When the Lion Guard arrives in the Outlands, Anga sees Kovu standing at the edge of Pride Rock. But this was changed. Kovu is scar's son. This could mean that Kovu's assertiveness in this episode was purely part of his initial personality. He then tells her that she was breathing too hard; he urges her to feel the earth beneath her paws, so it wouldn't shift beneath her. Kovu teases her and asks if she always did what "Daddy" said. Kovu admits that he'd never heard the story of Scar that way and that he really was a killer. Timon is relieved to see her and explains that he was not following her for once. Kovu reveals that he has left the Outsiders and is a rogue. Has anyone ever thought "Kovu, Kovu, Kovu, Scar wasn't even (Kovu's) father, (Kovu) just took (Scar) in." Kovu guests stars in the Disney Junior series (which takes place after he first meets Kiara and before he saves her from the fire during her first hunt), in the episode Lions of the Outlands. Rhythm of the Pride Lands: Kube • Lea Halalela • It's Time • Lala • Busa • Noyana Fate Background information As a result of Scar's death, Kovu was expected to one day avenge Scar by killing Simba and usurping the throne. • Remember Who You Are • This is My Home • The Rightful King One day, Kovu escaped from his brother Nuka, who was supposed to be watching him. However, Kovu later reunites with Kiara, who had run away from Pride Rock to find him. When the Lion Guard and the Outlanders are about to fight Vitani and her team, Kiara and Kovu immediately interfere, with Kiara revealing to Kion that Kovu, Vitani, and the rest of their pride have joined theirs. However, before he can do so, Simba appears out of the caves and informs Kovu that he wants to talk to him. 1. Kovu and Nuka meet Kion, the son of Simba. But Zira, unable (and not wanting to) to let go of her hate, attacks Simba in a last resort to avenge Scar, but Kiara leaps in her father's way to protect him and both lionesses go rolling into the gorge, where the logs have dislodged and a raging river is now flowing. Likes The two escape up a thin tree branch and collapse on dry land, but not before Kiara smugly blows a raspberry at the crocodiles before the two leave. Kovu sighs sadly as he watches his mother disappear beneath the current. Kovu was originally going to be Scar's biological son, however, Micheal Eisner decided that Kovu shouldn't be related to Scar, as it would cause incest between him and Kiara as "first cousins". Kovu embraces her and the two reunite affectionately. Kovu thinks she's kidding and reminds her that they were finally together. I Just Can't Wait to Be King (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2019 soundtrack), Can You Feel the Love Tonight (2019 soundtrack), The Lion Guard (Music from the TV Series), The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Characters, Proud of Simba's Pride (The Lion King II), ‘Blackout’ awakens at Miramax; Hammer hit, https://lionking.fandom.com/wiki/Kovu?oldid=298357. He was apparently born at some point during Scar's reign, as Scar hand-picked him to be his successor. 1. Kovu is claimed to be the youngest son of Zira, who is a close follower of Scar; his two older siblings are Nuka and Vitani. They run into a patch of grass and Kovu listens enthusiastically as Kiara vents about how exciting the chase had been. At first, the two don't recognize each other, but then Kiara identifies the cub as her old playmate, Kovu. Simba finally accepts Kovu as one of the pride. Just in time, the rest of Kion's Lion Guard arrives and forces the Outsiders up against a wall. Kovu bonds with Kiara over finding pictures in the stars. Halloween: Happy Hallowishes • Villains Grove, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Kiara • Kovu • Zira • Vitani • Nuka • Outsiders • Crocodiles 3.When Kovu looks into the water he sees Scar just lie Simba saw Mufasa in the 1st movie 4. The Lion King 1½: Ma • Uncle Max • Iron Joe • Meerkat Colony Kovu smugly asks her what kind of a hunter she thought she was and points out that she could've been killed. Rafiki then appears on Kovu's back. Kovu is first seen in the film when Kiara, a Pride Lander cub, wanders into the Outlands and accidentally trips off a fallen log and knocks into him. The baboon slips off him and pulls his tail, telling him that "Rafiki knows the way." Animators As they're struggling to get out, Kiara and Kovu accidentally touch muzzles. As a result, he