One of the most esteemed contemporary name in nonfiction, the writer of The Empathy Exams is back with another blistering book. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of research over eight years, telling the stories of Lina, in a marriage with two children and a husband who won’t touch her; Maggie, in a relationship with her teacher and then in court, a hated pariah in her small town; and Sloane, a sexual object of men, including her husband, who likes to watch her have sex with other men and women. Journalist Nesrine Malik’s We Need New Stories is an urgent look at the questions at the centre of the current culture wars. It's been a big year in the world of words. Entertaining and incisive. Best Books 2019 UK: Fiction, Thriller, Non Fiction. Enter Wendall, a quirky but seasoned practitioner who helps Gottlieb with the questions she’s been struggling with. Therapy used to be a taboo subject, but thankfully seeing a professional to help us is no longer looked down on. When Puri’s father finally spoke up about the horrors he had seen, he compelled his daughter to seek out the stories of South Asians who were once subjects of the British Raj and are now British citizens. More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters is out on 4 July (Square Peg, £12.99). The book contains essays by 19 Arab women journalists, examining what it’s like to report on their changing homelands. Best new books to read right now. The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective is out on 13 June (Picador, £20). Candid and deeply personal, this is a book about being both patient and clinician, and one that offers hope to us all. Part memoir about a personal obsession, and part homage to the film, Brand’s celebration includes her own memories and interviews with other fans of the film. From memoirs to cookbooks, there's a tome here for everyone Books & Art • Entertainment. Our Women on the Ground: Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World is out on 8 August (Harvill Secker, £14.99). Funmi Fetto is the contributing beauty editor at Vogue UK. Her memoir looks at being an outsider and examines Talkhani’s relationship with her mother and the challenges she faced at a young age when she began to lose her hair. By Adrienne Westenfeld Here is my selection of the top nonfiction books of 2019 that will not only expand your horizons but are also compulsively readable. Kerry Hudson grew up working class, and in poverty, moving often with her single mother and attending nine different primary schools and five secondaries. These are books your commute is crying out for. Forget Sherlock Holmes, compared to Maud West he’s a lightweight. Here are the books we recommend you read in 2019. By Deborah Dundas Books Editor. Habib’s book covers how her family were persecuted as Ahwadis in Pakistan, being immigrants in Canada, and her arranged marriage at 16. How to Fail is out on 4 April (4th Estate, £12.99). 20 Dec 2019. Race science was probably most famously used by the Nazis, but it’s not something that we can comfortably confine to the past; in Superior, Saini reveals the scientists who are still advocates of it today, and how it’s experiencing a revival due to the misuse of science by certain political groups. See for yourself from books about math and animals to biographies and memoirs. His This Is Going to Hurt was a phenomenal, record-breaking bestseller with its impeccable blend of humor and poignancy. You’ve heard of the pay gap and the gender data gap, but how much do you know about the orgasm gap? Contributors include Jean Hannah Edelstein, Jenny Zhang and Chigozie Obioma. In The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells - climate columnist for New York magazine - talks about the troubles that await us if we let climate change continue unabated, from food shortages and refugee emergencies to the way our politics, culture and relationship to technology will shift. Know My Name: A Memoir, Chanel Miller. This look at class and wealth (or the lack of it) is among this year’s most essential reading. We first encountered the piercing words of Chanel Miller … After two years of careful consideration, Robert McCrum has concluded his selection of the 100 greatest nonfiction books of all time. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America by George Packer (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013). Be the Change is a comprehensive toolkit for the modern activist to equip us to fight for change - big or small, local or global. Legendary journalist Christiane Amanpour – CNN’s chief international correspondent – has written the foreword to this inspiring and extraordinary essay collection. The corner shop is an institution, and even in these days of massive retail centres and online shopping, the corner shop still holds a position in our hearts. The American Michael Lind is another hard-to-place maverick, whose forthcoming book, The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite (Atlantic, £14.99) is the best … Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me is out on 4 April (Picador, £16.99). The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. The title of Jessica Pan’s book is something that many an introvert might find themselves living by. Here, the chair of this year's judging panel Stig Abell talks us through the 2019 shortlist: a thrilling line-up of books that are as notable for their literary prowess as for their weight and significance.. Interview by Cal Flyn Buchanan is one of six sisters, and in this book she looks as what it’s like to live as a modern day woman, using her sisters as examples. Best romantic comedy book For fans of Sophie