“Each story touches on a different success or challenge related to alcohol use,” states the news release. Cy Young winner and World Series champion CC Sabathia dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Monday to discuss his new documentary, “Under The Grapefruit Tree: The CC Sabathia Story.” The film, which premiers Dec. 22 on HBO and HBO Max, explores Sabathia’s accomplishments and struggles on and off the field, including his bouts with alcoholism and addiction. Tags: alcohol, Alcohol Addiction, documentary, drug addiction, drugs-and-substance-abuse, Queensland. January 29, 2020, The public is invited to a screening this Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife called “Turning Points.”. Search. He has been a reporter in Yellowknife since 2012 and joined CKLB in January of 2018. If you don’t have HBO, you can also find it on Vudu and Amazon video. THE SHIFT (2009) A docu-drama focusing on (and starring) Dr. Wayne W. Dyer that explores the themes of a spiritual journey from addiction to recovery. Email; Copy link; A single camera follows the confronting journey of recovering addicts at a Melbourne rehab. Related Articles. Share your thoughts and stories about the subject: discuss here Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. “Heroin(e)” tell… Their heartfelt testimonies captured on film reveal the resilience of the human spirit across all social strata. Local fisherman not convinced with reopening Hay River’s winter fishery. But after the power got into his head, he would soon abandon his medical code for Opioid trafficking and over-prescribing. The office of the chief public health officer has confirmed one case of COVID-19 in Fort Liard and …READ MORE, The community of K’atl’odeeche mourns the loss of another Elder. Students in this documentary tell chilling tales of … The centre works with leading reporters and media organizations to produce long-form multimedia projects. Transcript. Russell Brand is a fairly well known actor who was on the fast road to death because of all his partying and drug abuse. Ten percent of the 96,000 people who live in Cabell County, where Huntington is located, are addicted to IV drugs. Including facts about alcohol addiction and the mental and physical struggles he overcomes, his story can inspire anyone with similar addictions. “The video stories directly confront harmful stereotypes and misinformation about alcohol use and Indigenous peoples in the Canadian North.”, The documentary project was put together by the Global Reporting Centre. Which Is More Important to Build Strength, High Weight or High Reps? The film’s website states: “We are moms and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters – all bringing the power and proof of recovery to our communities. The main character is a seemingly successful commercial pilot, who’s secret struggles with drugs and alcohol are violently brought to the surface after an accident in the sky. For doctors, painkillers do really give them enormous power to heal, and if one is not keen, the power can get into his/her head. Starting with the innocent motive of helping his patient manage pain, he would prescribe Opioids, albeit liberally. "Hi, my name is Marshall, and I'm an addict," said the rapper in a documentary. Ratings: 7.93 / 10 from 69 users. ! This feature documentary film is about the more than 23 million people in the United States who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The main theme of this poll is addiction, so no movies about alcohol trafficking or drug trafficking. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin. Top Documentary Films. Since I really love watching Netflix TV and movies, I thought of a list of the 10 Best Addiction Documentaries on Netflix that other people can enjoy. Here Are Must-See Films That Deal With Alcohol Abuse and Addiction 1. That time, only speedy medical intervention managed to save the performer's life. Documentary following alcoholics with terminal illnesses.A great motivator for myself in my continued recovery.Stop drinking ASAP before it becomes too late! 8. Several documentaries have been made for people suffering from addiction. Cocaine Cowboys 2 is the 2008 drug documentary film sequel set in 1991 on the inner-city streets of Oakland, California. The screening is being held from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., with a short reception with the storytellers to follow. Since then, fishermen on …READ MORE. “ Prohibition ”: A brilliant documentary on alcoholism, “Prohibition” is a marvel directed by Ken Burns, who is known for his style of using archival footage and photographs in documentaries. The short films are co-created with local Indigenous storytellers and journalists. There have been a number of powerful documentaries made on the tragic consequences of addiction and the difficult yet inspiring moments … Be sure to check it out on HBO. In the mainstream media drug and alcohol use can often be portrayed as normal or even glamorous and teens are impressionable, especially when their favorite stars can be seen using them and having fun. 28 Days 28 Days was released in 2000, and stars Sandra Bullock as newspaper columnist Gwen Cummings. Facebook; Twitter; Send this by. Next Post . These movies convey the struggles of addictions, recovery from alcohol and more. (File photo/CKLB). 