The Sony also has better motion handling and color accuracy; however, the Samsung has lower input lag , support for variable refresh rate, and its contrast ratio is a lot better since it doesn't have the 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer. Samsung Q70T is Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV series model that positioned between Samsung Q80T and Samsung Q60T. The Samsung HW-Q70T has sub-par sound enhancement features. Update 08/19/2020: We changed HDMI Forum VRR to 'Unknown' because we currently don't have an accurate way to test for HDMI Forum VRR compatibility. The Samsung HW-Q70T can passthrough the highest bandwidth signals, so if you want to connect the bar to your TV and your PC, the text on the screen will still appear clear and crisp. The Q70T is a bit of a step down, as it doesn't perform as well and lacks a local dimming feature, which the Q70R has. On such a stand, the big screen TV will stand unstable and may fall down. It has excellent coverage of the widely used DCI P3 color space, but its coverage of the wider Rec. On the upside, this bar can get loud and it performs reasonably well at max volume. The borders are thin and aren't distracting. It's also more customizable thanks to its graphic EQ. Brand new 75” Q70T Samsung bought from Harvey Norman. The Samsung Q70T 2020 can remove judder from all sources. We can confirm that only the HDMI 4 port supports HDMI 2.1, and it has the full HDMI 2.1 class bandwidth. However, it's also not very tall, so it shouldn't block your screen unless your TV sits flush on the table. Note that some tests, such as gray uniformity, can vary between individual units. The Samsung Q70T supports FreeSync to reduce screen tearing when gaming. The Samsung Q70T has no issues displaying native 4k content. You can also use the 7-band graphic EQ to customize your sound. "The Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED is a better TV than the Samsung Q60T QLED. The Samsung HW-Q70T is a better overall performing soundbar than the JBL Bar 5.1 Surround. It also has an input for its power cord. On the upside, this bar can get loud, and it doesn't have a lot of compression at max volume. Although its response time is only okay, it has a Black Frame Insertion feature to reduce motion blur. Note: Samsung has shifted their lineup this year, so although this TV replaces the Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED by name in Samsung's lineup, it's more closely related to the Samsung Q60/Q60R QLED performance-wise. The biggest change is the loss of the One Connect Box, as this TV is more of a replacement for the Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED. The Samsung Q70T is a good TV for most uses, but it doesn't perform as well as the Q70R. Despite its lack of a local dimming feature, this TV can produce deep blacks due to its VA panel's high native contrast ratio. The Samsung Q70T has an okay response time. Explore the 55 inch Q70T Smart TV with Quantum Processor 4K and Dual LED. There isn't a room correction feature, so the bar may sound different depending on the room you're in. The Samsung Q70T has an outstanding contrast ratio, capable of producing deep blacks. The Q80R also gets louder, and its soundstage sounds slightly wider. Visibility should be fine in most rooms, but it may be an issue in rooms with a lot of windows. You can see what products we currently have for sale. Enhance your gaming experience with an HDMI 2.1 spec port (port 4). This post isn't to say that the Samsung Q90T is the best TV available, it's the best TV for me and possibly others that are viewing content on the same devices I am. Fortunately, you can customize the sound of the bar based on what you're listening to thanks to the 7-band graphic EQ and presets. The Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED directly replaces the Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED from 2019. The 2% window is significantly darker due to the TV's CE (frame) dimming, which can't be disabled and may make dark scenes appear darker than they should. Overall, the Sony X900H performs much better than the Samsung Q70T QLED. There are no issues with the upscaling of 720p content. The Q70T doesn't feel as well-built as the Q70R, but you get eARC support on the Q70T, and it has a lower input lag. The 10 Best 55 Inch TVs . The Samsung HW-Q70T is a slightly better soundbar than the Sony HT-G700. However, it shouldn't be noticeable for most casual gamers. For most uses, the Vizio P Series Quantum 2020 is better than the Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED. There's also a pairing button in the bottom corner. However, the Samsung has a higher contrast ratio, lower input lag, and can remove judder from all sources. It has only okay response time, but it has a Black Frame Insertion to improve motion clarity. This soundbar has a well-balanced sound that should be suitable for most music genres. It can display a wide color gamut; however, it doesn't get bright enough to bring out highlights, and it doesn't have a local dimming feature. It supports Atmos content and uses two up-firing speakers on the bar to simulate height. Impressive gradient performance. It provides good visibility in bright rooms, as it has decent reflection handling and gets bright enough to overcome glare. The Samsung Q70T QLED is a bit better than the LG NANO85, but their differences come down to having different panels.

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