Display alone or alongside other Kotobukiya Street Fighter Bishoujo statues such as Chun-li and Decapre! Kotobukiya Street Fighter Bishoujo Cammy Alpha Costume PVC Figure New. Chun Li Alpha. Something went wrong. I found an ideal outfit from Japanese brand of Omosirokurabu, on which decorative patterns and cut are both well done and the price is rather reasonable. Dali-Lamb . Alternate color 2. $2.99. Step 1: Find Chun Li Cosplay Costume. Chun Li in her Alpha Costume. Chun li street fighter wiki fandom wikipedia from alpha by digitalartistyork on deviantart odin s b log (street fighter: vs vega hands down the ) characters art game The design is based on the beautiful artwork of Razvan-Sedekiah, which Yaya describes as being up to her "alley aesthetically" and was a project that was more "challenging" to her than a default Chun Li costume. 6,553 2. Free P&P . For a better fitting, most dealers can customize the suit for you. Kotobukiya Bishoujo Sakura in box. Red - Based on her P2 color in Street Fighter II. Alternate Costumes. Add to Cart. Chun-li. robhal. As a hot game character, Chun Li cosplay costume will be easy to be found. ibi-san . You ARE Young Chun Li. SaturnFrost. Add to Cart. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aXArR Hold Start and highlight Chun-Li at the character selection screen. I wanted to see if I could give her a practical outfit for her occupation (police) while still staying true to the original outfit. Street Fighter Alpha. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Picture Information. The Easter Egg version removes the embroidered vest, finger-less gloves, and hair ribbons and has a yellow jacket tied around her waist. Chun Li Street Fighter. Free postage. Same goes for the Alpha costume. The big difference is that she wears a pair of dark blue finger-less sparing gloves on her hands. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite [edit | edit source] Render. Nostalgia: Chun-Li's Alpha costume is renamed Nostalgia. or Best Offer. Browse All Street Fighter Costumes. Alternate Costume Colours. The outfit resembles the clothes she wore in one of the episodes of the American cartoon series Street Fighter. DLC Wave 1 Default. ... 3.1 Ryu 3.2 SF2 Ryu 3.3 Evil Ryu 3.4 Adon 3.5 Chun-Li 3.6 SF2 Costume Chun-Li 3.7 SF2 Chun-Li 3.8 Guy 3.9 Ken Masters 3.10 SF2 Ken Masters 3.11 Dhalsim 3.12 SF2 Dhalsim 3.13 Gen 3.14 Sakura Kasugano 3.15 Rolento Schugerg 3.16 Zangief 3.17 SF2 Zangief 3.18 Nash 3.19 Birdie 3.20 Rose 3.21 Sodom 3.22 … White - Based on her Start + Forward color from Street Fighter III. Chun Li's Street Fighter Alpha costume shows more arm and less leg than her usual fighting togs. 4.9 out of 5 stars 36 ratings. Based on a concept by Dylan Ekren (go check him out). SaturnFrost . Special Price $67.95 . In-game purchases optional. DLC Wave 1 Alternate color 1. Lexy . Click & Collect. 6,553 2. robhal. Street Fighter Alpha. Add to Cart. 3 0 . 10 0 . Only 1 left. Street Fighter Alpha Chun-Li Cosplay Costume. Lexy . See more ideas about street fighter, chun li, fighter. Alternate color 1. She wears a black and gold sash held by a red rope-like belt. For 2 alternative outfits press 2 punch or 2 kick buttons together. Sexy Chun Li Costume, Woman Street Fighter Costume, Ninja, Cosplay Costume, Woman Chun Li, Halloween Costume, Assassin Costume LipglossCostume. Street Fighter Cammy Bishoujo Statue - UK Seller. 4.9 out of 5 . £28.05. Featuring a more youthful portrait hand sculpted by Jerry Macaluso, 1:3 Alpha Chun Li stands as a loving tribute to this fan-favorite's roots. Chun Li costume from Street Fighter III Alpha Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Chun-Li - Alpha Costume, was posted by DragonKnightAP. DLC Wave 1 Alternate color 3 . Chun-Li's costume is cute, sexy, and definitely a product of the 90's. Add a photo to this gallery. £129.99. Click & Collect. Visit Trove Costumes - make money by listing costumes, save money by renting costumes. 8 1 . Bettinha . Capcom U.S.A., Inc. PS4. This is done in this order so that the models in the base mod and the patch mod dont conflict with one another and so that they can be turned on and off properly. Chun-Li's alternate costume in Street Fighter IV consists of a black sleeveless evening gown with gold accents at the bottom. See more ideas about chun li, street fighter art, chun li street fighter. 11 Item(s) Sort By. Pink - Based on her Special button color from Pocket Fighter. £19.95 + P&P . She retains most of her Alpha look with the blue leotard, blue vest, and athletic shoes. FAST & FREE. The outfit is completed with red shoes, gold earrings and black and gold bracelets. Alternate Chun-Li Costumes. Chun-Li: Variant: Alpha 3: Comments. Post Aug 04, 2016 #1453 2016-08-04T09:58 @DarthJazza: Yes, there is an ongoing WIP although I can't remember who make the mod or which thread I saw the pic. 84. Freddy vs. Jason Bishoujo Horror Freddy Jason 2nd Edition 10" PVC Statue Figure. £24.99 + P&P . 