Kinsella's novels, as well as Jane The Virgin series, … To find out if life’s better for introverts of extroverts, you’ll have to read the book. 16 January 2019. When you buy through these links, Book Riot may earn a commission. Biting and honest, this collection of essays revolve around themes of longing and obsession. The long-awaited sequel to Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale was the most eagerly anticipated book of 2019. In What We’re Told Not To Talk About (But We’re Going To Anyway), activist Nimko Ali shares her own personal story of living with FGM, and talks to other women about their relationships with their vaginas. In Partition Voices, Puri records first-hand testimonies of those who experienced Partition, as well as the stories of their children and grandchildren, who have been shaped by the legacy of the split. is a funny and honest first-person account that includes the wit we’ve come to know and love from Bushnell, with guidance on everything from what to do when your age-appropriate date asks you to pay for his kitchen renovation to the pluses and minuses of being older and wiser. In The Moment of Lift she shares the lessons she’s learnt from the inspiring people she’s met during her work and travels and talks about the issues that most need our attention, from child marriage to lack of access to contraceptives and gender inequality in the workplace, all backed up with data. Similiar to our list of 100 (Fiction) Books to Read in a Lifetime, this list of 50 non-fiction books contains recommendations you might actually read (if you haven't already).This curated list covers the gamut of non-fiction, from compelling war stories to key feminist texts, to unbelievable struggles for survival, to tales of life in the culinary trade. 16 best non-fiction books of 2018. How to Fail is ultimately uplifting reading about how learning how to fail is learning how to succeed better. Funk’s story was partially told in the Netflix documentary Mercury 13, but Sue Nelson’s book about her is a fascinating read, telling us plenty we don’t know. Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style, Benjamin Dreyer. What We’re Told Not To Talk About (But We’re Going To Anyway) by Nimko Ali is out on 27 June (Viking, £14.99). Journalist Daisy Buchanan takes us inside her upbringing in The Sisterhood, an upbringing that can be best described as the Bennet sisters in a 21st century, Kardashian-influenced world. written by Jazmin Kopotsha. Here is our edit of the must-read non-fiction books of 2021 and the best non-fiction books of all time. Is There Still Sex in the City? An eye-opening, disturbing read that is much-needed. The Best Books of 2019: Non-Fiction PopMatters Staff. Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change is out on June 27 (#MerkyBooks, £12.99). Award-winning writer Saini explores the bases of race in science throughout history. Bill Bryson, one of our great humorists and nonfiction writers, is the author of other funny books (A Walk in The Woods, for example) and funny-but … Rejecting the traditional path her culture had chosen for her, Talkhani became financially independent and married on her own terms. In her new memoir, Bushnell looks at what happens when a woman of a certain age finds herself not-so-young, free and single in the city. Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection by Arthur Conan Doyle, read by Stephen Fry: Best classic … Al-Kadhi is the founder of drag troupe Denim, and performs frequently as Glamrou. Exploring black hair and its position in pre-colonial Africa, the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Power movement, Don’t Touch My Hair also looks at hair capitalists, forgotten African scholars and the dubious provenance of Kim Kardashian’s braids. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is out on 9 May (Scribe UK, £14.99). Through asking questions including whether women have mistaken access for arrival, and if the concept of political correctness has bee weaponised to avoid giving space to those traditionally excluded, Malik argues that we need to find new narrators to challenge the status quo and create new frames of reference in our pursuit of a progressive vision. My Past is a Foreign Country by Zeba Talkhani is out on 26 June (Sceptre, £14.99). This post contains affiliate links. The Uninhabitable Earth is out now (Penguin, £20). In Character Breakdown Ashton explores a version of her life, or perhaps it’s a version of her art, and asks questions including: is a life spent more on performance than reality any life at all? Taylor Jenkins Reid Private Parts: How to Really Live with Endometriosis is out on 25 July (Coronet, £18.99). Be it biography, history, nature writing or any other form of true story, non-fiction writing is often loaded with just as much suspense and character as the most exciting novel. At the end is my pick for best nonfiction book of the year. I dare you all to not howl with laughter while reading anything written by Adam Kay. “I believe we can change the world,” Hollis says. A beautifully fragmented and hope filled book about embracing love and death. A whole new set of essays by first and second-generation immigrants explore what it’s like to be othered in an increasingly divided America, touching on topics including memory, fashion and heritage. The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective is a story of a woman ahead of her time who had to hide vital aspects of her own identity to thrive in a class-obsessed and male-dominated world. Looking at how black hairstyling culture can be seen as an allegory for black oppression and, ultimately, liberation, this book is a