Loke arrives with Lucy and Yukino's celestial spirit keys, allowing them to fight Uosuke, who alters the environment around them to counter the various spirits at their disposal. Gajeel and Panther Lily are transformed into small animals by Gemini during their battle with the twin spirits, but Gajeel eventually discovers he can still use his magic and easily knocks them out. "People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and Dragons". Despite Gray's weakened magic in his childlike form, he outsmarts and humiliates Doriath with various pratfalls, determining that he is not the one responsible for freezing Sun Village. As the Dragon Slayers fight each dragon, Wendy encounters Zirconis, whom she is reluctant to fight. Fairy Tail and the other wizards begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl. To their dread, they all recognize it as Acnologia, who wreaks destruction as he descends on the two guilds. TV Tokyo. After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Natsu furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. Lucy evades detection from the clones in a bunny costume that conceals her scent while most of her guildmates become infected. Angered by the village's frozen state and Sylph Labyrinth's callous effort to steal the Eternal Flame, Flare fights the treasure hunters alongside Lucy and Wendy. Crocus is evacuated while Hisui's father, King Toma E. Fiore, requests that the wizards remain in the city to help fight any dragons that survive the Eclipse Cannon's attack. He is forced out of the celestial world in battle against Taurus and crash lands into the library, allowing Virgo to escape with the globe while the others are distracted. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, 239. After the girls' attacks send the hunters flying out of the village, Lucy and Wendy accept Flare's offer to help guide them to the Eternal Flame. Gray uses his newfound understanding of the magic ice to unfreeze the Eternal Flame. Gajeel quickly loses oxygen while fighting Torafuzar underwater, but Levy saves him from drowning by giving him air with a kiss. At Mercurius, Lucy reunites with her friends near Eclipse and, using her future self's notebook, she reveals that they can return Future Rogue and the dragons to their respective time periods by destroying Eclipse. Aries attacks Juvia after her water magic is weakened by the heat, leaving her defenseless. They encounter Hisui and Arcadios, who reveal that the Zodiac spirits' change and weather phenomena are side effects of Eclipse's destruction. After taking several suggestions from her guildmates, she settles on knitting him a scarf. Later, Doriath finds Gray and turns him into a child, causing Gray to relive his traumatic memories of Deliora upon seeing the monstrous Doriath. The twelve Zodiac spirits appear before Lucy with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and their memories of Lucy erased. Natsu realizes Crawford is Tartaros's informant and traces his scent to Tartaros's headquarters to rescue his friends. However, Kemo-Kemo merges with the island as it sinks into the ocean, leaving a seed behind that Natsu plants in front of his house in memory of Kemo-Kemo. Rogue desperately searches for Frosch alongside Sting, Lector, and Yukino, asking several wizards for Frosch's whereabouts. However, Juvia senses a water coolant in Aries's magic four-wheeler and soaks herself in it, regaining her strength and defeating Aries. [6][1] For episodes 189 to 203, the second opening theme is "Strike Back" performed by Back-On. The Celestial Spirit King attacks Mard Geer to avenge the sacrifice of Aquarius's key. Fairy Tail Season 7. He uses his magic to transport Natsu's team to the village on a moving tree, seeing them off as he remembers the formation of his original guild, Fairy Tail. Mortally wounded, Tempester turns into a cloud of Devil Particles again to kill the wizards, but Gray arrives and freezes the particles with his new Demon Slayer magic before his friends can be contaminated. Enraged, Doriath transforms into a massive demon whose roar transforms everyone in the village into a child. Igneel bites off Acnologia's arm, but Acnologia mercilessly kills the fire dragon, to Natsu's horror. While the other teams eliminate Quatro Puppy's team