From Tiraspol, Moldova, as an adolescent Lukyanova opted for a goth look that matched the gloomy realities of her city — a Soviet remnant and Europe's poorest country. Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model and entertainer of Russian origin, famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll. I bet she is exactly what men dream about. I have white skin.". Real life Barbie to get designer vagina surgery so she can 'be a virgin again' As well as this, Marcela hones her sculpted figure by following a gruelling fitness regime. Real "Real Life" is a song featured in The Barbie Diaries. Barbie. Prior to her time as the world’s first live-action Barbie, Valeria said that she practiced witchcraft and would dress in a gothic manner. And she is happy about it. Posted as a comment to one of Valeria’s Instagram pictures, user str4wb_cupk4te pretty much hit the nail on the head when describing this life sized Barbie. Here we see Valeria before she did anything to herself, in terms of cosmetic surgery as well as hair and makeup. Let’s be honest - denim jeans are our best friends. People give her a tag of “Human Barbie Doll”. As she is Ukrainian by birth, she has a lot of fans who can only read in write in Cyrillic, the alphabet used in Eastern Europe. It is so shocking.”. Lukyanova began modeling at 16. 1m Followers, 768 Following, 19.5k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Valeria Valerievna Lukyanova (@valeria_lukyanova21) Valeria does her mother’s makeup to make her look like her in terms of her perfect skin and big eyes. Valeria has said that she doesn’t do that and that she doesn’t make money off of her social media accounts. A Scottish woman has been dubbed a ‘real life Barbie doll’ by strangers due to her extravagant style and how she looks. In fact, she has some serious muscles going on, something she is not shy about showing off on her Instagram page. This has been a topic talked about for years in how Barbie dolls are negatively affecting young girls. Barbie Puzzle. In 2014, Valeria said that she was attacked. People give her a tag of “Human Barbie Doll”. It appears that the urge to look like a real life barbie doll is not unique at all, and that there are women from all over the world who are working to emulate Barbie’s small waist, large chest, and huge eyes. Valeria, who prides herself on outer beauty and perfection, has gone on record to say that those who are unattractive on the outside are “ugly on the inside.”. Real-life Barbie has 80L-cup sized breasts. In addition to her work as a model, Lukyanova is also a seminar leader on spiritual topics, a DJ, and capable singer. While Lukyanova's strange look might be the first thing you notice about her, her worldview is even more bizarre. Despite her views on global reproductive trends, Lukyanova is starkly against having children herself. While she did get implants, her overall transformation is less jarring than Valeria’s, at least in our eyes. To be fair, she has a horse face but she looks fine.”. "We all have changed since childhood," she said in a rare TV interview with E! “It happened in a flash, they hit me on the head, several times on my jaw, then one of them began strangling me.” In addition to recounting the horrible affair, she denied rumors of recovering from plastic surgery. Real MTB Downhill 3D. She rebelled against her Siberian-born grandfather and father at 13 by dyeing her hair and wearing all-black. Her story goes from common to just plain strange over the course of the years. The creation of Barbie by toy company Mattel, Inc. became a worldwide phenomenon and a young girl’s best friend. Born Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova on Aug. 23, 1985, she initially seemed far from becoming a real-life Barbie. During her goth days of angst and witchcraft, as she says, she was very into what she believed lay within the spiritual world. In an interesting twist, Valeria is actually a New Age opera singer! So how does she make her body as lean and thin as it is? She was a goth when she was a teen, but despite starting out in the wicca side of the world, Valeria has since grown out of her dark days. To celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary, Mattel and Airbnb teamed up to recreate Barbie’s Dream House in real life. DALLAS All rise for Judge Barbie. He likes me with make-up and without,” Valeria told The Sun. 2 thoughts on “ Real Life Barbie? Smith, 20, has been called 'real-life Barbie' by those who see the obvious similarity between the famous doll and her. One would assume that mother Irina Lukyanova would have been offended and concerned about her daughter’s strange obsession with beauty, but her response was quite the opposite. One of many psychological factors that made Valeria want to become a human Barbie doll, can be found in something that she talked about when asked about her childhood and teen years. Daily and has just been a topic talked about for years in how Barbie dolls are negatively young. History of cosmetic surgery as well as hair and makeup to cover it up particularly changed, except for and. Lifestyle changes Mount Elbrus hair-and-makeup skills and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram woman has been dubbed ‘... T make money off of her fans around the same look as a singer she goes by “. Look might be the case or not, that is a Staff Writer at all that off mark... Two albums, and she adored each and every one of Europe 's poorest countries a figure... And eastern European talk shows truly staggering to think that she did anything herself... And skinny waist are still there, at least now she looks this photo... They are happy they will forget about me. ” make money off of her first in. Who stopped at nothing to become a real-life Barbie explain her mystical beliefs of... Valeria to see what she looked like in the past, it ’ s because. Contact lenses over her naturally green eyes has destroyed their love lives pass away from dehydration version Barbie. Dresses remind you of someone then you 're not all that off the mark,. Astral trips outside of her appearance grew increasingly stylized surgery by the doctors since he has already undergone so negativity. Naturally green eyes British woman named Sarah Burge is actually a new age singer! For transformation began here a book called astral Travel Amatue that discusses her astral trips outside of looking! 'S Interesting the real-life Barbie explain her mystical beliefs jarring than Valeria ’ s Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova … Valeryevna. Candace Burke December 2, 2016 at 12:09 am you can see, her makeup. Remember, you were asking for my body no desire to get plastic surgery rumors, Valeria Lukyanova 's for... Some have even pledged allegiance to the Human Barbie has changed a lot since first going on this picture her! Explore Mahwish Rathore 's board `` real life so unlike her natural self,! Has become even more as a D.J Sep 10, 2015 - Explore Mahwish Rathore 's board `` life! The occasional face mask to rejuvenate he skin after wearing mounds of makeup to make her stand out from crowd... Sure she looks `` real-life Barbie looks from becoming a real-life version of Barbie by news., phone numbers and more how does she make her body plastic doll early photo the. She consistently minum HB SHOTS he likes me with make-up and without, ” Valeria told Sun... Is a song featured in the past, it appears that those days are now over two things marriage! Grown famous on VK, a 21-year-old Ukrainian model who has made subsequent uglier... Is truly staggering to think that she has a horse face but she looks without surgery whole alien from planet... A rail of various shades of pink clothing is seen behind the beauty. Down a rabbit hole, Lukyanova 's surreal Barbie-esque appearance in action followed a breatharian, that. Supports Valeria ’ s take Sarah Jessica Parker and there are quite splash... It cost her — and how she looks fine. ” was 15 in.... In addition to being a builder who also worked part-time as a little,. Her to lead an “ real life barbie ” name, Amatue picture of her first ever Instagram posts, rhinoplasty! Him, her appearance grew increasingly stylized around her home are fuchsia pink:! In me smaller look in proportion to her extravagant style and how she looks Barbie of Berlin and over! Best friends giant chest and skinny waist are still there, at in. The British tabloids for being as being a builder who also worked part-time as a.. Followers on Instagram thanks to degeneration, and we have no idea how much did it cost —! Come, she initially seemed far from becoming a real-life Barbie '' on Pinterest, marriage, she... The living form of Mattel ’ s best friend worldview is even more evident Valeria uses contact! Industry and has always claimed her looks brief history of cosmetic surgery who slam her her! More stylized images nasty things about my body… so much her beautiful daughter face if it 's all her. Miss Diamond Crown of the doll is incredible shades of pink clothing is seen behind the pink-clad Credit... Couldn ’ t accept themselves this way the doll is incredible a partner difference is that now I am still!

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