It does a marvelous job. For a more pronounced etching, use your brush to move the cream on top of your stencil. Some glass won't "etch" with the armor all etching creme. Armour Etch, about $6 for 3 ounces; When I was looking through reviews there were a lot of different times given for how long to leave the product on the glass. This etching cream creates permanently etched designs on a variety of glass including glasses, mirrors, and windows. How to Etch Into Plexi Glass: I made a tutorial on how to light up etches but not how to do the actual etching itself. Create your own custom glass etching stencil or use one of our pre-cut stencils. I started doing etching the 70s & 80s. After I got through my trial-and-error, I found etching on glass very easy to do. It contains a weak preparation of hydrofluo… Armor Etch's directions say 1 minute, but I have found that a thick layer of etching cream left on for 4-5 minutes gives a better, deeper, and more defined etch. Turn on the etcher or rotary tool at a low rpm and trace along the design to etch into the glass. I’d always wanted to learn how to etch glass but assumed it was difficult, taking all kinds of funky chemicals and a lot of time. 5. Remember, this is an acid that is strong enough to etch glass! Ships from and sold by CRAFT4LESS. Anything flat and non-textured is best. I had read several blogs that said that 5 minutes wasn’t long enough and to leave it … It is meant to create permanent etched designs on glass and mirrors. This stuff is SERIOUS! Sponge Photo by Bill Mazza. That result was the best. Etching glass is a really cool crafting project and etching cream makes it easy to etch glass at home without the need for any special equipment or expensive tools. To etch glass, you'll have to find or draw a design that you want to transfer. How to Etch Glass: In this Instructable, I will teach you how to safely etch a design into glass using a vinyl mask and glass etching cream. The first test I wanted to use it on was on a mirror. 4. (since this stuff seems hard to find in Canada!) I used hydrofluoric acid I got at a stand glass shop . Leave the etching cream on for as long as the manufacturer recommends. Too long can leave scorch marks on the glass or weaken the stencil. Using Armour Etch on glass products allows you to do just that! Be very careful handling it, washing it off, and having children around. ... with hundreds (if not thousands) of tiny scratches, to the point where it was like looking through a foggy haze all day long. Also, I suggest working in a well ventilated area. How long do I leave Armour etch on glass? So I realized I needed to leave the cream on longer. It says only leave on glass for 1 minute but when i did this there was nothing there. Armour Etch is a fast acting specially formulated glass etching compound that lets you create permanently etched designs on windows, mirrors and household glassware. You don’t need to worry about the effects that come with HF. Etching glass can result in beautiful and eye-catching results. This solution is probably the harshest of all of them. Create your own custom glass etching stencil or use a pre made stencil like Over N Over , Rub N Etch or Peel N Etch. I punch out the shapes that I want and then affix them to the object I will etch. But for really sharp lines and edges, I use various punches in contact paper. That’s how long it took me. I did some research and … What Materials Can You Use Etching Cream On – A Full List Read More » At about the 1 ½ minute and 3 ½ minute marks, do this to break up air pockets that will cause uneven etching. CLICK HERE for a printable pdf of these photos and instructions . Learn the easy way to etch glass using vinyl decals you can cut on your Cricut and glass etching cream! I would love to do it again. Etching glass can unify mismatched containers with a custom design. Learn how to etch glass the easiest way possible—with frosted glass spray paint—here. Step 4 - Apply Metal Polish. Metal polish is meant to be used on metal, so by using it on glass, you run the risk of damaging it more than actually helping it. Paintbrush Photo by Bill Mazza. Because the cream strips the glass of its UV coating, it can also be used as an inexpensive solution to … Even etch and sharp edges (not sharp cut yourself just sharp as in neat). Armour Etch is a popular brand of etching cream (link to topic) sold at craft and hobby shops in almost all the states.There is an exception to some of the states though, because the cream is sometimes used by vandals to etch storefront windows, car windows, and home windows. Dip this into warm water and use to rinse the cream off the glass and into a plastic bucket. How to use armor Etch using oracal 651 as a stencil ( you don't have to buy from me but I definitely love it when you do). I cut three similar stencils of a marlin fish example, placed them on the same piece of scrap glass and coated them with the following brands: Armour Etch; An off-brand by Matronics Corp. Etchall Using a stainless steel ruler and glass cutter, scribe a single line across the glass where you want to cut it. It’s a bit addicting. Armor Etch is a cream normally used for glass etching, but it's also a truly handy repair tool for badly scratched glasses that have a UV or anti-glare coating. I'm compiling all of my tips and lessons learned in today's post. After my first one I proceeded to search the house looking for things I could etch designs onto. Armour Etch - Glass Etching Cream 80 grams. Photo by Armour Etch. I’m giddy as a pig in mud when a project creates such a buzz, that it merits a follow-up post. What happens if you leave Armour etch on too long? So unless you did your test on an identical glass then that may be the problem. I have learned that Armour Etch has Benzoate added to it, which will make it safe for everyone to use in normal work environments. If you do not leave the Etch Cream on long enough, the cream will not have enough time to react with the glass.Too long can leave scorch marks on the glass or weaken the stencil. So I haven’t done any in a long time. Allow it to sit on the glass for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. Silly me. For Over N Over stencils, Peel N Etch stencils and hand cut vinyl stencils- … For Over N Over stencils, Peel N Etch stencils and hand cut vinyl stencils- 5 minutes max. * "Armour Etch"- glass etching cream. I left my for about 2 minutes (I kept moving the cream on the glass every 30 sec or so) and got excellent results. (You can find it all over the internet and in various amounts.) After they closed I never found it. Wet the glass etching and sprinkle the cleaner on top of it. 5 minutes. But the creative crafters amongst you will quickly arrive at the question if etching cream can etch other materials than glass. Thank u if you can help. I think that the strong chemicals and rubber gloves amp up the intimidation factor. I had to ask where to find it, but a nice gentleman took me straight to it. My glasses look almost like new. When I was looking through reviews there were a lot of different times given for how long to leave the product on the glass. Is there any way to get it now. Step 1. Assemble these supplies: Etching cream-- I used Armour Etch. Flea-market finds and dollar-a-glass specials can be transformed with monograms, stripes, and whimsical polka dots. Step-by-step photo tutorial for DIY Glass Etching. ... a 50% off coupon then bought pretty glasses at Dollar Tree. It kind of feels like you’re doing aRead more

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