QGis Patrac 3. it allows the user to access 'QGIS' functionalities from the R console. Raster::focal function replaces edge cells with NA values. Verwandte Fragen. qgis; r-stats; raster maps; remote sensing; sol katz gfoss award; solar; temperature; ubuntu; vector; vector maps; visualization; voxel; windows; wps; zoo; QGIS Planet . Every smoothed grid should be named and documented with information describing the smoothing process. Focal operations and functions Operations or functions applied focally to rasters involve user defined neighboring cells. If stat is a true function, zonal will fail (gracefully) for very large Raster objects, but it will in most cases work for functions that can be defined as by a character argument ('mean', 'sd', 'min', 'max', or 'sum'). Raster boolean AND ¶. ; 4 Welche Statistik/welchen Prozess soll ich verwenden? The size of every feature is written in the attribute table of the coverage-layer. Thank you very much @Ian Murray, I really appreciate it. For example, a cell output value can be the average of all 121 cells–an 11x11 kernel–centered on the cell whose value is being estimated (this is an example of a smoothing function ). -- Dmitry Shachnev

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