and gladiators. Down in the gladiator bathing room, Varro is also in a rage against Ashur. Naevia finally unlocks the door that has divided her and Crixus, and the two lay together for the first time. However, Spartacus rejects her advances after finding her naked in his room, saying he is uninterested and that her presence is an insult. She appears in Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Spartacus: Vengeance. Mira's group are tasked with destroying the Arena to cause a distraction for Spartacus to do his mission. Directed by Brendan Maher. He attacks with a large army, sending Spartacus and the remaining Rebels climb Mt. Mira attempts to convince Spartacus that the Rebels would fare better living out in the mountains as oppossed to the sewers of Capua. Spartacus: I woke expecting my wife beside me. With Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah, Craig Parker. He reveals to Spartacus that his concentration is on his wife, Aurelia, and the letter of apology he sent to her, in which she did not reply to. She is known for playing the roles of It isn't until she escapes with Spartacus and the others does she begin to take on the initiative. That speculation was proven partially true in season 2. Katrina Law is an American actress. Also, after noticing the mask, the secret meeting, and her arrival to the ludus at all, Ilithyia excitedly predicts Licinia's plan to lay with one of the gladiators. Sometimes the sex can be tender and loving (hell, in the first episode alone Spartacus got to have "farewell" sex with his wife - TWICE!) Meanwhile, Ashur has uncovered the location of Spartacus' hideout, and relays the information to Glaber. Crixus is now sure that Batiatus does not intend to sell him anymore. In order to protect their identity, both persons wear masks. They joyously celebrate their triumph, and Saxa even kisses Mira in gratitude. Lucretia then proceeds to comfort the emotionally torn Ilithyia. She dies after Spartacus reached the top of the mountain. Directed by Michael Hurst. Mira eventually manages to convince Spartacus that they should leave Capua and embark on a mission with Crixus to find Naevia. Spartacus let's it slip that the relationship is over because Mira tried to kill Ilithyia for the wrong reasons, but Mira says she only wished for more of his heart. Comforting Spartacus after Varro's death. Varro tells Spartacus that he has run out of money to continue communication with his wife, Aurelia. Spartacus is an extremely graphic, bloody and explicit television drama series created by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Steven DeKnight.It aired for four seasons on Starz from 2010 to 2014, with each season sporting a different subtitle.. Crixus overpowers Duro completely, which angers Agron. As a houseslave, Mira was never afforded the opportunity to learn how to fight. As a house slave, Mira was never afforded the opportunity to learn how to fight. Instead, it is the head of one of Solonius' men, as Solonius himself escaped murder. Mira is successful in fulfilling Spartacus' request, leading to a mild feeling of trust between them. Licinia begins to mock Ilithyia once again and threatens to tell Glaber and Rome of her actions. Aurelia may give him pause, but it takes Mira to show Spartacus the weight of his actions—he had no choice with Varro. Her dress is spattered with blood, but she remains unnoticed. Spartacus: Vengeance is the second season of the American television series Spartacus, a Starz television series, which follows Spartacus: Blood and Sand.It premiered on January 27, and concluded on March 30, 2012. Spartacus, Agron and Lucius draw up plans to find new recruits and to secure their position on Vesuvius. (, Hundreds of roman civilians- Burned in the destruction of the arena. Although she is happy, Spartacus still holds great affection towards his deceased wife, something that causes Mira great pain since he won't truly open up to her. Besides Spartacus, she is most famous for playing Lana on the television series, The Resistance. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with lightly freckled cheeks. She says it wasn't enough, to which Spartacus agrees. Later that night, Lucretia is in a rage. (, Glaber's Soldiers. Batiatus summons Spartacus and informs him of his task to please Licinia. By Hanh Nguyen @tvguidehanh Mar 2, 2012 11:00 PM EST. Naevia replies that she is torn by the fact of not being able to truly have Crixus, but he assures that everything will be okay. patronage. Horrified and angered, he chokes her until being beaten and taken away by the guards. Crixus jokingly mocks him before leaving. The scene introducing Mira to Spartacus bears striking similarity to the introduction of Spartacus and Varinia in Stanley Kubrik's film, causing many fans to initially speculate that Mira might become Spartacus' second wife in future episodes. Spartacus: "And now she makes you wait." Throughout most of the first series, Mira wears a tan, draped robe with an orange-red stripe over each breast. It is the ninth episode in the Spartacus series overall. When Spartacus awakens, he finds a relieved Mira standing over him