2013, Drugs - 30 min 15 Comments. Once again, in their self-referential way, Vice covers...vices. Addiction is a short Vice documentary, exploring the realities of addiction on opposite sides of the world: Indonesia and Brooklyn. Documentaries combine the power of a story with the realism of life. Such is the case with one fine, Dr. William Hurwitz, whose story gets highlighted in this documentary. Posted By: John McFadden Learning about addiction can certainly help you get on the path of addiction recovery. These gamblers, drinkers and drug users have just 28 days to change the habits of a lifetime. Share. Best Addiction Documentaries for Teens. Perhaps you’re interested in watching addiction documentaries because you’re a substance abuse professional and you’d like to learn more about addiction. Addiction. The centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC) reports on important, neglected stories from around the world. We rounded up the best movies about drug addiction and alcoholism. 28. Alcohol isn’t just a mind-altering drink: It has been a prime mover of human culture from the beginning, fueling the development of arts, language, and religion. The Anonymous People is not just a movie, it’s a movement. It’s a series of eight documentary shorts about alcohol, addiction, resilience and recovery in northern communities. One out of every 10 overdose victims dies. Approximately five overdoses occur in Huntington each day. They can be a potent examination and statement on any topic including addiction and recovery. According to a news release from the producers, unlike traditional parachute journalism, which often involves an outsider coming into a community and taking stories away to share with audiences back home, the storytellers in this project are the authors and producers of their narratives. NARRATOR: A devastating epidemic… KENNETH (Father of Casey): We didn’t know what to do. The 2012 drama is an accurate film about addiction because it gives a very interesting perspective into drug and alcohol abuse. June 9, 2020. He won seven national community newspaper awards while he was a journalist with Northern News Services Limited (NNSL). Documentaries can add some much needed realism into the view of drugs in a world which rarely looks at the negative aspects of substance abuse … Run time: 58 minutes Bob and the Monster. By Addiction Editor. He also makes a point to talk about the misunderstanding of addiction by users, non-users, and government. ABC TV DOCUMENTARY. John has been in the broadcast journalism industry since the 1980s. PBS Airdate: October 17, 2018. Assembled by some of the nation's top documentary filmmakers, and consisting of nine segments that focus on case studies and cutting-edge treatments that challenge traditional beliefs about addiction, this film features insights from experts on trends and treatments in the ongoing battle against drug and alcohol abuse. The film features three different people, all of whom are looking to find purpose – but speaks to us all in how to craft a life filled with meaning. Together we will change public … Fort Liard placed in lockdown to contain COVID-19 transmission, KFN Elder passes away peacefully after a long battle with cancer, Health officials say COVID-19 case in Yellowknife with ‘no known source’, ‘I know it’ll be better for us in the future’: Dettah residents lineup for COVID-19 vaccine. This program is not currently available in iview. But even after the first few minutes of Theroux's latest BBC documentary… This documentary goes into his life, his addiction, and his recovery. Prev Post. Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery, Charles Manson: The Man Who Killed the Sixties, theactofkilling.com via theactofkilling.com, 12 Things That Will Always Motivate You to Do a Good Job, 5 Things to Do If You Don’t Want to Get Back to Work, How to Increase Motivation When You’re in a Slump, How to Stay Motivated at Work While Working From Home. This is likely one of the most important addiction documentaries to come out in recent time due to its poignant, painful look at the current state of the opioid crisis in America. The Truth About Alcohol 2016 TV-14 58m Social & Cultural Docs Emergency room doctor Javid Abdelmoneim endeavors to learn the truth about alcohol, both its benefits and risks, by exploring the science of drinking. This documentary covers Russell Brand’s journey from addict to sobriety. The short films are co-created with local Indigenous storytellers and journalists. ADDICTION. Browse List Top 100. Share This Article. Star athletes, private school students, teens with high GPAs, high schoolers involved in student government, and recipients of scholarships—all are susceptible to peer pressure and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. 