and endanger Fairy Tail's lead, Fairy Tail's team remains motionless, to their guild's confusion. As the rest of Fairy Tail invades Tartaros's base, Mirajane reunites with Lisanna and is confronted by Seilah, who wants to exact revenge for her failure to destroy the guild. With no other options, Gray contemplates using the same Iced Shell technique used by Ur to permanently freeze Deliora, despite needing to sacrifice his own body in order to do so. "Kizuna Darou" by Kakihara Tetsuya (Natsu)2. "Heart's Key") performed by May J, "Kimi no Mirai" (キミノミライ, lit. The rest of Fairy Tail arrives to fend off the spirits, who challenge the wizards to stop them. Season 7 (2016) ← Back to season list. Acnologia gains a second wind and resumes his fight with Igneel, leaving Natsu and Gray to argue over whether to destroy E.N.D. Jellal and Merudy search for Ultear, but the two are approached by Doranbalt, who reveals that he has wiped the Magic Council's memories of the dragon attack, as well as their encounter with Jellal at the tournament. 7x01 (266) The Fairy In Your Heart. They quickly become lost for days in the labyrinthine cave with little food and sleep. When four young wizards from the most destructive guild in Fiore team up to take jobs, they forge a bond more powerful than any magic and grow stronger with every mission. The two fight, creating a hole in Tartaros's headquarters that allows the rest of Fairy Tail to enter. Natsu battles Leo to interrupt him while Wendy, Happy, and Carla try in vain to retrieve the ritual globe. The wizards chase after the treasure hunters for their bottle of liquified Moon Drip, believing the liquid can help save the village, but are shocked when the treasure hunters prove themselves to be capable fighters. Natsu suddenly hears Igneel's voice saying the time has come for him to stop Acnologia, and watches in awe as the missing fire dragon emerges from his body and battles Acnologia, revealed to have been inside him all along. "My Iron Blues"(俺のIRONブルース Ore no IRON burūsu) by Hatano Wataru (Gajeel)6. Meanwhile, Natsu enters the celestial world, convinced that fighting the spirits will return them to normal. "Tartaros Chapter – Soaring Above Ishgar". Fairy Tail Season 7 Episode List, Summaries and Show Guide. Laxus and the Raijin Tribe accept a job requesting them to solve a series of never-ending lightning strikes around the city of Volwatt. Realizing it is an illusion created by Midnight, Jellal maims his own eyes to break the illusion, and he defeats the Oración Seis. He holds the realm in place using the dark magic, allowing Lucy and Yukino to seal the two remaining Eclipse spirits away. This sets the stage for the origin story of Fairy Tail, with a six-year-old Mavis caught in the middle of a bloody war between two guilds on the island. Lucy deciphers the glyphs in the ruins and discovers Kemo-Kemo to be a guardian deity that protects those on the island from the virus. While Erza, Gray, and Juvia's battles continue, Jura takes out Olga with a single strike and attempts to do the same with Laxus. Lucy tricks Franmalth into thinking Natsu is also one of her spirits, allowing Natsu to break free and defeat Franmalth by smashing him with giant rocks. Whatever you do, don’t mess with these friends or you’ll get burned! TV Tokyo. He reconsiders and ultimately grievously wounds Silver by hurling a cannonball through his chest. Demonstrating her superiority over Erza with her sheathed sword, Kagura professes that she will only draw her weapon to kill Jellal. The force of their attacks sends the executioners crashing into each other, and the wizards quickly regroup as Natsu threatens the executioners to show them the dungeon's exit. When Eclipse opens, Lucy suddenly says they must close the gate and moves to do so. When Natsu reveals Igneel to be his adoptive father, Atlas Flame is freed from Future Rogue's control and assists Natsu in fighting him. Meanwhile, Erza buys a superhero costume at a boutique and begins performing heroic deeds around town as "Fairy Woman". "Tartaros Chapter – A Place Reached by Prayer". Join the masters of mayhem as they charge fist-first into adventure and make new friends along the way! The Raijin Tribe attempt to defend Yajima from Tempester's storm-based powers before Laxus arrives to battle the demon. Future Rogue takes command of the dragons and orders them to lay waste to Crocus; the wizard guilds fight the dragons, but are completely overpowered and unable to harm them with their magic. Michello runs for his life, insisting he knows nothing of Tartaros's plans as Jackal chases him through the city. Using her clairvoyance, Carla reconfigures Face to self-destruct and tells Wendy to save herself from the explosion, but she declines and they activate the mechanism together. Later, Erza and Mirajane collapse and are captured by Crawford, who hands them over to Tartaros. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail wizards discover that Tartaros's headquarters are directly above Magnolia. After Natsu destroys a statue in the temple, a thirteenth gate appears in Astral Spiritus, which Hisui and Arcadios decide to investigate. He also reveals that Cobra has turned himself in, and forewarns them about the dark guild Tartaros. Using her newly attained Dragon Force, Wendy simultaneously defeats Ezel in his powered up form and dismantles Face. The fifth opening theme, used from episodes 227 to 239, are "Yumeiro Graffiti" (ユメイログラフィティ, Yumieiro Gurafiti, lit. Approaching Hisui at Eclipse, Lucy tells the princess that the Eclipse Cannon has no such function, having been telepathically informed of this by her spirit Crux. Ophiuchus plays her flute to turn Natsu's own attacks against him, but he overcomes her control and moves in to destroy her flute. As Warren telepathically contacts the rest of the guild, Happy relays Hades's message to Makarov, who determines he must activate Lumen Histoire. Kyôka notes that the rest of Succubus Eye have failed to withstand her power of strength enhancement, which she proceeds to use on Minerva to recruit her for Tartaros. The wizards within its body are all absorbed into the creature's body except for Lucy, who miraculously escapes the curse. This sets the stage for the origin story of Fairy Tail, with a six-year-old Mavis caught in the middle of a bloody war between two guilds on the island. "Scarlett" by Ohara Sayaka (Erza)3. Gray notices that the berserk Doriath instinctively avoids the ice freezing the village, which he deduces is harmful to the demon. Gray tries channeling Silver's magic against him as previously done against Doriath, but it also has no effect. Lucy tries to reason with her spirits, but they refuse to relent despite knowing that their lives will be forfeit by performing Liberam. Lucy and her friends escape while Natsu battles with Rogue's future self. Although she discovers that only one minute has been reversed and collapses from exhaustion, the spell allows the wizards to foresee and avoid their own deaths, including Gray's. However, Gajeel uses the carbon-rich water to furbish his iron body into steel, which cuts through Torafuzar's defenses and defeats him. Igneel tasks Natsu with stealing the book of E.N.D. As the celestial wizards hang onto a sinking ledge, Arcadios wades through the lava to rescue them. Laxus inhales most of the particles to keep his friends from being contaminated, but he is unable to save the town, which is quarantined. Meanwhile, Erza enters a three-way battle between herself, Kagura Mikazuchi, and Minerva. At Mercurius, Future Rogue tells Natsu of his intentions to use the seven dragons against Acnologia and become the new Dragon King. Kyôka complies, aware that this will end her own life, and assumes her Etherious form to kill Erza. Lucy tries summoning her Zodiac spirits to fight, but they ignore her calls. Lyon approaches Juvia and explains that Gray is mourning the anniversary of their teacher Ur's death. 2 2015 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, Vol 6 2019 Overlord III 2018 Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Season 3, Vol. Oct 19, 2019. 1 2015 Fairy Tail, Season 8, Pt. To the horror of everyone present, dragons from the distant past suddenly begin to emerge from the gate, which has been sabotaged by Rogue's future self to remain open under the eclipsed moon. Mard Geer escapes his petrification and attempts to kill Minerva for her weakness, but she is rescued by Sting, Rogue, and their Exceed. Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla reach Face, which is guarded by the multi-armed Ezel, one of the Nine Demon Gates. Seeing the dragons as obstacles in his plans, Mard Geer telepathically orders Kyôka to hasten Face's detonation by merging with the control device. However, Zeref arrives to retrieve the book and kills Mard Geer before vanishing. from Mard Geer with the promise of answering Natsu's questions about his fourteen-year disappearance; however, he instructs Natsu to avoid opening or destroying it. Fourteen pieces of theme music were used for this season: seven opening and seven ending themes. Asuka takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to perform several odd jobs around town for her to afford a treasured snow globe lacrima that her parents were once forced to pawn off to pay for her medicine. Jellal leaves with his new allies after offering Rustyrose membership in Crime Sorcière. "Tartaros Chapter – Fire Dragon Iron Fist". For episodes 176 to 188, the opening theme is titled "Masayume Chasing" and performed by BoA. Natsu eventually finds the Celestial Spirit King's original form chained by the Eclipse spirits to a sphere of energy. "Naked Dream" by Nakamura Yuuichi (Gray)4. Season 6 Season 8. Atlas Flame uses the last of his strength to thaw out the rest of Sun Village, freeing the giants and forcing Minerva to flee. "Your Future") performed by ROOT FIVE, "Don't Let Me Down" performed by Nishiuchi, "Never Ever" by Tokyo Girls' Style, "Forever Here" performed by Yoko Ishida, and "Azayaka na Tabiji" (鮮やかな旅路, lit. After Doranbalt erases the guild's memories of Lumen Histoire, Makarov unveils an invisible Fairy Tail emblem on Doranbalt's shoulder, revealing him to be a guild member who erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council. Meanwhile, Erza and her allies reach the main control room to find Kyôka and Seilah successfully activating Face using Crawford's corpse. He notices a weak spot on Ophiuchus's body and attacks it, causing the Eclipse spirits' realms to merge while Lucy and Yukino are battling Virgo and Libra, respectively. Natsu reunites with Lucy to battle Franmalth, who has the ability to absorb Lucy's spirits and mimic their powers. Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue are immobilized as they begin to pulsate violently. However, the case is stolen by the Eclipse form of Pisces, who appear as a mother. While Millianna confronts Jellal for Simon's death, Ultear tells her that she is responsible for manipulating Jellal into doing so. Armed with Hisui's gatekeys, the wizards each follow the spirits into a different pocket dimension, with Elfman battling and successfully sealing Taurus away. Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild, explores the Kingdom of Fiore in search of his missing adoptive father, the dragon Igneel. Leo voids his and the other spirits' contracts with their owners, saying that they desire "complete freedom". Fairytail is great show I see fairytail give me life fairytail is best anime ever natsu and Lucy is great couple nalu is canon Kyôka uses her curse power to perpetually increase her own strength while maximizing Erza's sensitivity to pain and removing her senses; however, this causes Erza to develop a, "Tartaros Chapter – The Girl in the Crystal". Sting, their last opponent, comes out of hiding and challenges Fairy Tail, intending to claim victory by taking out all five battle-weary wizards at once. "Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. Netherworld". Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Although Natsu and the others defeat Ophiuchus and destroy the celestial globe, they are unable to prevent the Eclipse spirits from being absorbed by the Celestial Spirit King. 2 2015 Viewers Also Bought See All. 1". During their battle, the king fits Lucy with clothes imbued with Aquarius's magic, giving her enough power to defeat Jackal. After telling the group that he comes from a timeline where Lucy closes Eclipse before it can be used against the dragon horde, Rogue fires a magic blade to kill her. Afterwards, Natsu and his friends embark on a mission to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a "mole" (a giant. 1 2015 Fairy Tail, Season 8, Pt. Dilihat: 61 views. Horseback Showdown!". A heartbroken Natsu vows to become strong enough to kill Acnologia and avenge his father. 