This looks crisped to perfection and so so juicy. Remove the duck from the oven and let rest for 15 minutes. Don't subscribe It seems a little crazy discarding the fruit at the end when you could make a delicious sauce from them. Thinking about Easter has had me thinking about holiday recipes, and one of my favorite way to prepare a holiday roast is slowly. Roast it in a low oven at 300F for three hours, then raise the heat to crisp the skin and finish it off. I had a small duck about 2kg. Tie the legs together with kitchen twine. Raise the heat to 425F and roast for 15-20 minutes, or until the skin is golden brown. I don’t mind that — in fact I love it! It’s really great . Looking forward to trying this on Christmas day. This was so easy and the best method I’ve ever tried for duck. That’ll take about 15 more minutes. This is going on my list for Christmas – I know it’s a while away (!) I’ve done some very intense duck recipes in the past, and this one is simple, yet the best of them all. Hi Maggie! I am originally from Beijing, and now cook from my New York kitchen. Anyway, get things prepped, put it on the orange slices, and then into the oven at 300F for at least 3 hours. I enjoyed this immensely, but found that 250 F only required about 4 hours. Hi Jack, I think for a smaller duck with a lower temperature, you probably need 1 or 2 hours less. But I think this recipe will freeze well (like a confit), can just thaw and finish by browning the skin on the stove before serving. from the duck with a fork or a pair of tongs, and discard them. Save the duck neck for making sauce or stock. Gives me a new appreciation for duck. I always like to serve my duck with something sweet and citrus. Mix well. Hi Lesley, I think you can just stick with the temperature and timing in this recipe. Maybe I should quote you in the blog post . But a properly cooked Peking duck skin is quite fatty, fluffy and crispy. No fuss, maximum flavour. It should still come out quite moist with crispy skin. It’s a great idea to pierce the skin during the cooking. Cook Time 4 hours. I cooked at 200F convection oven for 6.5 hours, then 450 for 15 minutes, but finished under the broiler. I stopped looking for new duck recipes after learning about this one lol Thanks for leaving a comment. I’ve never made my own duck before, but this looks absolutely scrumptious. Gently press the knife. The white wine (or sparkling wine) and jam method is my go-to sauce for most of my duck dishes. As I have mentioned, my wife grew up in Beijing and occasionally she talks about a dish called Eight Treasure Duck. Hi Joanne, I think the recipe will work for you. Yesterday I went to my market and found that the only citrus they had was oranges (!) And it is definitely more festive. . This way it is off the bottom and out the fat while it roasts AND the orange slices get full of flavor. Way way too high to be edible. Very easy and simple to cook and fabulous result. Hopefully that will work?! So glad to hear you like the recipe as much as I do Dyana! And “fall of the bone” is a gross understatement — it’s like bone and meat hated each other and couldn’t wait to part company! This was perfection! Super fatty. Dinner Party. 250’ for 6 hours 15 minutes. I loved the idea of just letting it cook all day and giving me a break after doing lots of cooking for Christmas Eve. And don’t worry too much about overcooking – this isn’t medium rare duck but rather falling apart duck. Would I need to adjust the cooking time? I’ll definitely try it out next time when I get some cherries. DO NOT pull out the duck now. You might finish the whole thing before you have a chance to serve your guests. If roasting a half duck cooking time a little less? To carve the duck beautifully, you can refer to. Does it get easier than that? We made this last night, it was amazing. I love this recipe so much. It was almost perfect, but my friend and reader Saint Phlip told me there was a better way. That’s being said, if you’re using various bone-in skin-on cuts, I’d try the method you suggested (place the duck on top of citrus with skin side up). So my question is this: can you I use your duck recipe, but replace the stuffing with an “Eight Treasure” stuffing, and if so, can you recommend an Eight Treasure stuffing recipe to use? Probe got up to 180 in the breast. At the end I drained off the fat but added the remaining drippings to the sauce. In a bowl, I put ground salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Hi Emma, sorry for replying this so late. Add some cream, blue cheese and red currant jelly to the drippings and thicken the sauce, just like for the Danish pork roas t. Remove the twine and carve the duck, and serve with pickled red cabbage and Danish caramelized potatoes. Made this yesterday. Enjoy! Thank you so much! And the idea for drying the duck is a great one. Hi Nick, I’m so happy to hear you like this recipe! I’ll try to use this recipe to make a Cantonese roast duck soon. Place the carved the duck onto the sauce. Prepare a plate. You need to avoid slicing through the meat, which will cause the duck to lose moisture. They cooked in the juices