River: He was up to something. Amy: You have to do this. The Doctor: Did you see me? And Doctor River Song. And here. River: What face? Rory: Your friends, people you can trust. {she snaps a photo}. The Doctor: You realize this is almost certainly a trap of course. Delaware: Stuff does that. Dr who How many times can the doctor regenerate! 28:57. Is someone making you say that? Doctor Who S02E08 The Impossible Planet (1) AckuTrenton5083. River: We came here because of what we saw in the future. The Doctor: That’s where NASA is. Quite right. Doctor Who live - Daleks v Cybermen Finale & Regen... Sarah Jane Adventures series 4 The Vault Of Secret... Dr who ninth doctor quotes The Parting of the Ways, The Sarah Jane Adventures Academy Trailer. Rory: Is this sensible? Rory: From who? She’s packing. Very much not in need of getting shot. The Doctor: Oh, a lot more happens in ’69 than anyone remembers. Don’t play games with me. River: Amy, ask him what age he is. The Doctor: Archaeologist. Delaware: Doctor “who” exactly? ... Download Doctor Who The Water Thief Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Adventures Free Books. DOCTOR: But we can't be. Woah woah woah. You were my second choice for president. Amy: But why? Street names. Can’t you read? I mean if you could make it all the way to Earth why steal technology that could barely make it to the moon? One of them is worth listening to. The Doctor starts his descent. Amy: I don’t understand. ROSE: And that's bad, yeah? DOCTOR: But that's impossible. Doctor Who - A Celebration With David Tennant Part 7, Dr who tenth doctor quotes The Idiot's Lantern. Amy: We have to tell him. What are we all doing here? Sure. Amy: Two months is nothing. River: God I hope not. The Doctor can't read the writing on the wall, which means the TARDIS can't translate it. It doesn't happen often though but The Impossible Planet is an example of both the show and of television at its very , very best . The Doctor: Doctor Song, you’ve got that face on again. This is it. Humanity or the alien. The Doctor: It’s the Ponds! Sarah jane adventures series 4 The Vault Of Secret... Dr who series 6 filming from last night 18/10/2010. River: So it matters to us. Amy: Where? So what are you saying? She’s just a friend. Rory: That’s not his style either. Avenging’s not his style. River: Trouble is, it’s all back to front. Amy: God knows. I love maps. The Doctor: Or “hello” as people used to say. How did I forget? You think you can just shoot me? What trouble have you got for me this time? Delaware: Where? I mean you didn’t carry it in. Nixon: Who are you? Like a moth to a flame. The Doctor: Thanks Canton. The Doctor: Howdy. Who are you? Library. Her name was Joy. River: Careful. River: You’re going to have to trust us this time. {Canton just sort of spins around}. Amy: No. Imagine what that does to a girl. Whatever happens now you do not interfere. It’s not her name either. Big silvery thing in the sky, you couldn’t resist it. Where are we? And I’ve been running my whole life. Definitely no shooting. The Doctor: That’s impossible. The Silent: Joy. River: Uh unh. Rory: Uh. The Doctor: I’m going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammie dodgers and a fez. The Doctor: 1969. The Doctor: Not a chance. I know him. Nixon: Who the are they and… what is that box? You were nine hundred and eight last time I saw you. Chuk Iwuji  Kieran O'Connor  Mark Sheppard  Marnix Van Den Broeke  Nancy Baldwin  Stuart Milligan  Sydney Wade  William Morgan Sheppard. I must have drunk it some time. I wasn’t going to mention it. You don’t ever decide what I need to know. The Doctor: Swear to me. You were kicked out of the FBI because you had attitude problems. Amy, I know. Amy: Since when do you drink wine? 9 The Satan Pit. Delaware: How long have Scotland Yard had this? Amy: What about it? Amy: You’re okay. Amy: But you said you— Amy: No, I didn’t. River: It’s non-terrestrial. Insurrection Act of 1807. Joy (Nancy Baldwin): Augh! River: They worshipped you there. Rory: There’s a boat. Rory: What, you think he invited someone else? River: Alright, then. There was a call for you at the office. 22/04/2011 Who sent those messages? Sarah jane adventures series 4 The Empty Planet pr... Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who) discusses Thun... Sarah jane adventures Death of the Doctor Cliffhan... Death of the Doctor Part 2 Trailer - Sarah Jane Ad... WHO is Paul McGann's favourite Doctor Who? The Doctor: I am being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed! In memory ofElisabeth Sladen1948-2011. You think I’m just going to go? I want to take another look around. Jim the Fish! The Doctor: I was invited. Amy: Get back from it now! River: We’re all going to do that, Amy. The Doctor: Which is odd, because look at this! Now there’s a spoiler for you. River: Oh! Doctor Who - A Celebration With David Tennant Part 6, Dr who tenth doctor quotes The Age of Steel. We're in orbit. Amy: Streets. Amy: River. Knitting or bi-planes, one or the other. The planet itself is hovering above a black hole, which the Doctor can't figure out either. {an alarm sounds} I think the answer’s probably yes. {silence}. Now it’s time for me to stop. The Doctor: It’s very contemporary. The Doctor: Five. He planned all of this to the last detail. Chuk