16,735 voting, rata-rata 8,3 dari 10. They soon exhaust their ideas and press onward, unknowingly watched by a single-eyed flower. 523 Evaluations. Jackal detonates Michello's house, but Natsu consumes the explosion and faces the demon. Lucy recalls that the ice has restorative properties and feeds it to Natsu, giving him the strength to defeat the monster. Ultear decides to atone for her lifelong misdeeds by using the spell to avert the dragons' arrival in the present. The serpent traps Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Kemo-Kemo in the ruins on the island, while everyone else succumbs to a mysterious virus. Meanwhile, Natsu's team infiltrates the palace and rescues the celestial wizards, but Hisui E. Fiore, the kingdom's princess, drops the wizards down into the palace dungeon, the Palace of Hades. Natsu assails Jackal when the demon demolishes the city around them, but Jackal uses his curse power to turn Natsu into a living bomb, knocking him unconscious. However, Laxus recovers quickly, and the two engage in a duel. Sting and Rogue fight their former master, allowing Natsu and Gray to focus on battling Mard Geer in his Etherious form. Join Natsu, Happy, and the rest of their teammates as they keep doing what they do best: beating up dark guilds and spreading destruction across the land. Happy make a pilgrimage to Tenroujima, site of Mavis Vermillion's grave. Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, who appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast. Elsewhere, Minerva returns to the Succubus Eye guildhall to find her guildmates wiped out by Kyôka, one of the Nine Demon Gates. Erza and Minerva learn that Keyes is using Crawford's reanimated corpse to manually activate the Face bombs. The beast uses its powers to transform the wizards into constellations, leaving only Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel standing. Fairy Tail, Season 7, Pt. Tartaros Chapter - Immorality and Sinners. As Keyes taunts Juvia, she enters his body in the form of water and reluctantly destroys him from within. Focusing on Natsu and the others who have been frozen in time for seven years on Sirius Island, the members continue to participate in the Grand Magic Games, an annual competition to decide the Kingdom of Fiore's strongest guild. Gray rushes to shield Juvia from the mini dragons' blasts and is shot to death with lasers. Torafuzar, Keyes, Silver, and Tempester arrive to kill Lucy, but Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Juvia come to her rescue. Finding that her curse has no effect on Mirajane, Seilah unleashes her true power to overwhelm her. Natsu and Happy find where the Tartaros guild has been hiding! Later, Toma forgives Hisui for her role in the nearly causing Fiore's destruction after he punishes her to wear a pumpkin mask for one week. Lucy returns home to find a note from Natsu and Happy saying that they have begun an intense year-long training journey. Six sorcerers are a spell away from unleashing Nirvana - a force that could plunge the world into eternal darkness. Before disappearing, Zeref cryptically tells Natsu to choose whether to spare or kill E.N.D. Sting and Rogue arrive on the battlefield and join Natsu, who reluctantly accepts and pushes Mard Geer back with their assistance. Meanwhile, Juvia searches for Aries in an arid desert realm. The remaining 39 episodes contain the "Tartaros" (冥府の門編, Tarutarosu-hen)[a] arc,[2][3] which adapts material from the rest of the manga's 40th volume to the middle of the 49th volume, depicting Fairy Tail's battle with a dark guild of Zeref's demons who aim to resurrect E.N.D., their master and Zeref's ultimate creation. Arcadios notices a discrepancy between her statements and the counsel Hisui received on the Eclipse 2 Plan, which the princess describes as a weapon that fires the gate's accumulated magic energy on the dragons. Elsewhere, Jellal singlehandedly fights the members of Oración Seis. Cobra tells him that the dark guild is composed entirely of demons from the books of Zeref, with E.N.D. Levy wins Capricorn's quiz in a tie-breaking match by revealing her romantic crush, while Natsu and the others encounter the thirteenth Eclipse spirit Ophiuchus in the form of a sadistic nurse. Natsu recovers in time to save Lucy, having learned to eat Jackal's explosions without being damaged by them, and faces Jackal again. Fairy Tail Season 7 Ep.328 . She further explains that she has been told an "impossible" outcome of the Grand Magic Games by the stranger as a sign of trust. 