Here’s one way to avoid the issue: How to move your content to a new Mac - … After launching it, Migration Assistant for Windows will try to connect to its Mac counterpart. Make sure you've downloaded and installed Migration Assistant on your PC. Overnight, your new Mac will feel just like your old one…only newer. Once installed on the PC, the tool will automatically run, and can be used in conjunction with the Setup Assistant on a new Mac or the Migration Assistant in the Mac's Utilities folder. When you turn your new Mac on for the first time you are prompted to move everything over from your old Mac. It takes a while to run, but it’s insanely easy, and the results are well worth it. That is Migration Assistant. PCmover is for Windows PCs only; there is no migration tool to go from a Mac to a Windows PC. I had to go into the new Mac and set up a user to update the OS to the latest before Migration Assistant would let me use it. ; Select Continue. However, on my old Mac, my user name was FIRST NAME_LAST NAME. When you buy a new Mac and migrate your old Mac’s files to it during setup, Setup Assistant moves over numerous settings and configurations. ; On your old Mac, select the option to transfer information To a Mac. On the new Mac, I created a user FIRST NAME LAST NAME. First, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT use Time Machine to prepare you backup drive. The Migration Assistant allows SOME control over the transfer but does not allow selective Application transfer. If you want to skip a "normal migration" (using either setup assistant or migration assistant), this can be done, but it takes "more care" than if you let the Mac do it for you. ; On your new Mac, select From a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk. If you have a new Mac, its built-in Migration Assistant can transfer … Apple’s Migration Assistant is a handy utility for moving data between old and new Macs, but sometimes you can get duplicates of existing applications. Here's what you should do for a "manual migration". Your Mac’s built-in Migration Assistant grabs your documents, applications, and system settings from one Mac and puts them on another. Use Appcleaner on the old machine to delete Apps you're not using and then use the Migration Assistant, it won't transfer apps if they're not there. Launch Migration Assistant on your PC. It should be located in the Utilities folder of your Applications section. One thing to keep in mind, and Migration Assistant will remind you if you run into this, is that your new Mac needs to be on the same OS update as your old Mac (or vice versa). Launch Migration Assistant on both Macs. Launching Migration Assistant on the PC is a one-way trip: It's only designed to transfer data from your PC to a new Mac. But don’t assume you’ll just be able to pick up exactly where you left off, since there are quite a few apps and services that require additional post-migration attention. If you don't accept the offer to move right away, you can run Migration Assistant from your Applications > Utilities folder. Click Continue on both Macs.

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