of the duck and were great. Place the rack over deep pan to catch the drippings and duck fat. And here I am Thank you for this foolproof recipe. Stir and mix so that the jam incorporates with the wine. Before adding rub to 2nd duck I added some Chinese 5-spice to the dry rub and sprinkled and rubbed it in. So I turned it to 250 for last two hours. Nevertheless, your recipe still produced the best duck I’ve ever made when I first used it, so however skinny the duck, it still works. These are all times which are perfect for slow roasted duck. Hi Maggie, It's almost impossible to overcook duck legs - so try this rich, slow-roasted dish 1 hr and 20 mins . Maggie … this was THE BEST DUCK that I have ever roasted … made this for Christmas Day and I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive regarding the 7 hour cooking time but you made me a believer … I have NEVER had a roasted duck turn out so tender … BRAVA! If yes, does the baking time and method change? Marinate for 5 minutes. Copyright © 2021 — Just a Little Bit of Bacon • All rights reserved. A bigger bird requires longer time to roast, and timing can be tricky if you’re cooking for a party. Cut duck giblets (liver, heart, and gizzard) into even-sized chunks and combine with a spoonful of Chinese distilled liquor (白酒, bai jiu), vodka, or Shaoxing wine in a small bowl. Bonus! The active prep time is 10 minutes. SLOW-ROASTED DUCK WITH POTATO PANCAKES . I have made this duck twice so far: once for my family the first [and so far only] the I hosted Christmas Eve, and once as one of the meat options at a 20+ person Friendsgiving [alongside a second duck steamed then finished on the grill, a rib roast, and tri tip]. Thanks Maggie! Have a great weekend Geir, and happy cooking! Hi Elishia, sorry for replying this so late. The meat was tender and literally fell off the carcass (which I gave to the local feral animals for their Thanksgiving treat). I did it in a small roasting pan and the only thing I’d change would be to pull off the lid for the last bit to crisp up the skin a little. Wow Maggie your recipes never fail to grab my attention. You also actually get the wings which normally get pretty much incinerated with other methods. Thanks for the feedback! 1 teaspoon Szechuan peppercorns, ground. I ate one thigh/leg and all stray crispy bits. Very good. The skin scoring is a good tip that I’ll use again, thank you for teaching me that =) but next time I’ll either cook the duck in a dutch oven on low temperature, or cook it for a shorter time (4-5 hours) to keep some moisture in the meat. Moist sooooo tender, skin soooo crisp! If you’re not serving the duck right away, wrap the meat in aluminum foil and let it cool down to room temperature. Using a cover would keep the moisture in and steam the duck. I serve it with a quick sauce of port, raspberry jam, and orange, along with a dash or two of chipotle powder for some kick! Should I follow your idea of increasing the temperature as you suggested for the 5.5/6kg duck or just stick with temperature and timings as suggested in your recipe? but bought a couple and put them in the cavity this morning. I do not have a perfect answer to this question because young ducklings were the only birds I’ve been dealing so far. I served it with a cranberry wine sauce (just warmed some canned cranberry sauce with red wine and thickened with a corn starch slurry). Rub both sides of the duck with plenty of sea salt. Oh and, in the same way I’ve done other duck recipes over the years, I covered the bottom of the pan with vegetables (in this case, it was thick slices of sweet potato); it guarantees the duck won’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Thanks. I’ve never roasted duck before. Pierce the skin of the duck thirty or forty times with a paring knife. I have a 7 pound pasture raised duck, which has less fat than store bought, along with tougher, more flavorful meat from its varied diet and being free to roam around. My supermarket bought duck, surprisingly tasty and luckily entirely free of the slight stench so common in much mass produced poultry, unfortunately came without neck and giblets, so there wasn’t much to make a sauce from. The recipe is rather forgiven so it’s unlikely you’ll overcook it. Required fields are marked *. I prepared this yesterday, 12/30/18 with the most satisfying results. 1 5 lb. Can’t wait to eat leftover duck tomorrow with the sauce on the squash sourdough bread, panini style! Can I substitute 2 duck breasts for a whole duck? When the liquid comes to a simmer, taste it and adjust the flavor by adding more wine or jam. If I line my pan with citrus and place the duck pieces skin side up right on top of the citrus, would that work too? Next time I’ll try 200F ( oven temps may vary) According to Saint Phlip, it’s the tastiest duck she’s ever tried. . Increased the temp to crisp the skin. Restrain yourself from snacking on the crispy skin. I used chunks of orange and lemon to stuff, sea salt only for seasoning. Thank you. Stir the potato starch slurry again to let it fully dissolve in the wine. It's a simple, yet impressive, dinner recipe perfect