83%. As the battle between the guilds' strongest wizards and the dragons continue, Sting and Rogue reveal that they have no real experience in battling other dragons, as they actually killed their dragon masters at their behest. Alternate Titles: FAIRYTAIL×RAVE, Fairy Tail x Rave, [] Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Sub Type: OVA(None) Status: Finished Airing Number of Episodes: 175 Episode(s) Views: 9988 Views Date: Aug 16, 2013 [MyAnimeList] Score: 7.3 Summary: Sypnosis : While on a mission to find and defeat a troublesome mage, several members of the Fairy Tail guild are split … The surviving dragons reveal that because their souls have been stolen by Acnologia in the past, they are already dead in a sense and ascend to a higher plane alongside Igneel. Natsu and Wendy team up to battle the executioners Kamika, who uses paper magic, and Cosmos, who controls magic plants. During Kagura's attack, Erza rescues her from being injured by falling rubble. Lucy discovers her future self's notebook among the rubble. ... One year after the dissolution of Fairy Tail, Lucy has become an editorial trainee for Weekly Sorcerer. Fairy Tail, Season 7, Pt. Buy Fairy Tail: Season 7 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Episodes 12. Jellal and Merudy set out to face Tartaros, but the Oración Seis refuse to violate their non-aggression pact with the dark guild. The first 27 episodes continue the "Grand Magic Games" (大魔闘演武編, Dai Matō Enbu-hen) arc, which adapts material from the beginning of the 36th to the middle of the 40th volume of the Fairy Tail manga by Hiro Mashima. Mortally injured, Tempester's body disintegrates to be reconfigured at Tartaros's headquarters, leaving behind a cloud of toxic Devil Particles. As news of the Magic Council's assassination spreads to Fairy Tail, Doranbalt, one of the attack's few survivors, goes to the council dungeon to extract information on Tartaros from Cobra. Lucy and Yukino summon the twelve zodiac spirits, who use their power to close Eclipse, leaving only seven dragons outside. Nonton Film Fairy Tail (2016) Streaming Movie Subtitle Indonesia Gratis Download Online. Promotional poster of the "Tartaros Arc", which began airing in Japan on, Tarutarosu-hen (Joshō): Natsu vs. Jakkaru, Tarutarosu-hen: Jerāru vs. Orashion Seisu, Tarutarosu-hen (Shūshō): Sore ga Ikiru Chikara Da, "Suzuko Mimori Voices New Fairy Tail Anime's Princess Hisui", "Fairy Tail Anime's Tartarus Arc Begins This Spring", "Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc Previewed in Video", "FUNimation Announces New "Fairy Tail" Simulcast", "New Fairy Tail TV Anime's Promo Video Previews BoA Song", "Back-On, May J. to Perform Fairy Tail Anime's New Songs", "Do As Infinity, Root Five to Perform Fairy Tail Anime's New Themes", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Fairy_Tail_(season_7)&oldid=997662356, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, On the fourth night of the Grand Magic Games, Ziemma furiously tries expelling Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney for losing to, Arcadios explains the details of the Eclipse Plan, revealing that the Grand Magic Games are designed to siphon the competitors' magic to power Eclipse, a gate that will allow them to travel 400 years into the past so they may kill Zeref in his mortal state; he further explains that the twelve zodiac celestial spirit keys owned by. Gray and Juvia then defeat Lyon and Sherria, while Erza activates her Second Origin to don the invincible Nakagami Armor, allowing her to defeat Minerva as well. Crawford transfers the final key to himself, but rather than allow him to transfer it to another sacrifice, Kyôka kills him immediately and unseals Face. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel of the fictional guild, Fairy Tail. The wizards return to the human world while the Zodiac spirits renew their contracts with Lucy and Yukino. Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending each other before Aquarius resumes the fight. SEASON 7 • EPISODE 90 Fairy Tail "Tartaros Chapter, Finale: Where the Power of Life Lies" Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2015. Visit Chrome.com to get the fast Chrome browser for Windows. 4 Fairy Tail. Jackal self-destructs in a final effort to kill the wizards, but Happy carries him above the city before he explodes, barely escaping the blast himself. Meanwhile, as Erza explores the village on her own in search of the Eternal Flame, she finds herself transformed into a child. This page was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 17:04. Natsu and Lucy embark on a job to investigate major changes in celestial bodies, but when they arrive at the supposed destination, they find that the job is a trap and are attacked by a giant sea slug. Sting and Rogue battle Mard Geer to cover for Erza and Minerva's escape. A third and final series premiered on October 7, 2018. 3 2012 Overlord III 2018 Freezing: Vibration, Season 2 2015 Tokyo Ravens, Season 1, Pt. 7.6. When Lucy attempts to de-summon her celestial spirits absorbed by Franmalth in order to save them, the demon is nearly sent to the celestial world with them and releases the spirits. Mard Geer summons a flower containing Ziemma, who has been transformed into a demon mightier than the Nine Demon Gates. Hisui and Arcadios reach Ophiuchus's dimension and deduce that the snake spirit is acting on behalf of the Celestial Spirit King, who has also been corrupted by Eclipse. However, a new dark force is on the rise. Naruto Shippuden Uncut, Season 3, Vol. Serial ini kemudian berlanjut ke musim kedua yang tayang sejak tanggal 5 April 2014, dan berakhir pada tanggal 26 … Meanwhile, as Gajeel and Laxus Dreyar square off against Rogue and Olga Nanagia, respectively, Minerva pits Erza and Kagura against each other before leaving with Millianna. The wizards are sitting ducks behind Erigor’s impenetrable wind wall until Happy hatches a plan with a little service from the stars! Meanwhile, Yukino visits the Fairy Tail guildhall and reveals that she is unable to summon Libra and Pisces as well. Happy rushes to alert the rest of Fairy Tail, but little does anyone know that an unexpected trap has been set. Ichiya creates a magic perfume that spreads into the sewers of Magnolia, transforming its residents into zombie-like Ichiya clones that spread the "virus" by sniffing others. Zirconis tosses Lucy away, sending her crashing into Natsu; when Lucy complains about the situation with Zirconis, Natsu gets an idea and immediately returns to the battle. Mavis Vermillion reveals she is telepathically relaying a battle strategy to them, which she has formulated based on their opponents' behavior throughout the tournament, allowing her to predict their moves. However, after Zirconis mercilessly strips Lucy and the soldiers of their clothes in preparation of eating them, Wendy resolves to defeat him. At Jellal's request, Doranbalt releases the Oración Seis' Dragon Slayer Cobra from detainment to even out the numbers between dragons and Dragon Slayers. Cana struggles to grasp the rules of the game, but quickly discovers that both she and Scorpio make up the rules as they play and is able to outsmart Scorpio, eventually allowing her to play her strongest card, Gildarts. Following Eclipse's destruction, the wizard guilds celebrate their victory with a lavish ballroom party at Mercurius. Laxus and the Raijin Tribe are hailed as the town heroes while the mayor secretly continues his extortion schemes. Recognizing the flame as a dragon's spirit, Wendy uses her Milky Way spell and reveals the flame to be Atlas Flame, who recalls the village being frozen by a Demon Slayer wizard named Silver, one of the dark guild Tartaros's elite Nine Demon Gates. The two Dragon Slayers activate their lightning and shadow powers, respectively, but their teamwork is hindered when they begin bickering over whose form is stronger. Macao and Wakaba eavesdrop on the lesson so they can regain their youth and win over their estranged wives, but they strain their magic power after multiple failed attempts and transform into monsters that proceed to attack Magnolia. She prepares to kill Rogue, who remains disheartened by his future self's actions until Sting arrives and reinvigorates him.

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