22 0 . I also like the Alpha series costume, by the way -Head/Hair: I took out the bun covers but kept the buns. Tags: street fighter, ryu, ken masters, street fighter alpha, fighting games, video games, retro, 90s, arcade, chun li, guile, akuma, street fighter 5, street fighter 2 Online play optional . 84. 36 global ratings. Full victory pose. Ryu Ultimate (by BrutalAce) to C4, Alpha Chun-Li v3 (by SaturnFrost) to C5 Custom Halloween Cammy (by KrizmKazm) to C1, Q (by PFunk) to C2, Spook Nash (by ozci) to C3 Gothic Juri Beachwear - NoTattoosPiercings (by bbb) to C3, Zangief REINHARDT (by THEJAMK) to C1, Oiled Laura C3 (by KrizmKazm) to C2 Gothic Juri Battle - Ankle Braces No Everything (by bbb) to C2, Custom Halloween … Another entry on my series of SNK and Capcom characters, this time the turn of the first lady of Fighting Games, miss Chun Li, in her Street Fighter Alpha costume, I always … Mar 19, 2020 - Explore Andrew Pahel's board "tasteful chun li pictures" on Pinterest. 1.Drag the Base mod "Chun Li Alpha (C1 or C2)" folder Into pak manager 2.Drag the patch mod "Chun Li Alpha (C1 or C2)CoolDown Patch" folder Into Pak Manager. :) TheBlueMuse Fantastic work, just another testament when someone goes the stretch as the character. OFFICIAL STREET FIGHTER BISHOUJO CHUN LI BATTLE COSTUME 1/7 FIGURE - NEW SEALED. Costumes NEW; Cosplay Wigs; Lolita. Great work. Mar 22, 2019 - Chun-Li (春麗, also チュン・リー Chun Rī?, simplified Chinese: 春丽; traditional Chinese: 春麗; pinyin: Chūn Lì)[2] is a player character from the Street Fighter fighting game franchise created by Capcom. $2.99. Chun Li. £109.99. £18.36. Street Fighter Red Chun Li Cosplay Costume. Special Price $95.58 . GI Joe Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 3.75" Inch Action Figures. Sale. Add to Cart. 4.9 out of 5 stars. For Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha on the Arcade Games, Move List and Guide by Goh_Billy. Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen and press punch or kick for the 2 standard outfits (punch is the original colour). Add to Cart. Ken Masters. PS Plus required for online play. Been having loads of fun working on this. Try again later. Free P&P . Try again later. Costumes. Yaya Han has one of the more ornate looking Chun-Li cosplays on this list with her "Art Nouveau" Chun-Li. Alternate color 3. Street Fighter Alpha. Green - Based on her Start + 2 Punches color from Street Fighter Alpha 2. From shop LipglossCostume. Customer reviews. You are perfect for Chun-Li and the pics are great! UPDATE22: Adds Professional costume for Vega & Zeku, Arthur costume for Ryu, Zangief C4->C5, Ken C7->C5, Cammy C1->C8, Chun-Li C1->C8 UPDATE23: Adds Cody (all costumes so far), DMC4 (Nero+Dante+Gloria) costume for Ed+Ken+Laura, Airman costume for Rashid, also update some C1 & all C2 swaps because of new EX06 color scheme, and also adds Zangief C1->C5 Casual Chun-Li DLC costume. Like I said last time, I personally see Chun-Li representing the Alpha series just as much if not more than Third Strike. Show. Juli. Supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus. Not sure if this is the correct thread to be posting this but is anyone working on a Alpha Chun-Li costume mod? Something went wrong. Costume and alternative outfit colors for Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter 4 Guide last updated on June 20, 2010 at 1:45 a.m. PDT 11 In the manga adaptations of Street Fighter Alpha, Chun-Li is again an agent of the Interpol. mr-kobayashi I really loved and enjoyed this one! Chun-Li's Alpha DLC costume. Regular Price: $99.99 . Add to Cart. Free postage. DLC Wave 1 Alternate color 2. £145.00. 3 0 . Bishoujo Cammy Alpha Costume (Street Fighter) Kotobukiya PVC Statue Brand: Kotobukiya. or Best Offer . Street Fighter. Street Fighter Alpha. per page. The Handler's Chun-Li Costume. Street Fighter Alpha. Navy - Chun-Li's default attire/appearance. This collectible comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Add a photo to this gallery. Only 1 left. Love all the posing in the photos, too! If it was Chun-li's battle-dress outfit, i'd maybe get it, but her original SFII costume isn't sexual at all. Heatherling This costume is so perfect! Purple - Based on her Short color from Street Fighter III. Regular Price: $143.38 . Costumes (104) Photos (668) « Previous; Next » ritzy-kun . Alpha Chun Li is presented in her blue leotard and embroidered vest, wearing blue and yellow sneakers inspired by her childhood hero, Bruce Lee! 1 player. Jun 10, 2019 - Chun Li from street fighter. NECA Ryu Street Fighter IV Series 2 - Player Select Action Figure NEW SEALED.

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