Jack also a virgin and said he only knew a bit and end up f****ing on the forest floor. Sometimes it messes things up in the best possible way. Instead of taking Kara to live with the Danvers family, her cousin brought her to Chicago to live with the Halstead family. After Jack, Miko and Raf are turned into sparklings, the Autobots must take care of them as they search for a cure. Or maybe Jack is a vampire. Kyungsoo’s powers are being exploited by Exordium, using his mysterious ability to eradicate the world’s powerless and create a civilization in which only the Elementals and powerful will exist. Who knows? This is a community that will be filled with kick, but not in the way that you are used to. Sometimes, Fate decides to barge into your life and mess everything up. Protective Kim Jongin | Kai; Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Tags May Change; Tags Contain Spoilers; Summary. Having promised to keep her past and powers a secret from her new brothers, she grew up as a normal child. More. Protective Kara Danvers; Worried Jay Halstead; Protective Jay; Kara Danvers is Supergirl; Summary. Jack had to do a double-take at the caller's ID before answering his phone. 4/3/2016 c1 aj Kims house Jack and kim ... Jack and Kim went deep in the forest to find firewood and Kim asking Jack what JaCe were doing cuz she is a virgin. ... Jack and Kim Love Story Part 4 - Duration: 11:13. superqirl123 59,782 views. Protective Autobots; Protective Decepticons; Jack's father is shit in this fic; Summary. ft Luna being Luna, Jack being Jack, Pitch being creepy yet protective and Harry being there just for the ride (and maybe something a little bit more) Language: English Words: 7,196 Chapters: 4/4 Comments: 37 Kudos: 589 Bookmarks: 141 Hits: 2639 A/N – This is a fanfiction involving my OC, Alex Myers. Maybe Jack is a prince and Kim is a princess. Nine has absolutely nothing to do with it, and neither do any feelings he definitely doesn't have for Rose. Find the hottest jacksparrow stories you'll love. ... Kim Bauer; Original Male Character(s) Summary. Jack and Kim fanfic love story part 2 kyrawong123. If you have not read any of my fanfiction stories involving Alex before, he is the younger brother of Nina. for Kickin' It - Rated M - Request A One Shot. No matter what Jack thinks. Protective Jack Harkness (41) Hurt/Comfort (14) Jack Harkness Flirts (9) Angst (7) Emotional Hurt/Comfort (7) Temporary Character Death - Jack Harkness (7) Hurt Ianto Jones (7) Time Travel (6) Jack Harkness Being Jack Harkness (5) Fluff (4) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. All of the stories in this community are not your ordinary kick. FanFiction. Maybe Kim is even a mermaid. Forum. Jack Harkness; Swimming Pools; Swimming; Protective Doctor (Doctor Who) Pre-Relationship; Summary. Just In. Community. Jack brewer and Kim Crawford by hshelisewik8 185 10 12 The kickin it story & love life of jack and Kim along with there life in seaford with their friends still active Read hot and popular stories about jacksparrow on Wattpad. Loading... Unsubscribe from kyrawong123? Why, exactly, is there a pool in the Tardis library?

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