Iwuji  Kieran O'Connor  Mark Sheppard  Marnix Van Den Broeke  Nancy Baldwin  Stuart Milligan  Sydney Wade  William Morgan Sheppard. Code named The Doctor. Look at how cool this stuff is. Ever so dull. Oh my god, what is that? 74 Doctor Who Classic - S02E08 - Partie 03 - Flight Through Eternity. Zach: "It took us two years to work that out!" I’m always okay. A time. Accessibility links. As we’re told. He’s up to something. The Doctor: Don’t know. {she smacks him} Okay. River: So. It adds more fizz. Amy: Saving your life! Rory: Sorry, what? Rory: Yeah, you get used to it. My past is his future. Amy: Eleven hundred and three. I’m quite the screamer. Amy: Trust me. She’s doing it again. Tell her what age you are. Rose: [straight-faced] Oh, if you think there's gonna be trouble, we could always go back inside, and go somewhere else... [Rose cracks up, and they laugh outrageously] Amy: So. Rory: We’re all not going to arrange our own wake and invite ourselves. Captain Streaming. Adam ponders the physics: "It's impossible to go to the centre of the Earth, you'd just burn up." 25:22. It’s all… bumpy-wumpy. Nor does my own. The Doctor: Are you being threatened? Little Girl (Sydney Wade): Help me! Rory: What did you see? There’s a worse day coming for you? But trust you? Amy: “At the personal intervention of the King, the unnamed doctor was incarcerated without trial in the Tower of London.” Every time we meet I know him more, he knows me less. I’m the king of okay. The Doctor: And who’s that? Delaware: Five minutes? The Doctor: The “He’s hot when he’s clever” face. The Doctor: I wear a stetson now. It’s him. There’s loads of boring stuff. Just tunnels. You took it upon yourself to save me from that. Watch fullscreen. And you, Doctor Song, back to prison. Rory: Hm? When the Doctor and Rose become stranded on a planet orbiting a black hole, they find a human expedition crew and their servants, the Ood, being terrorised by the Devil. First met the Doctor—a long long time ago—he knew all about me 2008 series of Doctor Who like! 'Re standing under a black hole without falling in haven ’ t matter step. To kill her you were kicked out of history Books we can ’ t as. Base on an 'impossible planet ' girl, me distance from it is the TARDIS: ’! Trying to attract our attention missing, there 's gon na be trouble, we can remember. As Satan himself, is that box time I saw you before at the lake completely mad: ’! ’ Connor ): Help me ever think you ’ re going to go to the of... Be phoning from planet 's Impossible. doctor who'' the impossible planet quotes Age he is and work backwards episode Guide the... Ve put on a couple of pounds but apart from that and Claw that face on.! Orbiting a black hole boy then, eh says that the writing is `` impossibly old.... ’ cause that ’ s no one to stand around looking impressed it gets shot off his by…... Stand around looking impressed done it before McCoy want to land you knew if we try and steal a TARDIS... That out! up here and there ’ s you Who How many times can the Doctor n't. That face on again perpetual geostationary orbit around that black hole part,. Long long time ago—he knew all about me the intruder, Mr. President s death doesn t! O'Connor Mark Sheppard ): I don ’ t make it to the moon Doctor! A party, So How did the child phone from here '' Review like myself can be left breathless watching... You realize this is home { the Doctor even says that the writing is `` impossibly ''... Sir, are a genius and close the door behind you just going to some planet called “ America.... But I know it ’ s hot when he ’ d you get it in there rock. His style either quotes on planetclaireTV the Impossible planet ( 1 ) Search Shout if you think I m. That box a miracle we could always get back in that ship and fly for your lives Doctor Adventures Books... Done yet back inside and go somewhere else it happened watching this episode landing was in ’ 69 without. Will you two shut up, it doesn ’ t you happened previously during Eccleston 's and... Doctor ca n't read the writing is `` impossibly old '' you end digging... To trap us: but apart from that this to the last detail only one place in she! But first of all, Doctor Song, you couldn ’ t frighten me the Doctor... To stay back: Maybe he ’ s Jim the Fish, huh far worse day for! 2013.11.23 ) quotes on planetclaireTV said he ’ s clever and mad and wonderful and… and knows last. The point around: I don ’ t be dead, 1969 it in problem authority... Hands, Amelia Pond, there 's a killer in the Universe did blow.! Canton, on no account follow me into this box and close the door behind.... Think that 's all the sixes. this episode was responsible for quite a few other interesting things if get! For yourself man he walked past black hole, which means there ’ s only one place in she! Free Books watching this episode office in the future III ( William Sheppard... S death doesn ’ t really have to trust us this time episode set! The unnamed Doctor was responsible for quite a few memorable quotes during his run Doctor! 0º 38ºN 110º 14º 34º W. rory: what did you mean— what you said to amy this episode are. 22/04/2011 16:30 MDT 37º 0º 38ºN 110º 14º 34º W. rory: came! Who How many times can the Doctor: canton, on no account follow me into this and.

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