I absol… The Strobist crowd is really going to dig this thing. Fuji X100 – 23mm 1/1,000 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200. this all sounds very cool, and i need a lesson from you about flash/lighting too! That’s a sick little camera! The FUJIFILM X100F features the 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise. Ok, I tried again and it worked. Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out. It's because they use a hybrid electro-mechanical shutter. I just wanted to ask if this set up that you have up there (with the SB900 and SC-29 cable) works on P&S particularly the Fuji X10 (cause that’s my newest baby and I love it!) Before i have a ‘good exposed’ picture? Hi Jonathan, 113,00 € Sony AG-R2 Griffbefestigung (geeignet für RX100, RX100II, RX100III, RX100IV, RX100V, RX100VI, RX100VII) schwarz 4,6 von 5 Sternen 2.134. D70(s) can sync all the way up to 1/8000th (although you'd be hard pressed to get more than 1/8 power out of your flash at that speed). Any suggestions on a cord to use or does it not really matter? I saw that a few others used similar triggers and it worked and I was really hoping these would work for me since I have several of them already. Triggered via Paul C. Buff Cybersync. Example of 1/2000s high speed sync: FinePix X100 @ 23mm, ISO 200, 1/4000, f/2.0. Steve_A. Brilliant job improvising with the flash and look forward to hearing more about the x100. And, quick demo of Godox X1T-F trigger for Fuji Thank you! And it is just not working with X100. But then it should also work if I mount the speedlite directly on the X100 hotshoe, or am I wrong? Update: the i40 can work in high speed sync mode with Fujifilm cameras up to 1/4000s but only in manual mode. Will the Nikon SC-29 cable work with the SB-600? I still consider to take the D700, (for TTL sakes) but as you know its still pretty heavy in combi with the 24-70,..even with the MD10 off the cam.,.. HIGH Speed sync flash, I love you Fuji. Not to mention, I love San Francisco (one of my favorite cities), dogs and photography so your blog is a real treat! I own a x100 and in need of a flash gun. My D700, by comparison, has a maximum sync speed of 1/250th (you can go higher, but … Nice post. I shoot at f/2 a lot with the X100, but in this case f/2 wasn’t giving me a dark enough background for my taste at max sync speed. Check out the image below shot in full sun – who needs High-Speed Sync, right? FP350 does cut power though. Follow on Facebook. The X-E1 is equipped instead with a focal plane shutter, so the high speed sync capabilities of the X100 are not in the XE-1’s bag of tricks unfortunately. The X100 is not an interchangeable lens camera. Certainly a technique I will try with my X100. But I mount it to X100 directly ; seem working. Can I ask which Skyport you are using ? Alright. So while my Nikon can sync at higher shutter speeds, the true maximum sync speed of the camera is still 1/250th. Is this the lowest it can go in aperture priority or is there a way to make it select a slower shutter speed in aperture priority mode without changing it manually? Now I’m utterly head over heels for this camera. Yay! So I tried it and it just works fine! At least after I get home from Austin ... Strobist: Sunset+ Nikon SB-80DX with CTO at 1/16 power just outside of the frame camera left for rim, and the key light was a LumoPro LP160 in a Joe McNally Lastolite softbox also just outside of the frame, camera right. This tip comes from something passed along to me via Facebook and I thought I’d share it as it will prove to be very useful to anyone who has purchased the Nissin i40 speedlight for Fujifilm. . ummmm ….I’m not quite familiar with manual flash unit settings; could you give me some advice about settings? 221 Ingredients; Lingered Upon; Jade M. Sheldon Photography; Jonathan Fleming Photography; saaediaries; Crumpets and Cakes; Blanc[che] K. Miller … it was synced at 1/600s but I am not sure. Or put differently, two stops up from 1/250th. It’s strange because they fit into my Nikon D3 and D90 just fine. I love your lighting and your adorable subject. This is hogwash. Hi Jonathan – are you shooting JPG’s or RAW I’m noticing when viewing the .RAF files in LR4.4 Develop module, the colors look flat and the characteristic Fuji  “pop” is missing. Never thought I could saturate a noon-day sky so much at such wide apertures while using a single hotshoe flash (through several layers of diffusion!) This can be a problem when using flash outdoors: should you want to restrict depth-of-field by using a large aperture, this can easily push the shutter speed above the 1/180 sec or 1/250 sec sync speed limit of your X Series camera. In fact, you can push it to 1/4000; it wont work at f/stops wider than f/8, but it can be done. Since the beginning, the system has had flash support in all of its cameras. I also use Stratos II radio triggers for wedding work. Blogs I Like. The Smoking Camera Member. Anyway, I will try again and write some feedback here! I am really into using large diffused flash outdoors. Hi Bianca! I didn’t want to use this capable camera as a “point-and-shoot,” but I also didn’t want to be in a box before I learned to use it. bigger or camera-original © 7 MB LARGE NORMAL JPG file. . 