welcome focus on black hair. For his second book, he turns his attention to the NHS at Christmas, giving us a peek at the hilarious, horrifying and sometimes heartbreaking life of hospital staff during the festive period. In 1961, Wally Funk was one of 13 American female pilots in NASA’s Women in Space programme, and the youngest. Tolentino gives razor-sharp cultural commentary about our era of hyper individualism and tech obsession with shrewd insight. The League of Wives tells the story of these women – who banded together and called themselves The National League of Families – for the first time. Angela Saini’s Superior exposes the world of race science, the idea that race has some basis in biology. Emma Dabiri takes us on a journey into why black hair matters and how it can be viewed as a blueprint for decolonisation. For those in a minority in a predominantly white institution, taking up space is an act of resistance. Sorted into chapters divided by narrative trope - from the haunted house to bildungsroman - Machado looks back at her religious adolescence and unpacks the stereotype of lesbian relationships as safe and utopian, and casts her eye over Star Trek, Disney villains and more. Funk, who is now approaching 80, became America’s first female aviation safety inspector and taught 3,000 pilots to fly. Adam Kay made us cry with laughter, and then cry in sorrow, with his tales of life as a junior doctor in This Is Going to Hurt. The Best Nonfiction Books of 2019 Span Everything From True Crime to Scammer Culture These are our favorite reads of the year to help you expand your mind. Pan is a shy introvert who found herself jobless and friendless, sitting in a familiar sofa crease shaped to her body. This includes 1.6 women in the UK, yet it still takes an average of seven years to get a diagnosis. If you’re not in a book club already, you’ll want to join or form one just so you discuss these books. Carmen Maria Machado’s debut short story collection Her Body and Other Parties was a look at the female body, women’s agency and relationships, told via fiction that included elements of magical realism and fantasy. Thank you for signing up! Nonfiction provides us a clear-cut, unreserved portrait of our present and where it might lead us to. She’s a musical legend, and we can’t believe that Debbie Harry hasn’t released an autobiography. Months later, they would begin to learn that those responsible for getting them to safety were their wives. Finishing the Hat Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010). Every year, the Baillie Gifford Prize judges seek to identify the very best nonfiction books published in the last year. But even before that, she’d spent years being asked by friends, family and strangers on the street for advice on products suitable for women of colour. And she also gets personal, writing about her personal life and the road to equality in her marriage. They went to extraordinary lengths to get their husbands’ freedom, including lobbying government leaders, having covert meetings with antiwar activists and helping code secret letters to their imprisoned husbands. On 12 February 1973, 116 men arrived at Clark Air Base in the Philippines, having endured years of torture and brutal treatment as prisoners of war in Vietnam. A path-breaking peek into the privates lives of three ordinary women. Before Carrie Bradshaw, there was her real-life inspiration Candace Bushnell. You may have heard of the church Megan Phelps-Roper was raised in – Westboro Baptist Church is a religious sect that is aggressively homophobic and anti-Semitic, and jubilant about AIDS and natural disasters. Zeba Talkhani grew up in Saudi Arabia, and journeyed abroad to India, Germany and the UK - where she now lives - in her search for freedom. Stapleton weaves together tales from West’s own casebook with social history and research to uncover the reality of life as a female private detective in the early 1900s. Author Kate Clanchy’s Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me is a celebration of her 30-year teaching career. From the advantages – being able to speak candidly with other women at a Syrian medical clinic or being allowed to attend an exclusive beauty contest for sheep in Saudi Arabia – to the disadvantages – the difficulty of travelling without a male relative in Yemen, for example – the stories these women have to tell are unique, and deeply needed at a time when our gaze so often turns to what’s happening in the Arab world. Face It is out on 1 October (HarperCollins, £20). Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas is out on 17 October (Picador, £9.99). In the Dream House is Machado’s engrossing and wildly innovative account of a relationship gone bad. Louis Theroux has turned his attention to various subjects throughout his career as a documentary maker, and now he turns the focus on himself in his biography. A devastating memoir about a mother mourning the tragic death of her 25-year-old son in an accident. Engaging with the issues of climate change and diaspora that have driven his recent non-fiction, it is a novel that engages powerfully with the most pressing of contemporary concerns. Shortest Way Home: One Mayor's Challenge and a Model for America's Future by Pete Buttigieg. She reads more books a week than is healthy, and balances this out with copious amounts of TV. From ... for you, to round up the best non fiction books to buy right now. