… 3 Independent. It was a long story, I'll just cut to the chase. 50. Hi, I was wondering if the phrase "I am grateful to know you" is correct. You were always a real one. RIP Hefty Loc Your tenacity finally paid off. Thank you Understood, at first, who you are. Discover LIA COVID-19Ludwig Initiative Against COVID-19. Escudo, I’m Glad to Know You 23rd February, 2019: Posted by glpease in Tobacco When discussing the venerable tobaccos of days gone by, it’s tempting to fail into the trap of comparing the new with the old, the what-is with the what-was, lamenting the passing of old faves, and sometimes lambasting their current caricatures. I know you are staying late at the office tonight, but I wanted to tell you about my incredible day. Tell me how you come here in the first place. And have always meant to be . I'm glad to know you. So either provide me with details and context in which it is being expressed or else reply with a smile and say ‘thanks again.’ Oh you’ve lost 900 baseballs games. Thank you for sticking your neck out for me. Over how you thought everyone may have not . Not even once. Both': And then from that moment on, our friebdship begins on. Kirby: You know I am. You will be missed. While I 'm glad to know that Daphne Merkin (Aug. 1 The New York Times. I also remembered how you sang "Love Shack" in your car the first time we went out, and it got my heart rate up quickly this morning. 29. In a world that is quick to dismiss. I'm glad I got to know you. To a friend I cherish… I’ve come to say I’m glad you’re a friend. Your care and wishes can’t be numbered. 2 The New York Times - Arts. I’m glad we met, dude! 48. I know some people who will not lack and they are those who give. i’m glad to know you. When, a rock destroyed it and I hurdled into you. And you never learned to fly a kite. Your deeds of love are countless. I was sleeping on a star in space. I would like to say "I am happy t know you" but I am not sure if it's correct. You’re a wishy washy kinda dope. A world that lives with contradictions . ‘I am glad you liked it’ is usually a concluding phrase. 30. And your penless so you cannot write. Just today, you make the list of the generous ones. Treated everyone with respect and were always the life of the party. Timmy: Duh. And we kids all love to call you names. I'm glad we laughed and reminisced. You never gave up on me. I'm glad we cried together . I was unaware my coworkers felt that way, but I 'm glad to know now. You’ve always been there for me, pal. Thank you for lending a helping hand. I'm glad I know you . I want you to know you can always count on me too. And at lunch you sit alone and mope. I thought a letter wouldn't disturb you too much. I can’t find the words to describe your love, support and attention. I'm glad you're hear. You are an awesome friend! Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown, you … Glad to know you, and you're very welcome Pleased to meet you I wish that I could talk Glad to know you, a way of saying welcome Pleased to meet you Pleased to meet you We rest and kissed and talked and strolled A very precious hill Said knife and fork to sausage roll: "It's pinky in the middle" And thus it seems come rain and shine, 49. Kirby: Okay then. Over how you own every part of yourself . I'm glad you have such great taste in music! But I 'm glad to know about the phenomenon. I'm glad I know you .

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