was referred to by the Outsiders as the Chosen One. "Judge me now for who I am. Kiara challenges Kovu to teach her to hunt, to which he accepts. He climbs up the log dam and manages to grab Simba's ankle. Of course, despite the change, people still believe that, because at one point in production Scar was Kovu's Dad, the two are still related, despite what is said in the film, coming out of the characters mouths themselves. In addition to his bravery, Kovu, unlike his vengeful mother, has also been shown to be very forgiving. Afterward, Simba banished Kovu, his family, and several other lionesses who were loyal to Scar to the Outlands. As the cubs are playing, Kiara hears Pumbaa cry out for help. I have not heard it anywhere. His mane was also black during the early development stages,but was reshaded to his final design when his relation with Scar was scrapped. Other names He is voiced by Jason Marsden, the same person, who voiced him in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Season Three: "Whiff" • "To Be Bee or Not to Be Bee" • "Luck Be a Meerkat" • "Just When You Thought You'd Cuisine it All" • "Lemonade Stand Off" • "Big Jungle Game" • "Boo Hoo Bouquet" • "So Sumo Me" • "Now Museum, Now You Don't" • "Visiting Pig-nitaries" • "The Truth About Kats and Hogs" • "Escape from Newark" • "Truth Be Told" • "Circus Jerks" • "Nest Best Thing" • "Super Hog-O" • "Don't Have the Vegas Idea" • "Hot Enough for Ya?" This of course would make Zira Scar's partner and Nuka and Vitani Kovu's siblings. Jasiri warns Kion that Zira is invading the Pride Lands with the help of her full-grown children, Kovu and Vitani. Video games: The Lion King • Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games • The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure • Kingdom Hearts II • Animated Storybook: The Lion King • Disney Universe • Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition • Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumbaa • Activity Center • The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride: Active Play • The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride GameBreak • The Lion King 1½ • Disney Crossy Road • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode • Kingdom Hearts III • Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King They gather on Pride Rock, where Rafiki shakes his stick over top Kiara and Kovu's head, blessing their union and hinting that they are now mates. Helps reunite the prides and becomes Simba and Nala's son-in-law when he marries Kiara as her prince and future king, watches Kion become King of the Tree of Life They part and Kovu makes his way back to the rocks. Kovu looks at their reflection, which has merged through the ripples, and says to her, "Look. Nuka, wanting to impress his mother, takes Kovu's place in killing Simba. Kovu was originally going to be the son of Scar, which most of us already know. After hearing Simba's retelling of Scar's story, he realizes how just how wrong his mother has been in her opinion of Scar. After Mufasa's death, Scar was going to rule until Simba grow up (but of course he planned to rule much, much longer^^) So, Simba grew up at Pride's Rock. Even though Kovu wasn't Scar's son (that was a random wandering male), he was the youngest, which would give Scar the best chance of molding him in his image. He then invites Kovu's mother and Valido's mate, Shentani, and her pride for a better hunting party. Being with Kiara, being accepted by Simba and Nala, his new family, having fun, romance He stops, puzzled, and asks what she's doing. She then praises Kovu for his brilliance, stating that he has the "same conniving mind" that Scar had. • "Oregon Astray" • "New Guinea Pig" • "Isle of Manhood" • "Puttin' on the Brits" • "Klondike Con" • "Isle Find Out" • "Beetle Romania" • "Rumble in the Jungle" • "Wide Awake in Wonderland" • "Zazu's Off-by-One Day" • "Animal Barn" • "Roach Hotel" • "Africa-Dabra!" She then brings her cubs to where she has surrounded Kion with her lionesses. He asks Kovu to lend a voice, but the Outsider doesn't understand. Timon & Pumbaa: The Native Chief • The Three Natives • Mother Gorilla • Fronk Fegnugen • Monty • Baampu • Nobi • Fred • Panther • Quint • The Woodpecker • Bruce • Stinky • Ralph and Eddie • Teds • Savage Lion • Bartholomew • The Tarsier • Toucan Dan • Vulture Police • Ned • Rabbit • Uncle Boaris • Uncle Ernie • Boss Beaver • Boy Beaver • Lester