Sadly, some of the action scenes were hampered by some of the most terrible CGI I’ve ever seen, and some really bad props. This is movie making in a purest form. (who wrote, directed, and produced) able to make a decent film with only $85 to his name? This movie was both. Good movie. For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny. This is another film where the actors either showed the emotional range of a tree stump or overacted in ways that would have made Willaim Shatner gasp in awe. 13 Reasons Why season 3 asks who killed Bryce Walker. However, the plan goes awry, when Alex getting killed right when Richard’s spy was about to kidnap him. Even the background behind all this is inspiring as hell. He is given the mission to lead a special task force in taking down the Tiger Mafia, a criminal organization that’s been in control of the city Kampala. Looking at this film it is obviously a terribly made one, amongst ones like Birdemic, The Room, and Fateful Findings. Who Killed Captain Alex? FANTASIA REVIEW: Who Killed Captain Alex? It's a fine example of when shitty movies can be enjoyable like any other movie. The genuinely great moments in this movie are the action packed ones like the fighting scenes or when they're running through some bushes shooting AK's. They actually seem like they know what they're doing for the fighting moments and the choreography is surprisingly very well pulled off, even better so then Hollywood A- list movies without cuts and editing to piece the movements together. With pristine, Ugandan special effects, and intense kung fu action scenes, Who Killed Captain Alex proves to be a milestone in the movie making industry. Some of the performers were obviously very skilled in martial arts, and to Nabwana I.G.G.’s credit, he really knows how to shoot and direct these scenes. This movie has so much heart, and it is amazing to see people in such a dangerous, sad country spend time to make this. Who Killed Captain Alex? If you’re a purveyor of the terrible, this is definitely worth your time. Well Who killed Captain Alex will not disappoint you, and is the best action movie of all time, with blood, guns, and absolute chaos all while a clearly unstable man narrates it and speaks about whats going on in the movie, what movie you're watching just in case you're an Alzheimer's patient, or just plain gibberish because of how epic this movie is. 50 secs. The intense action combined with the ongoing suspense of finding out who killed captain Alex makes for the ride of a lifetime. External Reviews They're sole purpose was to make a kickass action movie, to entertain, and it succeeds in every way possible. In case you’re curious, I did look up what the average rate of exchange between U.S. I really liked this movie because it is very special and unique and pretty funny actually. The film studio contains some very enthusiastic Ugandans and not a whole lot of reliable technology — or electricity for that matter. There's no Hollywood, no A list actors, no executives. Alex hears a scream. Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before, Any Upcoming Filmmakers must watch this, Buy beer and have a watch with your buddies. Uganda’s president gives Captain Alex the mission to defeat the Tiger Maffia, but Alex gets killed in the process. This is probably the most charming film I've ever seen. The story itself wasn’t all that fleshed out and seemed to really be there to just set up action set pieces. The plot follows Captain Alex, whose mission is to dismantle the Tiger Mafia gang, but is murdered along the way. We now know who killed him and how it happened the night of the Homecoming Game - mystery explained It's perfect, just perfect. It was the video equivalent of a classic drum and bass track. “THE MOVIE IS ON!! Upon hearing the tragic news, his brother investigates to avenge Alex, hence the title Who Killed Captain Alex. The kung fu fights ended up being one of the best aspects of the film. Having learn of his brother's death, the captain's brother takes the matter into his hands while the Tiger Mafia bombs Kampala. And yet, it achieved both. It was made on a shoestring budget so the props and special effects are pretty poor, but this adds to the charm of it all. "Ugandan Knuckles" is the nickname given to a poorly drawn rendition of Knuckles, a companion character featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise, as portrayed by YouTuber Gregzilla. What sets this apart from other "so bad its good" films is the sheer amount of enjoyment that oozes out of the screen. I have created an IMDb account just to review this movie. The fact that this movie exists is feat. He swims to the dock, climbs the ladder and is knocked unconscious. sekedar copas review ane buat film Who Killed Captain Alex ? Even though the CGI is bad viewers must look past that and look at the true talent behind this film. 15 secs. Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda’s First Action Movie benefits more from a Wikipedia page than an actual review. And to finish this a quote from the movie. Who Killed Captain Alex really does show the problem with most action movies today; it a world where films are now strategically made and plotted so as to gain the most amount of money possible, this film is made not for money or fame, but for entertainment. is a truly talented man, and I want to see what he can accomplish with some experience and better resources at his disposal. For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny.For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny.For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny.For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny.For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny.For a budget of 200$ the creator of this movie did an amazing job the the movie is quite funny. Posted by 1 year ago. Sure, it's not a AAA movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, but it is amazing for what it is. User Ratings The plot in this movie (at least from how I understood it) is pretty much that some super cop-soldier guy named Captain Alex was called in to take out this group of criminals, called the Tiger Mafia. I don’t know what to say. Me neither until today. Second, whatever the cast didn’t have, they implied with props that they made by hand. I loved it. The reason why it different from them though it is because of how undeniably entertaining it is, and the passion by the people behind it. The action is the best and most intense I have ever scene in any film ever. Upon hearing the tragic news, his brother investigates to avenge Alex. We meet a married couple, sweethearts since childhood: Alex (Francois Cluzet) and Margot (Marie-Josee Croze). WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? Who killed Captain Alex is also a great comedy while also being a tradegy, where you really feel strong connections and emotions to the brave soldiers who died in the shooting scenes. Color, 2010, 70 mins. Who Killed Captain Alex is the best movie that has ever existed in the history of mankind. The intense action combined with the ongoing suspense of finding out who killed captain Alex makes for the ride of a lifetime. Their leader, Richard, completely blows his stack when his brother is captured by Captain Alex’s forces during a raid. Yet it still remains a mystery... Who did kill Captain Alex? 02/12/2020 | The intense action combined with the ongoing suspense of finding out who killed captain Alex makes for the ride of a lifetime. I watched this movie with my friend over discord and I must say, I don't remember laughing so hard during a one hour long movie. They were well choreographed and surprisingly fluid. Charleston Picou The plot was very confusing for me to keep up with, so much so that the VJ (Video Joker) guy even doesn't seem to know what's going on. First off, yes, it's filmed in Uganda and the people filming and acting are trying their best with what they got. Great job! He adds a whole new dimension to the film. I think this movie had a great story line with the Mafia, the panther and the tiger all fight in on movie!!! 2010 ★★★★★ Watched Dec 10 , 2019 TaxiDriver5’s review published on Letterboxd: Have you ever seen a 1 star film that gave you 5 star enjoyment? Video Joke would make jokes, or then start promoting the very movie your watching, or then start mentioning other movies that the director had in the works. You'll enjoy every second. Shop Wakaliwood Supa Action Volume 1: Who Killed Captain Alex/Bad Black [Blu-ray] at Best Buy. You could tell that he was inspired by classic kung fu movies and really picked up from them how to make his own fight scenes sizzle on screen. How to Get Your Book or Comic Reviewed on HNN. Who Killed Captain Alex is about black people who are filming a fake movie, this is why it was uploaded to YouTube because it looks better. This film instills a child-like sense of fun in all who view it and thus I would recommend to anyone looking to have a good time. Another part of the film that seemed to be a source of amusement was Video Joker. The only film I have ever seen with a video MC keeping the excitement levels up. 10 out of 10 the movie consists of war lords fighting over drugs I think it is very action. Yes the hype is real, Who Killed Captain Alex is the number 1 action packed movie. This may have changed it from a drama filled action flick to a more comedic action movie, but maybe that is the point. bottle of Coke in Uganda went for $1,543.75 USh, then you can see that what Nabwana I.G.G. I found that $85 was worth 145,147.17 in USh. Alex’s brother, a master of kung fu (who reluctantly uses the martial art form for vengeance) is brought in to help find who murdered the captain formerly known as Alex. Your email address will not be published. With only a budget of $200, the crew of Ramon Crew Productions puts on quite the show. I have enormous respect for this people. I absolutely hated it and wished the guy would just shut his freaking mouth. Well, some looked fairly convincing, while others were obviously a bunch of tubes glued or taped together and painted black. On top of that the director also edited this on a computer he built and when he was done with the movie he deleted it so there was space on his computer for the next movie. So you can appreciate the fact that they were really trying hard to make a decent movie here. Everyone needs to see this. AGFA is proud to bring two of the most reckless, out-of-control brain-blasts in the Wakaliwood canon to home video for the first time ever -- WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX and BAD BLACK! A young woman named Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) falls victim to a sadistic kidnapper. To be fair, I suspect Nabwana I.G.G. "Everyone in Uganda knows kung-fu." The question is: was Nabwana I.G.G. The acting was not important. It's a "so bad, it's good" kind of movie. That is simply because of the action packed, Ugandan thriller known as Who Killed Captain Alex. In general, it’s fair to say that Who Killed Captain Alex is a very bad movie, in part because of its low production quality, and in part because of its genuinely awful story. A must watch movie. At the center is the highly-regarded Captain Alex (Kakule Wilson), who helps hunt members of the Tiger Mafia, but is then indeed mysteriously killed. In the first ever episode of 'Bad Movie - Bad Review Interviews...' we sit down with Alan Hofmanis of Wakaliwood and 'Who Killed Captain Alex?' Wow. Go watch this thing on Amazon Prime, it’s only 64 minutes!!! This movie is hilarious, action- packed, and just great. hard to believe they only spent $85 on it. They go skinny-dipping in a secluded pond and doze off on the raft. Uganda’s president gives Captain Alex the mission to defeat the Tiger Maffia, but Alex gets killed in the process. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh. Nabwana IGG, who has been called Uganda's Tarantino, after the gratuitous violence in his films. But it's immensely enjoyable and I would recommend it whole heartedly. used people from his village to play the roles, so the vast majority of them can’t have had any real acting training before this. :malu seperti biasa ada peringatan dulu ===== Black Panther masih merajai tangga box office sampai saat ini dan meraih banyak reaksi positif dari masyarakat. As much as I would like to write an long review like every one else and convince you to watch this movie for somewhat ironic purposes, I admit that I cannot . The comedy is top notch. This movie is great. Arc Of Life “Just In Sight”, Film Review: Confessions (Kokuhaku) (2010), Film Review: Hellraiser in 30 Seconds (short film) (2010), Film Review: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010), My Top 10 Horror Movies of 2020: Quarantine Edition, An Appreciation of Roger Spottiswoode’s Terror Train, The Ten Best Horror Films of John Carradine, The 3 Best, and Only, Thanksgiving Themed Horror Movies. 64 minutes of pure enjoyment. Who killed Captain Alex? There was constant threat of power cuts while shooting and a lot of civil unrest. The cgi was groundbreaking for Uganda and the whole world. the cons of this movie is that I think the could of had more commando rolls to make it seem like more of an army realistic movie. I have never laughed this hard at a movie this frequently in my whole life. Some of you may have heard of it, or at least, have seen some of the internet memes spawned by the film. He would tell you what is going on in a scene even though what’s happening is blatantly obvious. Made on only $200 budget, the film is still marvelous. Then came Who Killed Captain Alex. However, there is one element of the movie that is a genuine stroke of genius, and single-handedly makes the entire watch ten times better than it would have been without: the Video Joker. Somehow he gets killed and they call in his Brother who has some Bruce Lee style fighting skills to avenge his death(he's even called the Ugandan Bruce Lee!). They did the best they could though. I thought he did them proud. Who Killed Captain Alex? Sure, you can pick apart every second of this movie until you die, but that's not the point. They have a little quarrel, and Margot swims ashore. To be fair, that was equally hilarious and kind of endearing. So Who Killed Captain Alex was made for significantly less money than something a bunch of teenagers in America put together over 3 decades earlier. The budget of 200$, the beautiful voice acting, the stunning visuals and the captivating plot all makes this not only the best movie, but also the greatest piece of art that has ever been created by humans. What Holiday Horrors Are On Your Christmas Wish List? Ugandan "Action" movie produced by amateurs. (2010), Just Announced – RICK AND MORTY: SEASONS 1-4 – Bring Home The Antics on Blu-ray & DVD March 2, DARK STAR PICTURES to Host *FREE* VIRTUAL FILM FESTIVAL of Recent Genre Slate, Official Trailer and Poster – ADVERSE On Demand and Digital and DVD March 9, HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR – Available On DVD & Blu-ray February 2, 2021, SPIRAL – Available On DVD & Blu-ray January 19, 2021, HNN Exclusive Clip from Anthony Leone’s Hacksaw, Puzzle Box Horror – “Atlas of Lore #1 Oregon,” Released, Film Review: The Last Thanksgiving (2020), Book Review: Briar Hill | Author Jerry Bradshaw, Book Review: Monster Jukebox – a History of Spooky Music from the Beginning of Time | Author Jim Magus, Book Review: Stay Alive (graphic novel) | Author James C. Harberson & Mackie Wildwood, Book Review: It Came From the Video Aisle! Film Review: Who Killed Captain Alex? The effects are also wonderful with beautiful action scenes and gunfights with amazing sound effects. I’d never seen a movie with a budget of $85 before, and I’d never seen an action-comedy movie from Uganda (or, frankly, any … Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Let’s get this straight, Who Killed Captain Alex definitely falls into the “so bad it’s good” category. 4. Alexander Blackman, the Royal Marine sergeant jailed for killing a wounded Taliban fighter, spent a “relaxing” first day of liberty after serving three and a half years in prison. Close. I think anyone that wants to kick back and have a chuckle should give this one a watch. Dollars and Uganda Shillings (USh) was back in 2010 when Who Killed Captain Alex was released. Magic. I know today is the very first day of this year and so this may seem like a stretch but I highly doubt that I'll see anything better than Who Killed Captain Alex for the rest of 2021. It's seriously, not ironically, one of my favorite films now. Even though it is not in English it is still enjoyable. Because even though the praise this movie receives is 100% it deserves every compliment it receives. I am somewhat of an expert with terrible movies, and went into this one expecting another generic low budget film.

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