Oral histories, memoirs and drawings began to reveal a narrative of fortune rather than misfortune. I didn’t even know where to go or what to do.” Conger continues, “I found my older brother pretty quickly, and we just started walking toward our home. While looking through a family album with her grandmother, Johnson stopped at a familiar face. The movie releases June 5th to selected theaters and should be […] They increasingly spoke about their memories in public with professional psychologists, church officials and community counselors. It’s clear that this team stayed within their means and did not over-exhaust their resources. Williams recalls a kindergarten teacher inviting her to join the teacher and some students in prayer—an unfamiliar concept for the fifth grader. Filmed at Whitesides Elementary school in Layton, Utah, the movie stars Jasen Wade, a Mormon actor who played Levi Savage in another LDS-genre movie called 17 Miracles. Hartley’s son told him there were angels for everyone in the room that day, and just prior to detonation, the angels joined hands around the bomb and went up through the ceiling with the explosion. With tears in her eyes, Grandma explained to me that there is no way she could have been there because she had died earlier in the ’80s. EDITOR’S NOTE: This Cokeville Miracle article discusses a traumatic event where death and injuries occurred. “I kept telling my parents about the lady who had talked to me and that I didn’t know who she was,” she recalls. Many claimed it was a miracle that more were not hurt or even killed. The Cokeville Miracle hits theatres Friday June 5 th. As he read his nonsensical manifesto, “Zero Equals Infinity,” children began to cry, including Williams. “There was nothing extraordinary about her, just something weird.”. My face was completely unrecognizable,” she recalls. When the children began to be restless, they sang songs, read books, and watched television. Experience the powerful true story of  The Cokeville Miracle for yourself. “It took me a few years to connect the priesthood blessing with the LDS Church, but I knew something special happened that day,” she says. You need to listen to your brother and remember that I will always love you.’ I remember just nodding my head. The events began unfolding just after lunch on May 16, 1986 when an unknown woman walked from classroom to classroom, interrupting the teachers lessons, and announcing that there was an emergency in Room 2and that the teachers should rush the children there right away. That, in addition to the fact that he picked out Grandma Elliott, is evidence I can’t deny,” he says. “They knew that it was extremely hard for me to be on set, but it really helped my anxiety to process the events of the day more.”. Because of their limited audience, many of these films make the rounds on movie screens in the Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming; states with higher than average LDS populations. However, to anyone familiar with the LDS faith and culture, the Mormonism in this film will be obviously apparent. “I met the bomb tech right there at the door, and he said, ‘Hartley, what you have here is a miracle. Wielding a homemade bomb and several guns, the Youngs took staff members hostage as they made their way to the first-grade classroom. But the young boy insisted that his story was true. It’s a very emotional scene. The Cokeville Miracle is a raw production effort that starts out, unfortunately, very cheap-looking and drab. Read more . In 1873, he opened a trading post and ran a ferry across Smiths Fork. Will I see my family again?’ I was really scared for the unknown. “I don’t remember her saying anything to me, but I trusted and followed her out of the burning room. Not everyone who was in the school that day saw angels or ancestors. Nearly three decades since the miraculous events transpired in the tiny town of Cokeville, Wyoming, movie producer T.C. Because Christensen’s faith-promoting film is based on actual events, Christensen wanted it to be both authentic and accurate. There are just too many witnesses to it. “All the nurses cried as they cleaned my wounds,” she says, “and the doctor was talking to my parents about skin grafts and plastic surgery.”. “I felt deep peace. It is wonderful that the children were spared in real life but I guarantee you no dead grandmothers showed up! Seventy-six of the hostages suffered injuries from the blast. That’s when Hartley asked his wife to get out the family photo album. Christensen mit Jasen Wade, Sarah Kent. (Cokeville is in fact a largely Mormon community, but the film does not situate itself in Christensen’s recent corpus of Mormon-centric efforts like Seventeen Miracles and Ephraim’s Rescue. Years later, when Johnson was about 12 years old, she finally learned the identity of the mysterious woman. Movie Review: The Cokeville Miracle Transforms Terrifying Hostage Situation Into a Witness of God’s Love. I don’t know why—I can’t explain it.’”. Young, a former Cokeville town marshall fired for misconduct years earlier, had returned to start a revolution and create a “brave new world” where he would be leader. “I hope people believe that if God intervened and helped these people, maybe He can intervene and help them with the problems in their lives, too.”. “The first is August 16, the day of my physical birth, and the second is the day I call my spiritual birth: May 16, the day of the bombing.”, “I try my best to make it a better world,” says Wixom. “I don’t remember seeing any angels, but I definitely felt guided,” she says. Eventually, Young stepped away to the restroom, leaving the bomb detonator tied to Doris’s wrist. I would have thought I would have had to have actors to portray that, but those people knew what it felt like—that trauma of family members being held captive or themselves being held captive. After a 2.5-hour standoff, David took the string off his wrist and tied it to Doris as he went to a nearby restroom. This poignant and hilarious film is a perfect reminder that the challenges of yesterday can help us with the unique challenges facing teenagers today. While we have made every effort to avoid graphic language, this article might be disturbing for some readers. This mostly pertains to some poorly lit scenes, some grainy video quality, and some poor special effects. Students and teachers throughout the school were unknowingly drawn into the crisis when Doris Young went from room to room, instructing them to gather in classroom #4. It is wonderful that the children were spared in real life but I guarantee you no dead grandmothers showed up! I can’t leave!’ but he yelled ‘Get out! They were all blessed. Soon, gasoline fumes from the bomb filled the hot, crowded room, making students and teachers sick and convincing Young to allow some windows to be opened. B Connolly June 18, 2019 at 6:06 pm. I will be sharing the link to the film with all those I know who need to hear its message in this time of desperation. “I began to wonder, ‘What happens if I die today? “I felt immediately uncomfortable,” recalls Amy Bagaso Williams, who was in the fifth grade. “My hair and eyelashes were gone. “We just have to look deep enough to see them, because they are there.”. However, if the above account is accurate, the Cokeville miracle seems to parallel the famous “miracle of the seagulls,”  another faith-promoting story that involved thousands of seagulls that descended upon millions of crickets, destined to destroy the crops of the Mormon pioneers in 1848. “The magic of T.C.’s vision is that it’s a film for everyone,” adds actor Shawn Stevens, who plays the character of ecclesiastical leader John Teichert in the film.

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