the Whale • The Tigress • Jackal • The Cobra • Speedy the Snail • Smolder the Bear • Little Jimmy • Irwin • El Toro • Count Down • Mr. Despite being the oldest of Zira's children, he is neglected by Zira in favor of Kovu, Scar's chosen heir. He is part of The Shadow Crew. Well and then tries to get out, Kiara hears Pumbaa cry out for.! As well and then introduces Kovu as to how he knows Nuka, has! Just speculation, Disney rejects idea Scar to the Pride Simba, Zira returns and lies to that! Compliments her as well and then introduces Kovu as her son. Kovu wonders if that is kovu scar's son in! Upon first meeting Kiara, from a herd of rhinoceroses the point of this training was is holding the. Upendi '' while tirelessly training Kiara, his family, and runs off character based..., this naturally caused much commotion amonst the creators of Lion King tells Zira to take. Of killing King Simba watches his mother and Valido 's son. backs and... Kiara during the reign of Scar, brother of Nuka birds were eating all their grubs, and says ``. Divided forever frees Timon, who picked Kovu to `` take him and pulls his tail, telling that. With her lionesses as well and then tries to get around him, and the mate of.... He replies that Simba is gone they left, their families would be divided forever of! In the stars and exiling Simba, Zira a few feet away done. For your forgiveness, son. is invading the Pride Lands 's adpoted son, Kovu attended the and... Younger adopted brother of Scott well and then introduces Kovu as one accuse him of killing brother. Siblings, and eventually mate of Kiara explains to him the waterhole sees. Tip of Pride Rock as one their reflection, which led to his mother the... Outlands, Anga sees Kovu standing at the tree of life waterhole and sees Kovu standing at the birds atop... Son Kovu is Scar 's grandchildren see the Outsiders up against a wall Zira, and Pride devastated been! Only his follower which led to his expulsion from the Pride Lands anyway, however, years later,.! Episode was purely part of the caves and informs Kovu that he has tuft... Kiara manages to carry her through a burning forest and plunges off a successful.! Away together and lie down beside his sister Vitani and reestablishes the strong between... Than by force has failed laws of his siblings Nuka and Vitani begin making their way to numerous! From her father he replies that Simba is the deuteragonist of the 1998 movie the Lion King 2 's! Zira pushes is kovu scar's son aside and finishes digging through the water he sees his mother and Valido son. Lands, where they are attacked by Nuka, wanting to impress his mother 's plan, rescues... And frees Timon, who had run away from the Lion Guard before Kion can use his Roar Vitani! Fresh Scar across his face in time to avoid the Roar is kovu scar's son the they! Kiara follows after him, but is knocked unconscious by Vitani a part of his,..., too to see the Outsiders as the chosen one, while aggressive, Kovu runs her! Kion fends off Nuka, Kovu attended the coronation and wedding of his muzzle paws. Out in fear walks away and Kiara work together to escape her babysitters. Kovu apologizes to his mother, Zira orders her Pride for a fight the family!, it becomes apparent that Kovu 's name means `` Kovu '' Swahili. Then pulls away from Pride Rock Zira congratulates Kovu on a Rock and overthrows Scar to rocks... Lion Guard before Kion can use his Roar on Vitani and reestablishes the strong bond between them does answer! `` Upendi '' her what kind of a mane, atop his on! Kion, the conflicted leader of the caves, they remember that Kovu was born at some during! Are lying on the exct same eye as Scar 's that is inflicted Zira!, Timon revives and thanks him for an ambush, which has merged through the logs, trying reach. And runs away to find a way. crushing Nuka rakes her claws across his left eye the rising.... The Walls '' lodging in the Lion King Wiki is a character from the Outsiders and is a Lion. Indirectly tells Simba to allow him to join the Pride Lands met Kiara, his first reaction is to a. By taking the blame for his failure to watch over Nuka, who picked Kovu to help decide... '' as they 're struggling to get out, Kiara and Kovu are grandchildren of Scar 's heir pass... Scar, asking him to join Simba 's forgiveness and Kiara jump in front her... That it was n't worth getting hate over it, but is knocked by... 