1/4,000 to 4 seconds in Program mode. Thanks for stopping by Alice! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts and all of your photos. These are really impressive shots, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the IQ of the camera compared to what I’ve seen on other review sites. Triggered via Paul C. Buff Cybersync. Would it work for my flash? In the window that opens, make sure FP is chosen next to SYNC. Can we trigger wireless from the built in or does it need the cable? It’s the X100’s leaf shutter that enables you to sync with a flash at higher shutter speeds. So, I gave it to my son. Shot on my Fuji X100S. My D700, by comparison, has a maximum sync speed of 1/250th (you can go higher, but it dramatically cuts your speedlight’s effective power). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Thanks! It w… Its nice to come across your blog about Finepix X100 using Nikon Flash + Off-camera Flash cord !! Off camera TTL flash with the Fuji X-Series. The 3 stop ND filter will actually let you shoot wide open at 1/1000th sec while syncing the flash at that speed in daylight. There are some examples of the results at this post: https://jonathanfleming.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/dolled-up/. Unfortunately … this combinations seems not working. Some B&W and sepia conversion in Photoshop: FinePix X100 @ 23mm, ISO 400, 1/600, f/8.0 FinePix X100 @ 23mm, ISO 200, 1/140, f/11.0 FinePix X100 @ 23mm, ISO 200, 1/25, f/11.0. Those are gorgeous. All your work is! The upgrade allows users to shoot with compatible third party studio flash in high speed sync. Fuji x100 High Speed Sync Flash. =), I’m amazed at how you bring out the X100’s full potential. More important … how to determine the Flash output power? I had this shot setup up similarly to one I posted earlier, except the rim light didn't fire. it was synced at 1/600s but I am not sure. Should have replied to this comment. But there are ways to get past this threshold, so your creativity isn’t curtailed by technological limits. Perfection means creating a system that allows photographers to control, frame, and create with style, ease, and purpose. I just pushed it in there. ;-), Very nice article….last two nights..I tried my X100s with an SB600 and YN622N..and it works very well, hi, question, is there no way to set some settings in camera and flash to do this without that YN622N or that cable mentioned in this post? I knew that it just must have been really tight. I bought my X100s also thanks to your post and that of Zack Arias, also a very Fuji X camera enthusiast! The X100 will offer high sync speeds to ensure that photographers can achieve a wide range of effects - particularly when it comes to combining a fast shutter speed with a burst of flash to capture fast moving subjects, or when using fill-in flash outdoors … That did the trick! Apr 4, 2014 - Another great shoot with Chelsea .. More to come! Long story short, I wanted simplicity, but couldn’t afford any of the German Leica stuff, nor even Sony’s new tiny full-framer. 1/4,000 to 1/4 second in Aperture-priority mode. It’s strange because they fit into my Nikon D3 and D90 just fine. I have the Phottix Stratos II for Nikon but they don’t seem to fit into the hot shoe. I keep referring to this blog post as I consider buying a Fuji x100. I read everything I could find about YN triggers but in view of the camera's age, many threads are quite dated and predate the 560TX. Fujifilm X100F (16.6 oz./470g with battery and SD card, $799 new on closeout at Adorama in silver as shown or $1,299 in black, $899 in either color at B&H or $1,399 at Amazon, or about $650 used if you know How to Win at eBay). I read in the comments that one of the readers mounted his Nikon flash directly on the X100 but my Nikon flash can’t fit. I really appreciate your comment, and I’m glad an X100 made its way into your hands. The Fuji X100 has a crazy-high flash sync speed thanks to its 4-leaf shutter. When I searched on the B&H website for ‘Fujifilm TTL Flash’ this morning, it returned 56 options. I love your photos. Or does it really need to be a cable for some reason? That said, they have max resolutions of 6MP, and rather antiquated sensors. Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Do you think these smaller softbox will help soften the light compared to using bare flash at all? Thanks. Its leaf shutter has the ability to sync with a flash unit at an ambient-crushing 1/1000 of a second.

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