telling him everything was alright himself. The TV - Spartacus, Season 3, Episode 6: Chosen Path. Spartacus: What did they show you? THR: Mira gets killed on the finale and, for a lack of a better word, dumped by Spartacus on the last episode. Duro, Agron and the other recruits now bare the mark and have become full fledged gladiators. Ashur explains that upon going to deliver Varro's letter, he did not see his wife there, but instead found only traces of blood. On the day of the revolt, the ludus is having a celebration of Glaber's. He is surprised to see a naked slave woman there waiting for him. Duro continues to struggle in his bouts with Crixus, but slowly begins to show bravery. He is saved at the last moment by Crixus and the other rebels before he is brought back to the sewers. ‘Spartacus: War of the Damned’ ended its run on Apr. Mira is called on one night by Spartacus and is sent to his rooms, for what appears to be a visit for sex. "Whore" is the ninth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. When Spartacus finds her being threatened by Hector under suspicion of her stealing, he fights the guard and injures him. I admitted I reacted poorly to the news of her being with child." In Capua's marketplace, another meeting of secrecy takes place. When they battle Marcus, Mira attempts to help Spartacus but is knocked down but Spartacus came to her aid by injuring Marcus and killing the soldiers. I also think there’s a huge part of Mira that truly does not understand Spartacus and his ... of hoping there’d be a Spartacus musical episode. Ilithyia becomes pregnant, and it is later confirmed that it is actually Spartacus’ child. She again tries to seduce Spartacus, but to no avail. Mira is later chosen because of her beauty to try and seduce Spartacus. Sura: We were. Naevia reflects this by saying that what he saw was merely an act, as she has secretly stolen Hector's key because of it. Batiatus hopes that it is Solonius, but Ashur says that it is not. When Lucretia learns of this, she orders Mira to attempt a second encounter, and warns that she will be killed if she fails again. that whatever happens to his wife is of no consequence - he even invites Spartacus to kill Ilithyia. After Crixus' death, a pyre was lit in honor of him. Mira was the eighth main character to be killed. Batiatus is fearful of his ruin due to her murder under his own very roof. Not in words; The letter was contrite! After that Mira tended to follow Spartacus on his missions, such as their attack on the Mines where they saved Naevia as she set aside her previous timid nature and adopted a more serious persona. Ashur warns Solonius that Batiatus intends to take Solonius' life. (grins) "The way women punish us for being fools ...", Duro: "This isn't the arena. Batiatus breaks the news that Spartacus is to service the richest woman in Rome. 12 with a blood-soaked shocker of a finale. Read on to find out the five things about the episode that truly took our… In a fit of rage, Ilithyia attacks the laughing Licinia, repeatedly bashing her face onto the floor, killing her. Illithyia’s life ends tragically, after a jealous Lucretia cuts the baby from her womb, takes the child, and jumps off a cliff, leaving Illithyia to bleed to death. Spartacus and Varrotrain together, however, Varro performs sluggishly. He says that he is now ready to remove the brace around his leg, and to return to the sands as a gladiator. She maintains a close friendship with Lucretia, until she tricks Ilithyia to sleep with Spartacus. This time Spartacus cuts a deal with Mira, and she simply tells Lucretia "he made many demands of me." Mira befriends Chadara, whose words caused her to question the depth of her relationship with Spartacus and her meaning to him. In the days following the breakout, Mira and Spartacus have entered a relationship. Their relationship comes under pressure when Gannicus arrives at the camp with Ilithyia held captive. Through him, they learn of Crixus' survival and impending execution at the Arena, which causes Spartacus to launch a plan of rescue. Lucretia later notices her beauty and realizes  Spartacus could use her to "hone his skills" before he beds Licinia, to make sure (as Lucretia says) that the encounter is not over too soon. The rebels set up base in the Vesuvius Temple where they meet a Roman hermit, Lucius Caelius, who has turned against his people for harming him years ago. She helps Spartacus during his uprising, becomes a fighter and later becomes his lover during the beginning stages of Third Servile War. He may be a great fighter, but Spartacus is not yet a leader, and he was not looking at the bigger picture. Varro is released from confinement. In his cell, Spartacus' sleep is suddenly interrupted by Mira. Mira develops feelings of love for Spartacus and desires him to reciprocate them, but knows she cannot fill in the space of his wife Sura. The Rebels soon learn that Gaius Claudius Glaber and an army of Roman soldiers has been sent to kill them all. Her beauty was such that she caught the eye of Spartacus, who at that point in time had been a womaniser, and after lying with her, he fell in love with her. Spartacus stops her, however, and Ilithyia is later released into the woods when Glaber makes it clear. Lucius teaches Mira and others to use a bow and arrow while Chadara struggles to replace Rhaskos. For the occupation, see "Prostitute". The patriarch refuses to take on the powerful Tullius and continually tells his son to learn his place. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with lightly freckled cheeks. With Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Daniel Feuerriegel. Understand how vengeance, back-stabbing, and shifting powers shaped the characters, the plot-lines and most importantly the deaths of this bloody season. Spartacus, believing to be laying with Licinia, removed the mask of the masked woman, revealing it to be Ilithyia. After the fall of the Arena, the rebels start to formulate plans and defenses to prepare for the impending battle with Glaber and his forces. She agrees, but only if Spartacus will sleep with her and show her some of the love he once felt for his wife, Sura. Katrina Law is the actress who plays Mira on Spartacus. Confidant and strong-willed, she maintains a kind and compassionate disposition around her friends and allies but can also be cold towards her enemies and is willing to do what she has too, even if it means sacraficing something of herself. Overview: Gannicus refuses all attempts to enlist him and after talking to Oenomaus he leaves. The two make love to each other as scheduled. Soon afterwards, Batiatus scolds Lucretia for both Licinia's murder, and pairing Spartacus with Ilithyia instead of Crixus. Spartacus replies that he gave her what was left of his heart. [1] Mira wears the mask of the goddess Diana, which catches the eye of Licinia. The weaving of vines to form a type of casket gives Spartacus the idea of weaving vines into ropes that would allow a small number of Rebels to repel down a side of the mountain that was not well protected by the Romans. In secrecy, Lucretia lies with Crixus again. Spartacus surprises him with the news that he has sent Mira to look for Varro's wife and son. Lucretia picking Mira to sleep with Spartacus. She was finally avenged when Spartacus kills Salvius and Glaber. Sura: She rose early to pray that her husband would stay with her. Mira and Spartacus about to meet Agron and his men. In the ludus below, Crixus accuses Naevia of being unfaithful, as he allegedly had witnessed her being intimate with another man earlier. Although she and Spartacus have a growing relationship, Mira still worries that he will always love his wife Sura more than her. Despite her usually wearing only a set of simple commoner clothes, Sura was still an extremely beautiful woman, with a voluptuous, shapely body and long, wavy dark brown hair. He reveals to Spartacus that his concentration is on his wife, Aurelia, and the letter of apology he sent to her, in which she did not reply to. She is a former house slave serving Lucretia in The House of Batiatus. Mira’s look of incredulity when Aurelia’s presence stays his hand is hilarious. Crixus waits for Naevia in their usually meeting place, but she does not come. This article is about the Spartacus episode of this name. Spartacus remains silent to this although Mira is already certain of the answer. While the majority agree to leave before it becomes too later, Spartacus believes they are ready to fight something Oenomaus, Crixus and Mira chastise him for. New 2016 Mira and Spartacus Tribute - Children Of The Wild - Duration: 2:46. Batiatus tells her that they must swallow their pride, and to allow Ilithyia do so, in favor of one day earning her husband's patronage. Furius and Cossinius can't capture the rebel slaves army, nor properly keep their plans secret. As the chase goes on, many rebels are killed and Nasir was wounded, Spartacus started blaming himself but Mira reassured him bty sating his actions meant they were now free. Mira's willingness and desire to fight outweigh her actual ability, however, and although she learns basic skills in using a sword and has utilized the ability to fight with a dagger, it isn't until she discovers the bow that her true abilities come to fruition. Spartacus leads a group to rescue the situation but Mira is killed. Spartacus agrees, and the two make love. Lucretia pleads with her not to tell anyone of the arrangement, to which Ilithyia agrees. He agrees with her which leads her to ask why they remain. The younger Batiatus is having more than just a bit of difficulty accepting his father's ongoing - and seemingly permanent - presence at home. The TV - Spartacus, Season 3, Episode 10: Wrath of the Gods. After Licinia leaves, Ilithyia warns Lucretia to be wary of Licinia. Mira is a major character in the Spartacus series. The next day as they reach Vesuvius, the group spots several figures approaching them and Spartacus told Mira to take the others and run but she refuses, wanting to stay by his side. When the gladiators revolt, Mira opens the gate to the ludus, allowing the gladiators to pour into the villa and slaughter the Roman guests. It is Mira's death that.

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