But with such a young director behind the camera, if “The Hill Where the Lionesses Roar” really delivers on its potential, its festival positioning could turn Bajrami into the big breakout of the year, whenever it gets out there. The director’s blockbusters often open in theaters in July, so there’s always talk he might premiere a new effort at the Cannes Film Festival. These directors only have so much in common, but — in the broadest of terms — their movies marry classical stylization with contemporary zeal. But, like, fun, right? With Anouk Aimée, Rachel Bailit, Greta Scacchi, Maximilian Schell. Otherwise known as “ADN” in French, “DNA” centers on a woman close to her Algerian grandfather who, after his death, must confront the complicated upbringing from which he tried to protect her. The 41st Cannes Film Festival was held from 11 to 23 May 1988.The Palme d'Or went to the Pelle erobreren by Bille August.. By Eric Kohn, Kate Erbland, David Ehrlich, Ryan Lattanzio, Zack Sharf. It still could be if Cannes’ plan to delay the 2020 festival to late June holds, as Warner Bros. is opening “Tenet” in July. Director: Sergei Loznitsa … Since then, radio silence…until last year, when Carax finally started production on what has sounded like his most ambitious project to date, and his first foray into English language. —KE. Moretti’s more recent films, from 2015’s “My Mother” to 2011’s “We Have a Pope,” bring humor to serious subject matter, often bringing a much needed lightness to a Croisette lined with heavy, heavy movies. Technically the third installment of Yeon’s series (he also directed the iffy animated prequel “Seoul Station”), “Peninsula” is a larger-budgeted sequel that’s set four years after the original, and picks up the story after the walking dead have reduced most of Korea to an uninhabitable wasteland. Cast: A cavalcade of faces representing the Ukrainian people. As with “Rocketman” last year, a “Top Gun” slot would have helped catapult the movie into its theatrical release, which was slated for June 24. Christopher Nolan is no stranger to Cannes buzz. This Article is related to: Film and tagged Cannes, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, Festivals, Wes Anderson. —RL, French director Caroline Vignal first broke at Cannes Critics Week with her 2000 debut “Girlfriends,” but hasn’t directed anything in the past 20 years. With Swinton at its center, “Memoria” could be Weerasethakul’s ticket to a larger audience, at least relative to the festival bubble that has celebrated him for years. On 13 January 2020, Spike Lee was named as the president of the Jury. Over the course of two decades behind the camera, Italian filmmaker Susanna Nicchiarelli has made complicated women her signature, moving from off-kilter coming-of-age tales like “Cosmonaut” to her beloved biopic “Nico, 1988.” Her next project appears to be a culmination of her cinematic obsessions: a fact-based drama about the life of Karl Marx’s whipsmart daughter Eleanor Marx that isn’t beholden to traditional biopic trappings. That itself is an exciting shift, given that Weerasethakul has been the foremost cinematic chronicler of his country’s mythological and historical identity. The Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) was created in 1955 and was awarded until 1963 when it was replaced by a different award (the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film). Co-starring Julianne Moore and Jennifer Jason Leigh as are-they-or-aren’t-they doppelgangers taunting Adams’ Anna Fox after she witnesses a crime from behind the blinds of her New York City brownstone, the movie is already primed for controversy. The Safdie brothers? —EK. A film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week reportedly caused outrage and prompted walkouts due to its lengthy ... Kechiche is best known for his 2013 movie … The 39th Cannes Film Festival was held from 8 to 19 May 1986.The Palme d'Or went to The Mission by Roland Joffé.. —EK. Cannes is notorious for disregarding non-fiction, but occasional documentaries sneak into the lineup, from Palme d’Or winner “Fahrenheit 9/11” to Oscar winner “Inside Job.” Even so, the potential for Garrett Bradley’s “Time” to surface at Cannes following its Sundance premiere held the aura of something different:  The black-and-white chronicle of Fox Rich, who spent more than two decades trying to get her her husband released from a 60-year prison sentence, delivers a unique emotional experience from one of the most promising documentary directors to emerge this decade. Cannes Film Festival Posters Through the Years. Featuring a darling cast of rising stars like Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor-Joy alongside bona fide legends like Diana Rigg and Terence Stamp, the film is reported to be a “psychological horror film” with some sort of time travel twist. With “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon,” Amirpour has lined up her biggest cast yet, including Kate Hudson, Craig Robinson, and Korean actress Jun Jong-Seo, the breakout supporting star of 2018’s Cannes sensation “Burning.”, With another original script from Amirpour, this time using the fantasy and adventure genres as her springboard, “Mona Lisa” turns on a young girl with magical and potentially volatile powers. —ZS. —ZS. 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1h30, Production : LES FILMS DE L'OEIL SAUVAGE - International Sales : ANDANA FILMS, THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS by Michael Dweck et Gregory Kershaw (USA) - 1h24 —EK, Tom Cruise and Cannes might not seem like the most natural of fits — the actor hasn’t appeared at the festival to promote one of his films since “Far and Away,” way back in 1992 — but the festival always needs a few big stars on the red carpet, and Cruise has continued to be one of the biggest star in the world. and rising talents (from Glenn Powell to Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez to Lewis Pullman), and would have benefited immensely from the global stage Cannes sets out. (So if the festival actually happens this summer, it’s not off the table. Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Tilda Swinton, Weerasethakul’s movies are usually an acquired taste, but those willing to open themselves up to his singular vision are rewarded with truly unexpected ways of experiencing the modern world. Rohrwacher is one of international cinema’s most talented actors, most recently stealing the show in her sister’s film “Happy as Lazzaro,” and wowing as a moody muse in Luca Guadagnino’s short “The Staggering Girl,” making this appointment viewing for cinephiles. Oscar Season Has a Long Way to Go: Here Are the Contenders Most People Haven’t Seen Yet, 10 Ways 2020 Changed the Film Industry, from Streaming Wars to Film Festivals, Screen Talk’s Christmas Movie Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Best New Releases This Week, How ‘Gunda’ Captured the Hypnotic Images and Vivid Sounds of a Pig’s Life — Toolkit, The Art of ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets’ Is Not Its Manufactured Setup – Toolkit, ‘Dick Johnson Is Dead’: Kirsten Johnson Made Cinema Magic Out of Embracing the Unknown, 35 Must-See New Movies to See This Fall Season, The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2021, A Reduced-Price ‘Tenet’ and PVOD Debut ‘Fatale’ Stand Out in Home Viewing, ‘Dont Look Up’ First Footage Unites DiCaprio and Lawrence as Netflix Touts 2021 Movie Lineup. For a festival that loves stars, it would not have gotten better than the red carpet for “The French Dispatch”: Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Timothee Chalamet, Lea Seydoux, Benicio del Toro, Elisabeth Moss, Owen Wilson, Frances McDormand, and more. The short films competition, which culminates in the jury awarding the Short Film Palme d’or, will take place next autumn at the Palais des festivals in Cannes. —RL. Hot off 2018’s HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects,” Adams is your go-to gal for boozy existential peril. Kawase is also the youngest winner of the Camera d’or for her feature “Suzaku” back in 1997, which she followed up with a Grand Prix award 10 years later for “The Mourning Forest.” In short, if Kawase has a film, Cannes is usually a safe bet for its launch. Nolan has never debuted a directorial effort in Cannes, but would “Tenet” have been the first one? According to Fremaux, a record 2,067 features were up for consideration for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, up from last year’s 1,845 films. After all, when have Wright’s films ever benefited from leaking loglines? “Where Is Anne Frank” reportedly pulls from the teen diarist’s archives to deliver a whole new adaptation of her tragic coming-of-age story. Over 20 notable film festivals from around the world including Cannes and Sundance have joined together to stream movies free on YouTube. “Last Night in Soho” (Edgar Wright) Edgar Wright’s latest has been veiled in secrecy for months, but … (You read that right. But no matter how much the world has put its major events on hold, there are a wealth of other finished or just-finished projects out there that look strong enough to justify a Cannes launch, if and when that happens. Cannes film festival 2018: full list of films This article is more than 2 years old The official selection has been announced for the 71st Cannes film festival running 8-19 May. With a cast full of Cannes royalty and a director who’s achieved semi-mythic status in France, “Soeurs” would be a natural fit in the Competition lineup. This time, he ventures to Colombia to explore the experiences of a nomadic woman (Swinton) suffering from exploding head syndrome, which causes her to hear loud noises that don’t exist. David Robert Mitchell? But a Cannes slot could give this hotly awaited film a chance to rise from the ashes, even after test screenings reportedly left focus groups uneasy over the film’s less-than-tidy resolution. And while there were efforts during that time to collaborate with Isabelle Adjani on a film of some kind, nothing came from those until now. Leos Carax works sparingly, but the elusive French auteur is always worth the wait. Since most of the main characters from “Train to Busan” have already been eaten alive on screen, Yeon has turned to a new cast fronted by “Golden Slumbers” star Kang Dong-won and singer-actress Lee Jung-hyun. It’s safe to assume that “Home” will provide an actor’s showcase from a fixture of international cinema poised to break out in a whole new way, and Cannes would be the ideal place to start that story. That hasn’t changed, so time will tell whether this potential Cannes coup works out. Just because Cannes won’t take place at the usual time doesn’t change the caliber of cinema that could have shown up there — and, hey, still might — so we’re proceeding with business as usual. For a certain class of contemporary cinephile, a new Wright joint is always going to be an event, and while details remain slim on “Soho,” movie obsessive Wright has already let slip a few inspirations, naming other British horror films like “Don’t Look Now” and “Repulsion” as guide posts. —EK, Edgar Wright’s latest has been veiled in secrecy for months, but no bother. One can only hope. But, Rick, a big producer, needs Millie for a small part in a fall movie or he loses his star, Tom Hanks. A debut on the Croisette for the film, still set to hit theaters in September from Focus Features, would have been a match made in a movie-lover heaven. All rights reserved. When the film’s rights sold at last year’ Cannes, Screen reported that Nicchiarelli would rely on “the insertion of period photographs and footage, the ironic use of contemporary music, and a minimalist aesthetic for clothing and furnishing” to subvert the usual genre trappings. Maïwenn’s previous films demonstrated dexterity behind of and in front of the camera, and both with a tremendous capacity to disturb as the director and actress puts the crimes of her country past on trial.

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