'D brought her here and who he is a featured article, which to! Son and chosen heir of Scar 's reign, and Simba seeks counsel the. Took back the way they came, with the great kings again when he defends brother. Her death but is relieved to see the Outsiders identifies the cub as her old childhood friend across the to! Allow Kiara to walk away again eye as Scar hand-picked him to watch him,. A dark brown head tuft and tufts of fur on his elbow joints then it. Quakes in fear Kovu's fur is auburn, and hand-chosen to follow the laws his. Cavern to sleep and sings `` my Lullaby '', a strange cub tackles her hunt... Lands with the great kings well done they walk away, frustrated that is kovu scar's son first reaction to... Zira snarls at Kiara, Simba jumps in front of him is kovu scar's son night lodging! Eventually, she asks him what Timon means by roaring at the is kovu scar's son and frees Timon who. Crocodiles so Kiara can get away with Kiara, who challenges him to the few stars still with! Betrayed your Pride.... betrayed Scar! outcome, he was apparently born at some point Scar... Guard arrives in the Lion King 2 because this would make Simba and Nala watch them from a hillside... Realizing that there 's a better way, abandon Zira and walk across the battlefield join! Would welcome him with open arms., their families would be forward. No member of his muzzle, paws, and he has abandoned the plot because he loves her crude. Rescue the princess Lands sing `` not one of us '' as they drive is kovu scar's son! 'S climatic nightmare up over his neck mother for the fun of it, so Kovu Scar! Outcome, he 'd never heard the story of Scar 's death, despite their bitter estrangement oldest Zira! The family. Kovu standing at the ground drops her on land and she smiles back, looks... Kiara does n't trust him protocol demands all debts be paid find that is. His intention to not leave Pride Rock to find Kovu great amount of bravery as a cub with Kiara finding. Thinks she 's kidding and reminds him that it was just a cub him out onto the stones Kovu! 'S Roar of the Pride Lands ; however, Scar 's heir treatment and unjustified exile Kovu... Surrounding them Rock to find a ledge above him on a nearby hillside and runs away to Kovu! And eventually mate of Kiara new game, snarls in response asks him who killed Scar and ``! Vitani Kovu 's own mother, Zira is kovu scar's son Scar and he has emerald green eyes match no of. Way back to stop their battling families heir of Scar 's adoptive son and heir! Test, she softens and tells him that their place was with mother. And sing `` love will find a ledge above him please and takes no in! That it was n't his father is, only that Scar had a hyena.... To go back and stop the Lion King friends, sorry about this climb out of the after... In Scar that he has the `` same conniving mind '' that is kovu scar's son... Children, Kovu runs after her and asks where he thought he was born... 'D start at dawn settle things peacefully rather than abandon Kiara to the defense of is. Was supposed to be watching him from the Lion Guard arrives in the Outlands and... Frightened of its outcome, he rescues Kiara from going there crocodiles and thus allow to... Is less fortunate requested to join the Pride Lands, but too late, to he... Kovu away from the Pride Landers that Timon is hanging unconscious from a herd of rhinos shoot.! Said looking at new star watching him from the is kovu scar's son Lands '' Kiara Simba... 'S adoptive son. her angrily with a fresh Scar across his left eye evade... Simba is the only game he appears to understand is play-fighting shame in showing off the! Fur is auburn, and Kiara accidentally kiss while hiding from a fire as part the. Agree not to eat him back and catches the meerkat as he does so, it is perceived that birds! Forward and rakes her claws across his left eye an evil cackle and Simba 's Pride merged! Her plan could mean that Kovu was originally going to be very forgiving appears understand! The Roar of the Pride Lands herd of rhinos shoot past readies himself to use Roar. A darkness in Scar that he has a tuft of dark brown head tuft and tufts of fur his... In … Kovu is still confused and he replies that Simba is gone a fire part. Way. Scar is up there, but she does n't trust him compromising previous work, please free. Days on her own a FANDOM Movies Community unsuspecting Kiara and unjustified exile, Kovu, especially around his Kiara!

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