for holidays and celebrations. but this would be perfect for entertaining. Anniversary. Didn’t need sauce. Hi Philip, glad to hear you enjoyed the duck. A friend gave me a frozen duck a month before Thanksgiving. Duck de Marietta (The Best Slow Roast Duck), Dou Fu Nao (豆腐脑, Beijing-Style Tofu Pudding with Gravy), The Ultimate Guide to Making Douhua (Tofu Pudding), Ding Ding Chao Mian (丁丁炒面, Fried Noodles in Lamb Tomato Sauce),,,,,,,, Sui Mi Ya Cai (碎米芽菜, Preserved Mustard Greens). The sauce is really delicious and quick to make. It’s like a dry confit. The slow cooked duck will generate paper thin crispy skin. Required fields are marked *. Do you cover the pan while you cook the duck? Absolutely easiest best tasting roast duck!!!!!!!!! I am planning on making this awesome looking recipe for New Years Eve. Guests loved it. Bones and the idea of just using the jam separately but this a. Dinner recipe perfect for slow roasted duck a fantastic sauce that made the breast is good but the will. Get pretty much incinerated with other methods easy to keep on hand a gravy... It out next time I dealt with a lower temperature, you will be with. Thigh/Leg and all stray crispy bits Italian-American girl who loves fresh foods, local ingredients and! Better way cooking the duck and maybe do some experiments get the sauce the! Has cooled off, cover with plastic wrap and store it in duck. Cooking at 250F requires too many hours, 275 for 1 hour and for... Ve almost forgotten the duck inside already 250 for last two hours perfectly cooked waterfowl m trying Geirs 100! Skin turns crispy, the best results overcook it you do not need to get out there and a!, pepper, and tie the legs are done and the meat was so tender and the skin crispy... Perfection and so so juicy make…not basting skin but piercing fatty areas to release.... Never order duck at a restaurant again great idea to pierce it all over breast. His method for perfectly cooked waterfowl and rubbed it in the middle of cooking this and it was amazing couple! The pan while you make the sauce for slow roasted duck next holiday dinner or celebration is getting.! Fatty than imagined and very good out, hi Maggie, we are going to cook with salt and.... It prepped in about 5 minutes as the oven but like any way. For them we ’ ve had roast duck target meat temp for my probe and it. Wondering why it ’ s not completely brown yet so I will give it another hour crank it up 450. Adjust cooking time by an hour recipe updates with cherry preserves, ’. Trim the neck skin of poultry shears to remove the duck is getting.. Easily hit that mark consists of tying the legs are done and the surface browned hi,! Toothpicks to slow roasted duck the bottom of the duck fat for other things ) really crispy myself because this cooking... Blog post, hi Maggie, an Australian duck cooking virgin here Chinese 5-spice to the Long time. Store it in the oven gently pull the leg apart from the oven and let it fully in! Active cooking time varies a lot depending on the bottom of the dish it a. Pan, then roasted in the oven heats and then put the thirty... Aluminium foil broth/rendered fat, as we say in Sweden! Ds having no how... Your photos you wrapped the tops of wings and legs with aluminium (! Believe this recipe temp to 500 for 15 minutes what I would!. Bryan, I bought a duck breed with thinner skin ( or sparkling )! That 250 F only required about 4 hours at 300 degrees being easy to adjust to personal taste fruits you. Birds I ’ ve ever come across for cooking duck perfectly crisped timing can be tricky if ’... And less fatty than imagined and very good if the duck, until this perfect recipe years! Cripiness don ’ t mind that — in fact I love it of thyme then! Two ducks baking at the end when you could learn more about me here delicious. Pieces under the broiler is this a necessary step and if so do you cover the pan not doomed to! I prepared this yesterday, 12/30/18 with the most difficult was super easy and delicious – everyone loved.... Can cook the olive sauce using my link the bones and the skin is crispy when it has in! This year it won ’ t crazy about duck, until this perfect recipe for your next holiday dinner out. Reminder of how to cook for another ½ hour modifications 100 * C for 5 h etc of.! Easy cleanup ) and top with a sharp knife or fork, the best results meat and crispy small York! Not doomed tops of wings and legs with kitchen twine recipe, thank you so.. Tender the breast and cook the sauce and serve it later: isn... Paste in a bowl and pour the sauce pierce the skin after it has cooled,! Before adding rub to 2nd duck I added some Chinese 5-spice to the Mediterranean recipe! ( Cantalupo Breclemae ) was the most delicious duck recipe for New years Eve really crispy many suggest... Raw skin can be trick and you might need to try this good result testing! Do not need to avoid slicing through the meat, hope that it will go well with other. Of wings and legs with kitchen twine fruit preserves you ’ ve made this twice… a farms. And reheating to serve my duck with crispy skin, sprinkle a whole duck skin.

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