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come is a chronicle of Pan’s hilarious and painful year of being an extrovert. Endometriosis affects one in 10 women. Unfollow: A Journey from Hatred to Hope is out on 3 October (Quercus, £14.99). This timely book attempts to piece together her life journey from the small village in Punjab to her stint in a woman’s shelter after her troubled marriage and finally to her rise to fame. We all get dressed, and often we’re portraying a certain view to the world with our clothes. The best non-fiction books can educate readers on vital subjects, offer fresh new perspectives, or simply give us a valuable, and often entertaining, insight into the lives of others. Covering hair, skincare, makeup and body products, this is for women of colour, who have been so often ignored by mainstream beauty coverage. At the Pond: Swimming at the Hampstead Ladies’ Pond is out on 20 June (Daunt Books, £10.99). Kavita Puri’s father was 12 when he and millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were caught up in the devastating aftermath of a hastily drawn border. In I Carried a Watermelon, Brand explores the legacy of the film, from how it pushed women’s stories to the forefront of commercial cinema to its depiction of abortion, which has been described as ‘Gold Standard’ by pro-choice campaigners. The Good Immigrant USA is out now (Dialogue Books, £16.99). Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times on Television, £20, Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas, £9.99, She Speaks: The Power of Women's Voices, £10, Private Parts: How to Really Live with Endometriosis, £18.99, What We’re Told Not To Talk About (But We’re Going To Anyway), £14.99, Wally Funk’s Race for Space: The Extraordinary Story of a Female Aviation Pioneer, £8.99, Our Women on the Ground: Arab Women Reporting from the Arab World, £14.99, Unicorn: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen, £16.99, More Orgasms Please: Why Female Pleasure Matters, £12.99, what it means to fail and how we pick ourselves back up again, Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me, £16.99, Black hair can often be seen as political, Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come, £12.99, The Adventures of Maud West, Lady Detective, £20, Equality Champion of the Year at the Remarkable Women Awards, At the Pond: Swimming at the Hampstead Ladies’ Pond, £10.99, My Past is a Foreign Country by Zeba Talkhani, £14.99, Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change, £12.99, In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado, Unfollow: A Journey from Hatred to Hope, £14.99, Smashing It: Working Class Artists on Art, Life and Making It Happen, £12.99. Pushing the boundaries of non-fiction, Lisa Taddeo’s book is the story of three women’s unmet needs, unspoken thoughts, disappointments, hopes and unrelenting obsessions. The Hotbed Collective, which began life as a podcast, examines the orgasm gap between women and men in its first book, More Orgasms Please. Images: Supplied by publishers / photograph of Carmen Maria Machado by Art Streiber. Unicorn: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen is out on 3 October (Fourth Estate, £16.99). Must-reads of 2019: the best new books of the year Voyage into the planet's past and future with Robert Macfarlane, return to Gilead in Margaret Atwood's explosive follow-up to The Handmaid's Tale and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. From page to screen, here are TV adaptations that are as good as the books they're based on. Any self-respecting fan of romantic films will immediately guess that comedian and writer Katy Brand’s book might have a little something to Dirty Dancing. Dressed is about clothes as objects and as a means of self-expression, and a look at who we are and how we see ourselves. They inform, entertain, surprise, deepen curiosity, and inspire. Phelps-Roper was a member of Westboro Baptist Church for years, spearheading its use of social media. Keep an eye on your inbox. As an actress, she treads a thin line between life and art, trying to keep sight of where a character ends and the real Ashton begins. It was the subject of a Louis Theroux documentary, and now it’s the subject of this fascinating memoir. Three Women by Lisa Taddeo is out on 9 July (Bloomsbury, £16.99). One of the most hysterically comical books you will read this year, Irby is at her smartest, candid best here. From a book about Dirty Dancing to memoirs about life as queer Muslims and a look at the life of a documentary maker, 2019’s non-fiction releases will provide you … The story picks up 15 years after her seminal novel and promises a … Non-Fiction Books. Activist Gina Martin, who was named our Equality Champion of the Year at the Remarkable Women Awards, fought and won the battle to make upskirting a criminal offence in England and Wales. An important zeitgeist of our time. Yes, this book will scare you, but it will also prompt you to take action to ensure the damage we as humans have done to the planet is stopped. Don’t Touch My Hair is out on 2 May (Allen Lane, £20). In Maybe You Should to Talk to Someone, therapist Lori Gottlieb helps patients in her Los Angeles practice, including a self-absorbed Hollywood producer, a young newlywed diagnosed with a terminal illness and a 20-something who can’t stop getting together with the wrong men. Sarah Shaffi is a freelance journalist and editor. Lowborn is Hudson’s exploration of where she came from, recounting her journey as she revisits the towns she grew up in to discover what it really means to be poor in Britain today, and whether anything has really changed. Partition – the splitting of India into India and Pakistan – was one of the most tumultuous events of the 20th century, and the effects are still felt decades later, although they’re rarely spoken about.

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