6 Ways to Finish Strong (When Your Momentum Is Low), Why You’re Not Interested in Anything And Have No Motivation, How to Find Motivation When Tough Times Won’t Seem to Pass, 41 Beautiful Pictures That Show What True Love Is All About, 50 Best Documentaries Of All Time That Will Change Your Life, Try One of These Nighttime Routines for a Better Morning, 10 Self-Improvement Tips for Winter (None of Which Require Leaving the House), 9 Ways to Donate to Nepalese Earthquake Victims, Enjoy Crafting With This App, It Offers 1000+ All Level Crafting Lessons Online, How to Have a Great Dining Experience the Budget-Friendly Way (From a Restaurant Insider), Let This “5 Minute Journal” be Your Kids’ First Ever Mindfulness Journal, Walking 2 Dogs or More has Never Been Easier With This Smart Leash, Turn Your Kids into “Water-holic” With This Interesting Water Bottle, 11 Hidden Benefits of Using Oil Diffusers, Why Your Home Studio Needs Acoustic Treatment, Want to Start Running? The films will be screened at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre. You can watch it here. 10 Best Addiction Documentaries on Netflix In my house, Netflix is our source of watching TV shows or movies; we don’t even have cable TV because Netflix is so much cheaper. 7.93. All Rights Reserved. NR, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Investigators would later discover that he had … The top documentaries on substance abuse and addiction include: Dr. Feelgood: Dr. Feelgood tells the story of Dr. William Hurwitz, a doctor in Northern Virginia who served almost five years in prison for overprescribing pain medications. The stories shared in this film leave the viewer with an uplifting message of hope. Or maybe you’re struggling with some sort of addiction yourself. Addiction. Old Before My Time, Alcohol - Documentary About Alcoholism http://BestDramaTv.Net Addiction . It’s a series of eight documentary shorts about alcohol, addiction, resilience and recovery in northern communities. By Addiction Editor. A few years ago, he mixed up his drugs and overdosed. Video Share Options Share this on. John worked in Ontario before coming North including stints as a TV sportscaster in Peterborough and senior news writer for CBC and CTV in downtown Toronto. “He loved his language, his culture and traditions,” …READ MORE, The COVID-19 rapid response team is conducting a “rigorous investigation” to try and find the source of a …READ MORE, Therese Sangris laughed through her mask as she held her arm, faking pain after receiving her first dose …READ MORE, It’s been 15 years since the winter fishery in Hay River has been open. This film is an award-winning documentary about people who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Fetching watchlist. September 26, 2019. This Academy Award-nominated Netflix documentary follows three women — a fire chief, a judge and a street missionary — fighting on the front lines of the heroin epidemic in Huntington, West Virginia. Top 80 Alcohol/Drug Addiction Movies by transitasis | created - 07 Nov 2012 | updated - 01 Jul 2016 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Louis Theroux has fronted some harrowing and unforgettable documentaries over the years. See if You’re Ready to hit the Pavement, 5 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options. John covers the crime and court beat as well as reporting on other areas including politics, business, entertainment and sports. Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery. READ MORE . How to Provide Support for a Loved One Staying in a Rehab Facility. With such a significant reach, it makes sense that alcoholism and alcohol abuse are prevalent themes in the American film and documentary culture. 10 Best Documentaries About Alcohol Addiction (BBC, HBO, NETFLIX) Here we have the 10 best documentaries about alcohol addiction covering a wide range of issues from the affects excessive alcohol consumption has on society, mental health and physical implications. What helped him to eventually climb out of the pit of drug use was the sense of responsibility for his daughter and his two foster daughters.

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